Vampire Academy Season 1 Release Date Declared!

Vampire Academy, the Peacock series based on the wildly successful YA novels of the same name by Richelle Mead, will be released in less than a month. Marguerite MacIntyre will produce the forthcoming fantasy program in collaboration with Julie Plec, who was responsible and was in charge of Legacies, The Originals, and The Vampire Diaries. More hints about the eagerly awaited series are being released as September’s release date draws closer. Rose Hathaway, a teenage Dhampir—a half-vampire, half-human—who is enrolled in St. Vladimir’s Academy, is the main character of the books. Her goal is to become Lissa Dragomir’s Guardian, the final member of her royal line and a Moroi vampire. While exploring the academy, Rose develops feelings for Dimitri Belikov, a Dhampir Guardian.

The series has previously been adapted. In 2014, a movie with the same name with Zoey Dutch and Lucy Fry as Rose and Lissa, respectively, was released. The next scheduled movie was canceled as a result of the movie’s financial failure after earning Only about half of its own budget was made at the box office. As just a “sexy drama” that “manages to combine the grandeur of aristocratic love and the otherworldly thrills of a vampire genre,” Peacock has called Vampire Academy. There will be ten one-hour episodes. The data we currently have about Peacock’s Vampires Academy are listed below.

Vampire Academy Season 1 Release Date

Vampire Academy Season 1 Release Date

The first episode of Vampire Academy season 1 will air on Peacock on September 15 in the US. The very first four episodes will be released on September 15, and the remaining six will start to air every week on September 22. The show premieres on Friday, September 16, especially on Peacock via Sky and NOW in the UK. Contrary to what you would have believed, Julie Plec still hasn’t had enough vampires. She is currently working on a brand-new show called Vampire Academy, which will be her fourth show after The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Legacies. She had this in mind from the beginning. 

When asked what project she had always wanted to work on for Universal Television when she signed her new contract, she replied, “Vampire Academy,” she added (via TV Line). “With The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff shows The Originals and Legacies, Julie Plec created one of the most popular fan-favorite universes, and we are pleased to bring this dedicated fanbase a whole new tale on [NBC’s streaming site] Peacock,” stated Lisa Katz (via Deadline). Julie is known for producing compelling, binge-worthy dramas, so we are confident that Vampire Academy will have Peacock fans on the edge of their seats. “Julie has perfected attracting audiences with interesting characters, compelling narratives, and delightful escapism,” said Erin Underhill, president of Universal TV. They are all delivered by Vampire Academy. Fans will adore what she’s created, I’m sure of it.

Name Of The ShowVampire Academy
Season NumberSeason 1
GenreParanormal Romance, Fantasy, Horror
Vampire Academy Season 1 Release Date15 September 2022

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Vampire Academy Season 1 Cast

Even though Vampire Academy is indeed an ensemble series with many fluctuating character dynamics & relationships, below is a list of the series regulars that we are currently aware of: Rose Hathaway, a fierce dhampir (vamp hybrid) and talented athlete who has spent her entire life training to be a Guardian, is played by Mortal Kombat’s Sisi Stringer. Lissa Dragomir, a regal Moroi vampire princess that grew up as the heir apparent’s younger sister and now finds herself with more responsibilities than she desires, is portrayed by Daniela Nieves in the television series “Sex Appeal.” 

Dimitri Belikov is portrayed by Kieron Moore (Sex Education), a deadly and obedient dhampir Guardian whose high moral code may conflict with his dedication to duty. Christian Ozera, a Moroi shunned by royal society because of his family’s previous transgressions, is portrayed by André Dae Kim on Degrassi. Victor Dashkov is represented by J. August Richards (Angel), a royal who has devoted his life to serving his queen, husband, & two adopted daughters. Tatiana Vogel, played by Anita-Joy Uwajeh, is a bold royal who has relocated to the area to pursue her political ambitions. Though her immediate synthesis with a lowly Guardian-in-training could jeopardize that, Mia McKenna-Bruce portrays Mia Karp, a cunning and ambitious non-royal scholar who longs to enter high society. Rhian Blundell portrays Meredith Beckham, a clever and powerful dhampir schooling to be a Guardian. Sonya Karp, Mia’s eccentric sister, is characterized by Jonetta Kaiser. She enjoys books and gardening but unpredictably develops feelings for a dhampir Guardian. Mason Ashford, a popular academy jock with plenty of charisma who is Rose’s main rival, is portrayed by Andrew Liner.

