Vice Versa Episode 4 Release Date Is Revealed By The Makers!

In today’s world, series are something everybody like to watch. Dramas with good stories and plots very quickly gain audience and fan following. Through this, the story grows and becomes a hit. Just like this, Vice Versa is a new series which has caught the eye of the viewers with its unique story and plot. Vice Versa is a Thai series. This Series is an adaptation of a Thai novel called Vice Versa written by JittiRain. Novel adaptation series are always unique as they are crafted on the basis of a character which is written by an author, and the role of the character is played by the cast. The show released its first episode on July 16, 2022.

Vice Versa Episode 4 Release Date

Vice Versa Episode 4 Release Date

Vice Versa is a show that has a unique storyline. It has only released 3 episodes yet and the audience base has increased already. The viewers are eagerly waiting for the fourth episode of this magnificent series. Episode 4 of Vice Versa is said to release on August 6, 2022. The in-demand series is all set to release its fourth episode and leave the audience waiting for the next one. Episode 4 will be an absolute delight as the story is still blooming and the episodes will be more thrilling. The audience was waiting for a good BL drama which they surely found in Vice Versa.

Name Of The ShowVice Versa
Episode NumberEpisode 4
GenreDrama, Romance
Vice Versa Episode 1 Release DateJuly 16, 2022
Vice Versa Episode 4 Release DateAugust 6, 2022

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Vice Versa Episode 4 Story

Episode 4 is in high demand as the audience is waiting for the storyline to continue. Vice Versa being in the genres of fantasy and romance brings out the story of Tun and Talay. Due to the scene of the swap of bodies, the audience is waiting to see what will happen next. There are surely going to be scenes between them with intensity and butterflies in the tummy moments as well.

Tun and Talay are looking for the Portkeys together. Tun is losing hope about finding a Portkey. When Talay gets to know this, he encourages Tun to not lose hope and look for it. Tun later tells Talay that what if they both are each other’s Portkeys! Talay replies that if it’s Tun, then he is fine. There also comes a scene where they both get into a bathtub together. But if they were each other’s Portkeys, wouldn’t they have found that out by now and returned to our planet?

Vice Versa Episode 3 Recap

Talay is a highly talented man who just graduated. Talay gets confirmation of his new job as a colourist and is also ecstatic. Talay happily goes on a trip to a beach with his friends. Unfortunately, Talay drowns and wakes up in the body of someone else! He then discovers that the person is Tess. Talay is confused. He then learns about Tess that Tess is a boujee rich kid who is troublesome. He then meets another person from his universe. This person is the nurse who explains to him the existence of a parallel universe. The only way back is to find the Portkey. Talay recognises a school friend of his. This friend is Tun. After Talay confesses to Tun about what has happened to him and his body, the both of them unite to find the Portkey. The story leaves the mystery of what will happen to them in the future.

Vice Versa Episode 4 Characters

Vice Versa Episode 4 Release Date

The cast of the Vice Versa series has surely stolen the hearts of the viewers. Gaining so much popularity in such a short time was only possible due to the incredible acting skills of the cast. Every character has its own charm and the cast are doing their part exceptionally well.

The following are the characters of Episode 4:

The lead character of the drama is Talay.

The character of Talay, Puen, Kita, Preecha, Au, Fuse, Phuwadol, Jupjaeng, Thattwa, Pakorn, and Paeng is mainly in this episode

Where To Watch Vice Versa Online?

Vice Versa is a drama that is being watched by many Thai drama fans. As the series is of the BL genre, many heads are turning towards the drama to see what happens in this take of Tun and Talay. Vice Versa is already on fire as the fans are discussing and waiting for the future episodes keenly. As it focuses on the BL community, the story is expected to touch on some intricate details that the audience is waiting for. The series of Vice Versa can be watched online on GMMTV for free.

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