Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date And All Other Updates!

Black Clover, indeed has been one of the greatest animes of all time, but you know what has been much better than the anime according to the stats, the manga of Black Clover, is just remarkable and has been treated as one of the best mangas out there currently. The manga series along with the anime has got a huge fanbase and it has been a long time since this manga series has been going on.

Now for all those anime lovers, who haven’t heard of this anime or manga series, you surely are missing out a lot and if you have only watched the anime by now, guys, you really need to go and start reading the manga series right now, because the twists and turns, that has been going on for the last couple of chapters have just shaken the entire story. Though if you have been wondering what the series is all about, it’s about a world where magic exists, and each person is born with his own magic, and everyone tries to be the magic knights of the king and be the strongest out there. While the one who governs the entire kingdom is the wizard king. However, something has been going on different, devils from the demonic world have been coming into lively existence and have been threatening the entire concept of humanity and we have also got the kid who is born with anti-magic which is just weird and is one of the strongest types of magic out there.

Though coming to the main topic of this article, yes, we do know how interesting the previous chapter has been and we have already been flooded with questions related to the 335th chapter of the show, though no worries, we have got you covered and have also brought some predictions about the upcoming story and release dates. To know more, do continue reading this article till the end.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date

The manga series which has been very much talked about first started to release in the year 2015 and since then we have already received a total of 32 volumes which is just huge, other than that the schedule for the release of the manga chapters is weekly and after receiving the 334-chapter last week, everything has just escalated so quickly and every fan out there has been in a complete shock. Though no worries we have got you the exact date which you all have been so curious about for the last few days and the 335th chapter of black clover will be finally released on the 28th of August following the schedule that it has been following for all these years. The next chapter is expected to have about 16-17 pages just like the previous chapters of the show.

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Black Clover Chapter 335 Story

For the story part, though we haven’t received any spoilers yet, we still need to see what happens to Asta after he has been cut in the chest by Lucius Zogratis, and we still don’t know what his real motive is, we do know that he has been the real vessel to Lucifero this time, but nothing has been properly stated yet. the next chapter will also let us know, what happens to the sister, and other than that will Asta survive, or if we will see some new powerful character make their entry just to save the world?

Black Clover Chapter 334 Recap

For the previous episode, we have received much interesting content, we suddenly see that the fight is going on between Asta and Zogratis after he ends up freezing the time for everyone and while understanding how the anti-magic powers work, he ends up revealing that his real magic power is soul magic and not anti-magic, he soon ends up using the sister to make Asta vulnerable and transforms her into a two-winged devil and by the end of the episode, he ends up slashing Asta’s chest.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Characters

Black Clover Chapter 335 Release Date

For the characters of the upcoming chapter, we are surely going to see Asta, Lucius Zogratis, and the sister, and these are the main characters who are confirmed as of now. For any more updates, we will have to wait a little longer.

Where Can We Read Black Clover Chapter 335 Online?

Though the hard copy of the new chapter will be available, the new chapter will be available on almost all online manga reading sites, just like the previous chapters have been.

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