When Will BTS Disband? What Will Happen If They Disband?

Okay, K-pop fans, you first need to calm down. The BTS army, which has been there for quite some time now, has been going crazy over the last few days regarding the disbanding of their most loved band of all time. BTS or the Bangtan Boys can be considered the greatest boy band in the Korean pop industry out there, and the craze for them is just abnormal at some point. It’s not just about the songs that they create but also about the unique style of performance they give. The entire BTS army has been following them not only for the entertainment industry contribution but also for their handsome faces along with the completely unique style of carrying their lives around. After checking out their social media, we can be sure that many of the audience out there are quite jealous or envy them.

Now there are also many people who are very clueless regarding the topic that’s in discussion currently. Firstly don’t worry because we are going to brief you well regarding who and what BTS is, and wait a while before you go thinking about some random abbreviation or looking for it on some other website. BTS has been the original ones who introduced the entire K-Pop culture and their unique way of performance, which includes both their original songs along with their unique dance steps, and that is what the fans go crazy for when this hot boy gang, with mostly all of their singers being of the top-notch level just driving their crazy dance, moves on the stages and the fans just going gaga over them.

Now before moving into the main questions of the article, let us just brief you a bit about the history of this k pop band. The original members of the band include some very renowned personalities, such as Kim Seok-Jin, whom we also refer to as Jin most of the time, then we have, Min Yoon-Gi or commonly known as Suga, and Jung Ho-Seok, who is very famous for his unique name of J-Hope, Kim Nam-Joon or RM, there are many speculations though behind the shorter version of his name, then we have two of the heart throbbers of the band, one being Park Ji-Min or whom we commonly refer to as Jimin and Jeon Jung-Kook or Jungkook as we may say. Though we obviously can’t forget another key member of that band, which includes Kim Tae-Hyung or V, the band had a unique way of forming actually. From what interviews we have heard, they weren’t actually friends, but they each were actually very talented fellows, and an audition forum was set up, and that is where the journey of BTS or Bangtan boys started.

We actually don’t expect to tell people or our readers how big of a network they have built just within such a few years of time, and the names they have already been compared to are just awestruck. The fan base of the band is just spread all over the world, and at some point, we may say that one of every 10 generation z people out there is an army or a fan of BTS. When it comes to recording and charts of this band, they have already made it to the world stage and have often been invited to many big events all over the world, such as the international music event, which they attended as an individual boy band and their songs have also made it to the top 50 songs all over the world many a time. They also hold some record sales regarding some of their songs when it comes to most Asian country music releases and also in some cases internationally, and they have also recently been given the honor of singing the football world cup song, as announced by FIFA, which is actually a very big thing. However, we may say that many of the football fans regarding this haven’t been very happy or we may put light on the fact that they are particularly not made for all the audiences out there, they thought being very popular have also faced some harsh criticism and many people consider them to be just popular because of their unique performance and nothing more.

However, we will move into the main topic of the article, and that is regarding the fact, is the band BTS breaking up just like some legendary bands out there, such as One Direction and stuff, or is it staying together? And even if it’s breaking up, when is this thing happening, because that kind of a shock will be quite difficult to handle for the fans. However, don’t worry, the big answer to your question is also a big no, as the band members have confirmed that there is no sign or intention on their part to be breaking apart in the near future, and their priority is to care for their fans. To know more about other stuff regarding this topic, do continue reading this article till the end.

When Will BTS Disband?

When Will BTS Disband

Now we also have been quite shocked after receiving this question, and that is because we haven’t heard of anything like a band destined to break apart in a certain period. Though we assume that the question may be regarding if there are any chances of the band breaking up and the current scenario of the band. Yes, we do realize that the fans have been quite concerned regarding the fact that the singers of the band haven’t been spotted together for quite a long time now and the answer to that is they are on a break, now many people may be confused regarding why does a band need break. Now for this, we need to understand that BTS isn’t individual singers who have been celebrities or stars for a long time. They were first formed as a band, and then they achieved fame, so this break, according to the group, has been mostly because they have been feeling that they need growth in their own sector and at an individual level, which will help them to push their limits and also give better performance and more beautiful songs to their fans who have been receiving those same kinds of songs for a long time.

This entire break which they are taking will be spent them practicing and shining their skills. However, we must add a note, that we have also noticed that some of the members are doing pretty well by themselves and attaining more fame than the other at an individual level and often this thing end up separating these famous stars from the main idea of the band, and then they break up like we all do remember what happened with Zayn Malik and other stuff during the One Direction age right?

Now another thing that we must also tell that the band has been under contract with BigHit music producing company which has been supporting them from an early start and if we look into the fact their contract was ready to expire in 2020, however, they were at the last moment provided with a contract till 2027 and soon after reaching that time, we may say, nothing is to know what will happen to the band. This is mainly because all bands do need a producing studio to be standing behind them, and to fund such a big name in the industry, we do need someone who has got big pockets, however at that age, will any of the studios be taking the risk to help a band like BTS, is something we still don’t know yet.

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What Happens After The BTS Band Disbands?

When Will BTS Disband

Now, this is the most unlikely scenario which we never would like to happen, and even if it does happen, we would actually not like them to separate anyhow, because beyond a band, the level of friendship the members of the band have been sharing over the years, is just so much fascinating. They just seem adorable together and to be having each other back at all times. Other than that, if we have to think that the band disbands, we do still know that their legendary song will remain in the industry and they will continue to have some form of royalty, and other than that, they have actually achieved much prominence as individual stars over the last few years as may say. And during this break period which has been very concerning for all the BTS fans out there, we must remember that this will give them much more prominence and fame at the individual level than they have ever got, and thus they will be able to make their living in the entertainment genre even if they are not a  band, and other than that we do know, that all of them are very skillfully talented and some of them also have got the skills to be acting in some tv series and other stuff.

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