Is FootFairy A Real Story? What Is The True Story?

In today’s world, murders and homicides have become normal things. We witness a lot of murder mystery cases and these usually scare us. There are quite a few people who like to solve such murder mysteries. Not necessarily solve, but to get into the killers’ minds. To think about what he was thinking and to see what made him do that is a thrill to many people.

The genre of murder mystery exists purely for the entertainment of such people. Murder mystery covers a wide range of such scenarios. Murder and homicide cases usually inspire a lot of movies. Some murder movies are fictional while some are inspired by true stories. These movies show the complete picture of what happened and also in detail. What this does is tells us what the killer does and why. There are many movies and documentaries inspired by real crime stories that are truly scary to watch. But for those who are interested in this, there are many many movies and series that will mind-boggle you.

The genre of a murder mystery is growing by leaps and bounds due to the huge audience that these are released to. Every movie and every show is so enticing that the makers are more interested in making more of these movies. The factor of mystery where the killer is revealed in the end brings a sort of excitement to watching the show. Real-life-inspired murder movies are more interesting as the audience keeps feeling shocked due to the incident and how it could have occurred in real life. Many movies cover this. In Indian cinema, we do have en number of murder movies, many of which are true stories. The scenes brought forward create a sense of fear as to what had happened.

Footfairy is one such movie. It covers a crime scene that is investigated by cops. A CBI officer helps the cops solve this unusual case. While the case seems unusually hard to crack, the CBI officer along with his team does months and months of research to track the moments and the pieces of evidence related to the crime. The trailer of the movie was received with a lot of love and the audience was waiting to watch the movie as soon as it was released. The story of the movie is very thrilling while the climax is rather unexpected. The audience showed disliking towards the end as the climax is not clear about who the killer is. While some have watched the movie over and over again, they’ve still found the ending of the movie to be unclear.

It is all in all a very good murder movie with a highly creative story and plot but the climax is a bit blurry.

Is FootFairy A Real Story?

Is FootFairy A Real Story

FootFairy is a 2020 Hindi movie that is based on the genre of murder. There is a criminal on the run and the cops are trying more than anything to catch him. A CBI officer comes to the rescue and helps the cops catch the criminal. This criminal is a serial killer and he has an unusual pattern. How much ever the cops try to catch him, he keeps getting away and the evidence available is not too much. One determined cop and another smart criminal. The movie revolves around who wins this.

The movie is directed by Kanishk Verma and co-produced by Anurag Bedi and Ruchit Tiwari. The movie has an amazing cast who have done their job exceptionally well. For any such crime-related murder movie to hit the screens and create a sensation, the story has to be outstanding. FootFairy has the most amazing story. And secondly, the cast has to be very talented.

In this movie, the cast proved their talent through the roles that they played which turned out great. In the lead character, we have the most talented Gulshan Devaiah. Along with him, Ghatge and Kunal Roy Kapoor. This movie was a beautiful one to watch as it raised the heart levels of the audience. It however had an unclear ending which disappointed the audience. The movie is said to be a fairytale. But it also seems like it was inspired by the 2003 movie Memories of Murder. This Memories of Murder was a movie that was based on a play which was about a South Korean serial killer.

If it is truly based on Memories Of Murder, then this movie is a true story.

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Which Movie Inspired FootFairy?

FootFairy is a crime thriller movie about a criminal on the run. This movie was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience due to its amazing plot and story. A CBI agent helps the cops catch a killer who is on the run. But the case is not at all easy to solve. Who will finally win? The cop or the criminal is what the story finally leads us to.

FoorFairy looks like it was inspired by Memories of Murder. This movie is a 2003 Korean movie directed by Bong Joon-ho. Yes, you read that right. This is a movie directed by the very famous ‘Parasite’ director himself.

Memories of Murder is again based on a play on the serial killer Lee Choon-Jae. If one reads about all the crimes Choon-Jae has committed, it is sure that they’ll feel disgusted by the man. He is also known s the Korean Zodiac Killer, responsible for the Hwaseong serial murders. He has committed various crimes for which he was given a death sentence. But shortly, it was altered to life imprisonment and eligibility for parole only after 20 years.

This man, Lee Choon-Jae has murdered over 14 women in the span of around ten years. He has also confessed to more than 30 rapes. He has confessed to about 14 murders as well. His method is to bind the women in their clothing such as socks or stockings and strangle them to death. He targeted young women who were alone. All the women he has murdered were mostly seen getting down from a bus and then going home. In that span, Choon-Jae assaulted them, bound them with their own clothing and finally strangled them to death. Most of his victims are either very young or very old. He has killed 14-15-year-old teenagers and also old women about the age of 70 as well. He was finally caught after he raped and murdered his 18-year-old sister-in-law.

Lee Choon-Jae says that he was surprised he wasn’t caught sooner. This man was arrested and sentenced to death but later it was changed to life imprisonment. The movie Memories of Murder is about Lee Choon-Jae which has in some way Inspired the 2020 movie FootFairy if any.

While the crime rate in South Korea is one of the lowest in the world, having such a serial killer is shocking. The man has committed several crimes and has ruined the lives of many women. Girls of age 14-15 were the victims of this criminal which just speaks about how cruel this man is. Lee Choon-Jae killed his own sister-in-law. A private investigator gave information about this. He spoke about how after inviting her over, he brutally murdered her. He then met his father-in-law and tried to help him find the sister-in-law. After which the police arrested him for the murder. A series of his crimes only shows the pattern of how he has taken the life of such innocent women and old ladies. The man did watch Memories of Murder in prison but didn’t say anything is what the reports tell.

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FootFairy Cast 

Is FootFairy A Real Story

FootFairy sets an amazing example for a crime thriller movie. The movie surprised the audience with its suspense, thrill and many other aspects. Only the ending seemed to upset the audience.

The movie has a thrilling story as well as very talented actors playing the roles. The movie received a lot of positive reviews from the audience and many fans of Gulshan Devaiah loved the role he played in the movie.

Gulshan Devaiah has played the role of CBI inspector Vivan Deshmukh. Sagarika Ghatge has played the role of Devika. Ashish Pathode is seen in the role of Harsh while Kunaal Roy Kapoor plays the role of Joshua Matthews. Taneea Rajawat is seen in the role of Rita Madhav.

Where To Watch FootFairy Online?

This 2020 movie is based on the classic movie of Memories of Murder directed by Bong Joon-ho. FootFairy is written and directed by Kanishk Verma.

This psychological crime thriller movie can be streamed online on some OTT platforms. It can be streamed on Netflix.

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