Ruthless Season 5 Release Date: ‘Tis the Season for Dark Forces!’

Faith can bring a number of things to your life’s door – happiness, contentment, and a release from anxiety. But you know what else it can conjure? Dark and destructive desires, forces that can wreck your life for good, if you are not careful.

And that’s exactly the road Tyler Perry treads on with Ruthless. Telling the story of a woman named Ruth who is a firm believer in a dark, underworld cult, Ruthless takes you on a merry ride and keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the story.

Although a spin-off of The Oval’, a series that was all the craze back in the day, Ruthless takes its own individual spin on the story and tells it to you in a deliciously dark manner that’s sure to sweep you off your feet. Tyler Perry is no stranger to creating swesom3 shows and if you haven’t experienced his genius before this one, you are in for a hell of a time, believe me!

But before I run away with my love for this director’s crazy good story-telling, let’s talk a little about Ruthless’ fifth season and when we will finally be able to clap our eyes on it.

Ruthless Season 5 Release Date

Ruthless Season 5 Release date

I am sorry. I really am. I scoured the whole internet, even went deep into the corners of the world wide web I didn’t even know existed shudders and yet, there’s no sign of any release dates for the fifth season of the show.

The makers are tight-lipped and the actors are being just as mysterious about the Ruthless Season 5 release date. After the last season was released in May 2021, fans have been dying to know more, I know, but what can I say, the directors like to string it out and make us squirm in misery. DAMN YOU, Perry!

So the fact remains, there hasn’t even been a squeak about the new season drop yet. But don’t you worry. With the popularity and fan following the show enjoys, it’s highly unlikely that they will cancel it now. All we have to do is wait just a while more and we are sure to hear some good news.

Name Of The ShowRuthless
Season NumberSeason 5
Ruthless Season 1 Release Date19 march 2020
Ruthless Season 5 Release DateNot Announced

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Ruthless Never Disappoints!

Ruthless Season 5 Release date

While the fate for Season 5 is looking a bit hazy right now, I have to admit that the show itself has always been a source of sparkling dark joy. Every single episode was shot and acted out to perfection.

From the very beginning when we witness Ruth and her acts that even involve kidnapping her own daughter to get her admitted into the fanatic cult she herself is a part of, the show had its claws into us deep down. The cinematography, the setting, and the sheer mysterious vibe the plot is cloaked in, it all comes together to create the perfect viewing experience.

What began as a tale of a mother with scandalous beliefs soon turned into a heart-warming story of a woman simply trying to play along with the bad guys in the hopes of freeing herself and her dear daughter from their clutches. That was certainly a curveball because NONE of us say THAT ONE coming.

The Perfect Cast for the Perfect Show

Tyler Perry’s genius is shown once again with the casting. With Melissa L. Williams holding the reigns and manipulating the soul of the show with her brilliant enactment of Ruth Truesdale’s character, there isn’t much scope for anyone NOT falling in love with it!

Then we have Matt Cadeño as Tyrone, the amazing Lenny Thomas as Dikhan, and Yvonne Senat as Tally. All of them transformed the whole vibe of the show as they travelled skin-deep into the characters and gave a performance that’s worthy of the show’s popularity.

Just talking about the show in such detail has got me excited for Season 5 yet again. And while it’s a shame that the release date hasn’t been finalized yet, I am not losing hope. Not by a long shot! And neither ARE YOU! Ruthless has been a fan-favorite for above 3 years now. The euphoria that the release of the first season brought shows no sign of a decrease. And that’s a good thing. Because that’s all the encouragement the producers need to keep the Ruthless torch going, am I right?

So keep a watch on LiveAkhbar. We’ll keep you posted on any advancements regarding the show’s new season release.

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