Modern Family Season 12 Release Date Has No Future Says Sources!

Modern Family is an American-based Mockumentary family sitcom series. Its first season was released on 23 September 2009. The show was a huge success for the creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan.

Due to the heart-winning performance of the cast, the series continued to run for 11 seasons. It is a comedy, romance, and family-oriented series. The series is designed in such a way that it seems like your own neighborhood family who gossips.

The series has an IMDb rating of 8.5/10 and 85% of the audience loved all the seasons released. Modern Family is produced by a bunch of people Jeffery Morton, Chris Smirnoff, and Elanie Ko along with Sally Young, BeckyMann, Audra Sielaff, and Ryan Walls.

Its theme music composer is Gabriel Mann and the original network was ABC.

Modern Family Season 12 Release Date

Modern Family Season 12 Release Date

The Modern Family Season 12 release date is under the creator’s hat. There is no official statement from Christopher Llyod and Steven Levitan. As per the sources, the creators are not going to publish Modern Family Season 12. This is a piece of disheartening news for all Modern Family fans.

After the successful seasons, the creators decided to give the series a stop and release another series. But there is some hope for the fans because this is not an official statement, might the creators decide to make another season because of the love and affection it received. The next season of Modern Family can be on-screens in 2024.

Name Of The ShowModern Family
Season NumberSeason 12
Modern Family Season 1 Release Date23 September 2009
Modern Family Season 12 Release DateNot Announced

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Modern Family Season 12 Story

As the streaming of the new season is not decided, there are no clues about the upcoming series. Normally the seasons have episodes that are based on a theme and we can assume that when the next series will be released it will also have different episodes.

Talking about the cast, the permanent characters will always be present and we can see some new faces as well. There will be some guest cast too.

Modern Family Season 11 Story Recap

Modern Family is a story of three families. These families are the own conceptions of the ‘Modern Family’ of the creators, Christopher and Steven. The story has a personal gist which makes it homey for the audience. The story is set up in Los Angeles, California.

This series has a total of 11 seasons and each season has its plot.

The story is designed in such a way that shows the mundane life, each family showcased in the series is connected in a jumbled manner. The family is huge, which is the most interesting yet loving part of the story is that the members of the family showcase a strong bond, that reflects the love they have for each other. The family goes through various ups and downs; no matter how many problems they face in their personal life, they support each and life goes on.

The story mentioned three families ‘Conjugal Family a family consisting of parents and their kids. another one is a Stepfamily, in which one member is adopted and the last family presented is LGBT, the parents here belong to the LGBT community.

The story takes place in LA, these three families are woven together through Jay Pritchett a veteran of the Vietnam War and the founder and CEO of Pritchett’s Closets & Blinds. He is a professional work ethic and is very successful in his business. He has a dominating yet strict personality making him emotionless. He got married to DeDe Williams. She is a poet and author they both became the parents of Clarie and Mitchell. But after 35 years of marriage, they both got divorced. Claire is their eldest daughter who later became the CEO of her father’s business, while Mitchell is a lawyer by profession. Claire is a copy of her father because Jay tried to make her like his son because he didn’t get the son in Mitchell as he wanted but this turned over him. Claire grew the same nature dominating and aggressive. She is a boss and often has different views and beliefs. She always takes her own decisions which leads to clashes with her father.

While on the other hand, Mitchell was a shy guy who was not able to stand his father’s expectations and because of that he often felt the comparison among the siblings. Growing up he felt that his father is emotionless, which grew the distance between them and he got very close to her mother, whom he can never disagree with. Later in the story when Mitchell openly talked but his sexuality his mother supported him. Mitchell is LGBT and he got married to Cameron Tucker, they both adopted Lily who is Vietnamese, and later in the story, they adopted another baby boy Rexford Tucker Pritchett.

On another side, Clarie got married to Phil Dunphy. He was a real estate agent in California. He seems to be a clumsy guy. He considered himself a cool dad and partner, he always try to connect with his children. Phil always uses new parenting methods which he calls ‘peerenting’ with the idea to become the best buddy of the kids, but he always falls short of achieving this. The couple has three children: Haley an immature teenager who is stereotypical. She is in a relationship with her boyfriend Dylan. Another child is Alex, he is a nerd and spends a lot of his time studying which reflects in his intelligent personality. The last and youngest one is Luke, he has his own world, where he spends most of his time. He is left unnoticed.

Jay got married to another lady name Gloria Delgado Pritchett a passionate Colombian immigrant who has a son from her previous marriage ‘Manny Delgado’. Jey and Gloria had a child ‘ ‘Joe Pritchett’. He is a mature and smart child.

DeDe is represented to be a bitter person and her entry into the house is considered to be a bad omen because she had a bad relationship with Gloria. In the marriage, with his ex-husband, she caused a lot of trouble, but she is a good mother who is always present for her children.

In the story, both the ex-partners of the Pritchett couple can be seen. There are other additional characters in the series Stella the French bulldog, Javier Delgado, Sal, Frank Dunphy Phil’s father, Barb Trucker Cameron’s father, Merle Trucker Cameron’s mother, Pameeon Trucker Cameron’s sibling and Calhoun Johnson.

The whole series revolves around the lives of these characters. They all are failing, learning, and suffering in their respective life but they never forget to get back on the path. Their lives have been presented like normal lives and because of this, the audience gets emotionally attached to them.

The characters talk to the camera directly making you feel like they are talking to you. It makes you feel like you are enjoying a heartwarming time with your family. There is something very soothing and heartening about this series that ties us with the characters.

Modern Family Season 11 has 11 episodes. Every episode was around 30-40 minutes. The consecutive episodes were about Haley’s determination to use his new parenting methods, and as the episodes move further he faces a lot of disagreement from Phil and Clarie. The next episode showed Clarie’s actions because she is tense that her family will make her look bad in front of the reporter, so she tries to get everyone out of the house. The other episodes showcased how Mitch and Cam helped Lily to overcome her insecurities about her body. The creators depicted some wholesome family times in this season. It was chock-full of drama and comedy.

Modern Family Season 12 Cast

Modern Family Season 12 Release Date

The series will have its old cast but this time we can expect the arrival of new characters too.

Ed O’Neill as Jay Pritchett, Sofia Vergara representing Gloria Maria, Julie Bowen as Clarie Dunphy, Ty Burrell playing Phil Dunphy’s role, Jesse Tyler Ferguson presenting Mitchell Pritchett, Eric Stonestreet performing the role of Cameron Tucker, Ariel Winter as Alexa Dunphy, Nolan Gould acting as Luke Dunphy, Rico Rodriguez as Manuel Alberto Alejandro Ramirez “Manny”, while Aubery Anderson Emmons acting as Lily Tucker, Jeremy Maguire and Reid Ewing representing the characters of Joe Pritchett and Dylan Ewing.

Modern Family Season 12 Trailer

The Modern Family Season 12 trailer has no confirmation news, as there are no statements about the release of season 12, we cannot predict when will the trailer of season 12 will be streamed.

Where to watch Modern Family Season 12 Online?

The series was streamed by USA Network as it was bought for $1.5 million per episode( that is a huge amount), it was also released by Fox Television Stations. Sky Comedy in the United Kingdom, Fox in Sweden, Yes Comedy in Israel, in South Africa followed by Star World in India, and Citytv of Canada published its 10 seasons on their channel. The series is also present on Hulu and Peacock. You can currently watch this series online on Netflix.

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