Is Clusterf*** Woodstock’99 Based On A True Story?

Clusterf**k Woodstock’99 is a documentary and series released by Netflix. The series is all set to be released on 3rd August 2022 and the trailer is already out. As soon as the trailer was released there were a lot of discussions among the viewers about the events that are shown in the series. The series is directed by Jamie Crawford and produced by Tim Wardle, William Swann, Amani Duncan, Casey Feldman, and Tom Pearson. Last year HBO Max released a docuseries by Garret Price which also focused on revealing the truth about the music festival of 1999 and now Netflix has its own series on the music festival. Everyone is believing that this docuseries is made on real-life events that took place at the Woodstock’99 Music Festival. So let us find out if the new Netflix docuseries is actually based on true events or if it’s just the fictional events on which the series is made. Is Clusterf*** Woodstock’99 Based On A True Story? Here’s what we know.

Is Clusterf*** Woodstock’99 Based On A True Story?

Is Clusterf*** Woodstock'99 Based On A True Story?

Yes, this Netflix original series is based on true events. The docuseries have been divided into three parts which represent the three days music festival of Woodstock’99. There are a total of 3 episodes that will show all the catastrophic events that took place on the 30th anniversary of the music festival Woodstock. In fact, the series contains the interviews of the eyewitnesses who were present at the festival including the staff members, festival attendees, and performers. These interviews include jewel, Korn’s Jonathan Davis, Bush’s Gavin Rossdale, boy slim, and Woodstock organizer Michael Lang. You will be able to witness all of these interviews in the entire docuseries telling you about the events that took place during the music festival. The series also includes real footage of everything that happened from performances to the chaotic events that took place during that time. All of these things clearly indicate that the Clusterfuck Woodstock’99 is based on real-life events.

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What Is Woodstock’99?

Woodstock’99 is a music festival that took place in upstate New York, in Rome. This Music Festival was an attempt to copy the Woodstock festival that took place in 1969. Woodstock 99 became the second largest Music Festival that ever took place with over 4 lakh people attending the festival over the time period of three days. The Music Festival took place from 22nd to 25th July in 1999.

The festival has numerous music performances including hip hop, rock, punk rock, funk rock, pop punk, techno, big beat, rock, and rap metal. The festival was covered by the MTV network which provided a live telecast of the three days festival that was made available to its subscribers. Even after having numerous music performances and a lot of crowds this music festival became one of the worst music festivals ever due to the events of sexual assaults, fire, bad environment, extremely hot weather conditions, violence, and looting that took place during the entire three days. All these things combinedly made this music festival a big flop and a festival worth criticizing after which Woodstock never took place in New York.

Criticisms Related To Woodstock’99

Is Clusterf*** Woodstock'99 Based On A True Story

The music festival took place in July which is already a month of scorching heat. The venue where this festival took place had no trees for shades and was completely overcrowded due to which the temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius. According to the media reports, it was difficult to even stand there and enjoyed the performances. The two performance stages of the festival in the East and West directions were totally opposite and the difference between the two stages was 3.7 kilometres because of which the people who attended the festival had to walk a lot in the extreme heat.

All of this combined led to a lot of dehydration among the entire population present at the festival. But the story does not end here as there was a huge crowd that attended the festival and everything from food to water was provided inside the music festival was extremely costly and if you wish to go to any normal general stores outside the festival there were huge lines due to a lot of travelling that took place in Rome at that time as everyone was there to attend the Music Festival. However, there were free water fountains that provided drinking water for free but the line was so long that people got very frustrated and were forced to pay for the water. When it comes to public toilets, the number of public toilets that were installed was completely insufficient as compared to the ratio that attended the Festival which made things worse. Imagine if you are going on a three days music festival thinking you are going to enjoy it and end up having no basic facilities like washrooms, food, and water that too in extreme climatic conditions.

There were many reports that said sexual assaults replace after the concerts at the music festival. Violent actions such as steering the plywood from the wall and hurting each other were also a part of the music festival when Limp Bizkit was performing on Saturday night. Durst, one of the performers gave a statement in an interview that was conducted after he performed at the music festival. He said that he couldn’t see people getting hurt by the violence because the stage was actually 20 feet above the ground and there were so many people it was like he is looking at a sea of people. So recognizing what is happening in such a big crowd from a distance is very hard.

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In fact when the final performance of the festival by Red Hot Chili Peppers and Megadeth took place violence between the crowd increased. People used plastic bottles, lighters, and candles to lit fires, and hundreds of plastic bottles were used in this process. It was like the entire lawn area was on fire. After which an audio tower caught fire and the fire department had to come to handle the situation. One of the Chili Peppers members recalled in the interview how the fire looked like the scene of an action movie from the stage. There were a large number of bonfires that were being lit and some people even use the plywood on walls to keep the flames burning.

The MTV host Kurt Loder describes the scene in his interview with USA Today saying that the entire scene was very dangerous and scary to be around. The venue felt like a concentration camp inside the music festival and they wanted to get out of there safely as soon as possible. He also described that the food and water inside the Music Festival were horribly overpriced and everywhere there were just tons of garbage and human waste.

After the stage of the eastern end was on Fire a large group of New York state police, and other law enforcement arrived to take people away from the eastern end and move them to another area that is safer. After the concert when police investigated it came out that at least five rapes took place at this music festival and there were also many other sexual assaults and harassment. Six people were injured due to the fire and 12 trailers, a lot of boots, small buses, and portable toilets got burnt in the fire. They were also people who collapsed due to drug overdose during the festival itself and needed medical attention. There were people who fell ill in the concert because the festival organizers did not provide freshwater and medical facilities that were required for a gathering of four lakh people.

The National Organisation For Women also protested outside the New York offices of the concert promoters and there were seven lawsuits filed against the involved organizations and promoters for whatever happened during the three days of this concert. The music festival that was supposed to be a time of enjoyment and vacation turned out to be the worst nightmare for the people who attended it which called out for criticism of this music festival on a large scale in New York. The 1999 Woodstock music festival was one of the worst tragedies that happened in America. The festival is still criticized. Netflix has finally decided to show up what actually happened during the three days of this festival to the audience.

Where To Watch Clusterfuck Woodstock’99 Online?

The show is Netflix original you will be able to watch it on Netflix. The document series will be released on 3rd August and all three episodes will be released together by Netflix.

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