Why Did Abigail Leave Days Of Our Lives? The Answer Is Shocking!

Days of our lives, Days or DOOL is popular and one of the longest-running television programs in the world. The show is an American television daytime soap opera, which has aired nearly every weekday since its release. The show is created by Ted Corday and Betty Corday, written by Ron Carlivati, Directed by Herb Stein, Phil Sogard, Albert Alarr, Grant Johnson and Steven Williford, and executive produced by Ken Corday and Albert Alarr. If you decide to watch the show, there will be no end to the entertainment as there are a total of 14,000+ episodes, each of approx 60 minutes(1975 – present) and 30 minutes(1965-1975). The runtime was increased due to the show’s popularity on April 21, 1975. The show has undergone many changes in cast, production and script from its initial release. The series first premiered on 8th November 1965 and has managed to stay strong even after the completion of almost 50+ years. The series has inspired a lot of related shows, like Another World, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, and Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas.

The show has always been respected and widely known throughout the franchise for covering interesting, controversial, important and deep topics in the 70s, which no other show dared to cover, and received the title of the most daring show during the 70s. The creators have tried their best to maintain the original essence of the show as much as possible. The constant hourglass in the title and ending sequences is living proof. The show has won a lot of awards and received ample recognition from critics and viewers. The show’s episode plots were indeed ahead of their time, but the interesting characters, cinematography and production played a big role in the show’s success. In this article, we will be talking about Abigail Deveraux, the show’s fictional character, and she leaves from the show, along with a bit of introduction to the character. 

Why Did Abigail Leave Days Of Our Lives?

Abigail Deveraux was first introduced in the 1990s and immediately became the viewers’ favourite with her on-spot thinking and problem-solving skills. During the recent episodes of the show, we see Abigail’s husband, Chad DiMera, come across Abigail’s dead body, which, much to our surprise, was only moments after they had a steamy night. The series is well known for bringing back dead people to life, but this might not be the case for the young character. The recent reports not only reported the departure of Marci Miller (the actress who plays the role of Abigail) from the show, but also the end of the character herself. Abigail won’t be returning!

Although predicted before the previous report, the news came out as a huge shock for the fans, who instantly took to the internet to express their sadness. Abigail has come a long way and her sudden end brings many mixed feelings to the viewers. Ron Carlivati, the head writer, and his creative team had a tough time killing the character as they too, like the viewers, were fans of hers, and wanted to improve and show more of Chad and Abigail’s chemistry. Marci wasn’t free to play the character full-time and had to take her to leave the franchise.

This made things difficult for the creators as they had to move forward with the character’s story but with another actress. This would make their hard-earned feelings and chemistry go to waste as it would take a lot of time for the viewers to actually connect with the character with a new actress. This stunt will not promise good results and even cost them their viewer ratings. So they decided to kill off the character as a whole and are now focusing on the plot, including her mysterious and shocking murder. Although the character has died, there are faint chances of her coming back as this is a daily soap after all, but as of now, the creators have said there are slim chances of the character returning in the future.

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Abigail Deveraux

Abigail was created by scriptwriter Sheri Anderson. She is the daughter of one of the show’s star couples, Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Harton. The character is portrayed by many actresses throughout the show, being, Meghan and Micheal Nelson during 1992-1994, Paige and Ryanne Kettner during 1994-2001, Megan Corletto during 2001-2003, Jillian Clare during 2003-2004, Ashley Benson during 2004-2007, Emily Montague in 2007, Kate Mansi from 2011 to 2020 and Marci Miller from 2020 to 2022, after leaving the show and the characters death.

Throughout her life, Abigail went through many occupations: being a waitress, medical intern, Student assistant, Model, Public Relations Assistant, Police Department receptionist and Head of DiMera Enterprises Public Relations department. Other than her parents, she has a brother, JJ Deveraux, a half-sister, Gwen Rizczech and a husband, Chad DiMera, along with their children, Thomas DiMera and Charlotte DiMera. Abigail is a smart woman and her screen time in the show mainly focused on her love life and her chemistry with her male partners, along with heart-fluttering moments. The viewers loved her interactions and her background as a strong and sweet member of a rich family, the Hortons. She has always been acting as the cherry of the show, which has covered her childhood, teenage, and young days as well as her days as a mother before she is murdered in the recent episodes.

She was doing well with her love interest, Max Brady, and their chemistry was a topic of envy to many before she had had to leave for the United Kingdom with her parents. Abigail gave Kate Mansi the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2017 and a nomination for Outstanding Guest Performer in 2019. Marci Miller also won three Daytime Emmy Award Nominations for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 2018, 2019 and 2022, which is a great achievement and would shine in her profile. 

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Chad and Abigail’s story also had great responses as their story followed many ups and downs. Their chemistry and story were compared with the story of Romeo and Juliet as they are together and it is much like a miracle after watching the troubles and rejections they both faced with each other. The dynamic duo fought for their love and, in the end, managed to get together and start a family. Regrettably, now that we are bidding our lovely duo Adeu, we can only reminisce on Abigail’s life and move on with her death, which also opens doors to new possibilities. Abigail has had a bittersweet childhood, right from when she was born in the Horton Cabin.

She is the oldest daughter of the Deveraux family and her father, Jack, was the one in charge of her delivery after their car went off the road and her mother, Jennifer, was in labour. Her name was kept after Alice Horton’s mother, Abigail Johanna. She was a patient of Aplastic Anemia which occurs because of consuming polluted water, at the early age of 8. Austin Reed donated his bone marrow, saving the poor girl’s life. Jack thinks Abigail’s condition is because of him when he discovers the toxic dumping was because of the official papers that he signed years ago. He feels guilty and leaves the family but finally returns.

The Deveraux family then moved to Africa for a few years. Jack is involved in a lot of mysterious accidents planned by the Salem Stalker. He somehow comes back every time. Abigail doesn’t like it when her mom sees other men and they have had a bitter relationship for some time. In the future, she herself convinces and supports her mom to fall in love and move in with her lover as Jack disappears again. She meets Chad and the rest is history. 

Where To Watch Days Of Our Lives?

Days of our Lives can be watched on NBC on weekdays and all the episodes of the show are available for streaming free and exclusively on Peacock or Peacock Premium. Although the series is not available on popular platforms, some of its seasons are still available for renting, buying and watching on Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch General Hospital on Hulu. Viewers who have a subscription to Hulu Live TV will be able to record the show and access it whenever they wish. The series is also available for streaming on fuboTV, DIRECTV and Spectrum on Demand, but you might need VPN access depending on your location. 

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