Vampire Academy Season 1 Trailer

Vampire Academy Season 1 Release Date

On August 17, the official Vampire Academy trailer was released, giving us a better glimpse at St. Vladimir’s Academy. As the head of the Dragomir family, Daniela Nieves’ Lissa assumes a new role and has a clear vision for how she wants to run things. She asserts, “I can be a leader who served all citizens, not just the royals.” There were other sequences involving Lissa and her close friend Rose Hathaway (Sisi Stringer), who is adamant about defending Lissa, in the video as well. Here is the complete trailer. Peacock showed the Vampire Academy teaser during the San Diego Cartoon series in 2022. The show’s leading figures, Rose, Lissa, Kieron Moore’s Dimitri Belikov, & Andre Dae Kim’s Christian Ozera, were all visible in the clip. Rose, who is pursuing her training to become a Guardian, expresses her desire to defend Lissa to Dmitri. The teaser suggests that the Strigoi, a race of murderous, bloodthirsty vampires, are mostly to blame for the peril. Several hot kisses, including the one between Lissa and Christian, are also hinted at in the video.

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Vampire Academy Season 1 Story

“Julie Plec, the executive producer, has a story about love, friendship, death, sex, and controversy. The twentysomething paranormal romance novels in the Vampire Academy series are written by international bestselling book Richelle Mead. As two young women prepare to graduate from school & enter the royal vampire society, their friendship triumphs over their romanticized world of riches. This serialized, sexual drama combines the allure of an aristocratic relationship with the supernatural thrills of the vampire subgenre. Vampire Academy’s production company is International Television, a unit of the International Studio Group. The series executive producer, writer, & showrunner will be Julie Plec. Plec will collaborate with Marguerite MacIntyre as just a writer, executive producer, and co-showrunner. Executive producers include Emily Cummins, Susan Montford, Don Murphy, Deepak Nayer, & Jillian DeFrehn.

The series is founded on Richelle Mead’s YA book with the same title, the initial of six books set in this universe. If season one is a success, plenty more will come. Plec has long been a devotee of the novels. She said to EW, “I read those before Twilight.” I read them before The Vampire Diaries entered my life, and I just genuinely loved the series. I always thought, “Gosh, one day, I’d love to work on a show like this.” Plec has some experience with the genre. Like the vampires she portrays on television, it seems like she has an insatiable desire to associate with the dead. Two little girls who have been friends since the sandbox are the subject of this tale. As they mature and approach entering actual society, the expectations placed on them by society regarding their respective responsibilities pose a threat to the success of their friendship. The story revolves around Rose Hathaway, a teenage half-human, half-vampire who serves as Lissa’s “bodyguard, a Moroi Vampire Princess,” best friend. The two had been evading capture before being returned to St. Vladimir’s, a school “where the girls must endure a world of forbidden relationships, a vicious social scene, and horrific nighttime rituals.

But most importantly, surviving. She continued, “I thought, ‘This is contemporary Bridgerton with vampires. Who wouldn’t desire to see that? The Candidate’s Zoey Deutch, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland, Shadowhunters’ Dominic Sherwood, Vikings’ Danila Kozlovsky, and The Crown’s Claire Foy were among the actors who appeared in a previous adaptation of Vampire Academy.

Are the Vampire Diaries and the Vampire Academy related?

Vampire Academy Season 1 Release Date

Many people will be curious whether the title of Vampire Academy is related to the well-known CW program The Vampire Diaries. Peacock’s Vampire Academy is entirely independent of Peacock’s Vampire Academy. It is based on its series of six YA novels of the same name written by author Richelle Mead, despite their first similarities. The creator and writer of The Vampire Diaries and its two spinoffs, The Originals and Legacies, Plec, contributed to both shows despite no narrative relationship.

Where To Watch Vampire Academy Season 1 Online?

The first season of Vampire Academy is only available on Peacock. Peacock may be included in your current cable plan, or you may sign up for the streaming service. Additionally, you may sign up for the service and use devices like Roku and Fire TV to view it. On September 16, Vampire Academy season 1 will be broadcast on Peacock, which is accessible through Sky and NOW.

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