Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date And All Other Updates!

As we are in the talks regarding the Steven Universe, we hope it doesn’t need any introduction on its own. Steven Universe has been one of the best cartoon animated series of this age and has been running for such a long time that every kid by now has watched a bit once at least. This show has got its peculiar story and other than that it has such a vividly descriptive story, that each season has given us more and more content. Steven has been one of the most favourite characters we have seen when it comes to merchandise and other stuff. The show has been written by Rebecca Rae Sugar, this is considered one of her best creations till now, and we have seen her working in many other well-known works previously. Till now as we have seen Steven Universe has given us 5 amazing seasons and other than that we have received a film along with a spin-off series that is set in the future of the generally shown timeline. The entire concept of this show leaves an excellent meaning at the end and other than that this show is made absolutely for children and all parents can leave their children to watch this show without any doubts.

Now coming to the reviews and the ratings of the show. The show has been rated a massive 8.2 which is very good when it comes to the animated cartoon genre series. When it comes to the ranking list for best cartoon network creations, this show ranks towards the top of this list too. The reviews regarding the show have also been quite great and the critics have praised the animation quality as well as the story of the show. The ratings from other notable websites have also been quite good regarding this show and the fanbase of the show is one that is spread all over the world. It includes many age groups in the fanbase.

Now coming to the basic story that has been depicted in this show. The universe that has been depicted is actually being ruled by gems. The gems are basically creatures who have special abilities and from the time of their creation, they are destined for a particular purpose. However, when the universe lords, that is the four gems thought about expanding the rule to the earth, the oink diamond, one of the gem lords, saw human life on earth and decided to protect humanity from the restricted rules and regulations of the universe. The rules and regulations gave no place to emotion and everything was destined. Now for the protection of the earth, The Pink Diamond created a group of gems, called the Crystal Gems, and they have each got their unique power. We see in this show the adventures of the Crystal Gems while one of the crustal gem’s members, Steven who is actually the son of the pink diamond has got a mission to prove to the other gem lords, that humanity is worth it and a new way of seeing things should be begun.

Based on how the show has been doing in the last few years, this can be considered a banger success for The Cartoon Network but from what we have heard it was disclosed by the writer of the show, The Cartoon Network actually wishes to bring an end to the show after season 5, but that surely didn’t happen, as we soon saw the release of the movie, which was an absolute hit and after that, it was continued with a spin-off series which is also regarded by many as the 6th season or the 7th season as we may say. Now coming to the main topic, regarding what the article is all about. The 8th season of the show is something that everyone is talking about and fans have been anticipating it for quite a long time now. However, based on the intentions The Cartoon Network has shown, it is very difficult to say whether we will receive the 8th season. Though the writer of the show, has confirmed that many stories can be built on the existing story, there has been no confirmation and the writer has also said that it will require a lot of time and that she is going on a break for now. For any more updates regarding the 8th season, do continue reading this article till the end.

Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date

Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date

The first season of the show came to us in the year 2013 which was actually a 53-episode long season, the longest in the history of the Steven Universe franchise and it concluded the first season in 2015. Since that the makers of the show, have been giving us new seasons every year. By the end of 2017, we received a total of 5 seasons, and these 5 seasons comprised a total of 160 episodes, which is just huge when it comes to an animated series. Now after that, as we have already told, The Cartoon Network, disclosed their intention to Rebecca Sugar regarding the conclusion of the show, and so she decided in creating a movie which came out in the year 2019 and that is also regarded as the 6th season of the show just in a movie format.

After that to show the circumstances that existed after the film story, another spinoff series was created called the Steven Universe future and that came out in December months of 2019 too and came to an end in march months of 2020. Since then, there haven’t been any updates regarding the release date of the 8th season. But as we have been told, many stories can’t be built on the existing story and there are always chances that The Cartoon Network will come back with the 8th season. However, Rebecca has gone for a long break according to her statement and we will have to wait till the time she comes back and thinks about anything new.

Name Of The ShowSteven Universe
Season NumberSeason 8
Steven Universe Season 1 Release DateNovember 4, 2013
Steven Universe Season 8 Release DateNot Announced

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Steven Universe Season 8 Story

Now for the story of Steven Universe season 8, nothing has been confirmed and from what we have heard, Rebecca Sugar has confirmed that there are many different stories, that can be built on the story which exists. Now first we need to consider what we have already seen and strike out those possibilities. From the starting of the series, we have seen only one thing, Steven believed he could finish the entire concept of the gem empire and that is what the Crystal Gems’ main mission ended up being which slowly changed from protecting the earth to changing the entire philosophy of existence in that universe. The movie, which we received was the main turning point in the show and that was where, in which we see the Crystal Gems fighting to their limits, and Steven truly understands what power he inherited from his mother, The Pink Diamond.

Now in the spin-off series which almost everyone regards as the seventh season, we time skip a bit and see the situation that exists after the Crystal Gems were successful and the entire gem empire has fallen and a new way of living has emerged in this universe where there are no rules no regulation and no one is tied to destiny.  Now for the 8th season, we can expect that there can be some new introduction of characters which may give us some new problems in this universe, or it can go to the stereotypical story which most series follow, that someone with the past ideology has decided to bring back the old rule and starts fighting the Crystal Gems. Other than this we can see another time skip and land in some generation where we see steven’s son existing and some new problems emerging in the universe. Nothing can be actually confirmed yet and these are all assumptions. Though for more fan theories you can surely check out Reddit.

Steven Universe Season 8 Characters

Steven Universe Season 8 Release Date

Now as we have already mentioned we can’t surely predict what the story is going to be for season 8, or whether it will happen or not. However, if it happens then we are surely going to see the Crystal Gems still existing and Steven is surely going to be a part of it. Other than that, we can also predict that some new character introductions will be made, to continue the story because we don’t see many stories to remain, and many questions to be answered. Thus, for any more updates, we will have to wait for Rebecca Sugar to return.

Steven Universe Season 8 Trailer

As we have already mentioned we haven’t received any updates regarding season 8 and thus we also haven’t received a trailer for season 8. However, trailers for the previous season are currently available on YouTube and can be checked out to know more about the series.

Where Can We Watch Steven Universe Season 8 Online?

Just like the previous seasons, the 8th season if it happens will be telecasted first and then will also be available on the Hulu streaming platform for online streaming services.

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