Is The King Of Stonks Based On A True Story?

King of stonks is one of those series that many don’t know about, but is also one of those series, you shouldn’t miss in any case. This series as far as we know will be available with subtitles, and so it will be available for all of us to watch. Now most of you, don’t know anything about the series or are still predicting what the story is going to be about. It’s about a fraudster. That sounds [pretty normal to everyone yet. However, things aren’t that normal, the story is full of ups and downs and it isn’t any fraudster, it is one of the biggest frauds, you would have ever seen, a company coder robbing everything, bluffing his way through the world of finance, and none get to know anything. Is the mafia stopping him, or are the laws stopping him? To know all those stuff, you will have to watch the show.

King of stonks is originally a German web series and is quite an exclusive one, it has got a lot of hype among the people, in which language it is made, and that is German. The makers of the series are jan bonny, isabell suba and Facundo scalerandi. They have already made many names for their previous creations and this series after it premiered at the Munich film festival, has got a lot of fame. The trailer of the show is currently available on the YouTube platform; however, it isn’t available with any subtitles so will be difficult to understand. The ratings for this show have also not been out yet and that is because though it has been premiered at the film festival, it still has got time to make it to any streaming platform.

Now there have been many questions regarding whether the story that is shown is based on any real-life event and we have got answers to all your question regarding those. You will just need to read a little bit more to know it yourself.

Is The King Of Stonks Based On A True Story?

Is The King Of Stonks Based On A True Story

Now from what we have heard yet from the makers and all those who are related to this show, along with our online sources, this series is actually based on a similar event in this sport. That event has occurred in the past and can be regarded as a very notable event in the history of German economics. However, the reference to which event we are mentioning yet hasn’t been properly disclosed to us. The story that has been shown in this series, is of Felix Armand, who is a small programmer and has got many big dreams for his company.

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He has to take many illegal paths when it comes to taking his company to the absolute top, and some of the people that he has to handle while doing so are his own boss and CEO who doesn’t care much about what’s going on, some mafia people also get into the money laundering activities and along with that the investors of the company play a big role. The ending to this series and how Felix deals with everything is a quite unique one, and this bears very close similarities to everything that has happened in real life.

Though after seeing the series, it has been said, that the activities which are shown in this series can’t be believed so easily but the fact-checkers have made sure that they have happened. So, you all need to get ready to go on a ride with Felix and see what he does to rise to the top.

King Of Stonks Release Date

The making of the show began in 2021 only and since then it has been going on for a long time. The production work came to an end in the last week may and we know that the Munich film festival happened on July 25, 2020. The series has been very much praised in the festival and since then it has also been decided that the series will make its release on the Netflix platform on the 6th of July 2022, and will be available to a worldwide audience who have been waiting for this show.

King Of Stonks Cast

Is The King Of Stonks Based On A True Story

The show has got a brilliant cast, who fit appropriately in their roles. We have some very renowned names such as Mattias Brandt, and Thomas Schubert and then we also have Larissa Sirah herden, who is a gem of an artist. Many other great actors have contributed much to the success of this show.

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