Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies That Will Be Arriving Soon!

Yes, here we are again, with an article on one of the most loved members of the marvel universe cast and that is no one other than Scarlett Johansson, the person who plays the role of black widow, one of the best characters from the Marvel comics universe, and no one could have played it well. Scarlett Johansson has been one of the best actresses and artists who belong to this century and we have always been spellbound by her performances, the athletic scenes she has been playing for a while now and many of us here only know her for her roles in the black widow. But that’s not the case we should have, she is an outstanding artist and some of her best works that have to be seen by you if you are a Scarlett Johansson fan are lost in translation which is an absolute hit movie, if you are into the drama genre, her, this is another movie which has been very much praised, and she is known among many people, because of her work in this movie which is absolutely phenomenal, you can also check out the movie ghost world, where she played the role of Rebecca and can be considered as one her best works till date.

Now coming to the main topic, and main for the scarlet Johannsson fans, yes, we also have heard the news regarding her not being very active with new projects except marvel, and thus she is back to change those rumours, with some of her great works, which will absolutely spellbound you, although many of this movies haven’t been properly confirmed yet and titles aren’t out yet, sources have informed us that those projects are currently going on and there is a list of projects she has been working on. Some of these movies are set to release in 2022 only, so you need to sit tight for them, however, some of the series will make their release in 2023 and 2024, so a little more to wait for.

1. The Jungle Book 2

Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies

We are going to start the list, with one of those movies, which we have already heard a lot about and there has been a lot of hype regarding this movie, for those who don’t know, yes, it is confirmed that Scarlett Johannsson is going to be a part of the jungle book 2, and as we know this movie is set to make its release in 2023 and it will be not before that. This movie is an actual continuation of the jungle book, which almost all of us have watched once in our lifetime. This movie is being made by Jon Favreau and has got an amazing cast set for the show which includes, nil Sethi, Idris Elba, and Bill Murray as some of the big names. This movie is going to be one of the biggest hits of 2023 and the trailer will drop by the end of 2022, and, all fans need to keep an eye on this movie.

2. Asteroid City

Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies

This movie was confirmed in 2020, and bis directed by Wes Anderson, and that only tells us what great of a movie this can be, there has been a great hype regarding the set of actors was Anderson is going to bring together for asteroid city, though Scarlett Johannsson joined the cast a bit late, then most of the other big names, this is a movie for which we don’t have to wait a lot, as the post-production process is going on and the trailer will drop in the upcoming months, and the expected date for the release can be in the months of August. This show has got some of the greatest artists of all time starting from Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, and tom hanks to Adrien Brody, and many other big names. This movie was made in Spain in the summer of 2021 and belongs to the romantic genre with the setting of Europe. Overall, this is going to be a big project on which Scarlett Johannsson will be on board and this movie is one of those movies to keep an eye on.

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3. Project Artemis

Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies

Here we are with another movie that has been confirmed and we don’t have to wait much longer just like asteroid city, this is another movie on which Scarlett Johannsson has been confirmed along with Chris Evans, which was announced to everyone by the Twitter handle of Chris Evans himself. This movie is going to be directed by Jason batteman and is going to be made under the apple studios, thus as usual it will be available only for Apple users, and if you have a subscription for it. This show is in its pre-production stages, and there is still some time for it to get complete, now it isn’t sure whether this show is going to come in 2022 or by early 2023 and everything will depend on the production times, and if it isn’t delayed anyhow by the other movies, Scarlett Johansson has been working on latterly. However, this is going to be one of the releases for this year, and that’s for sure.

4. Bride

Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies

Another work, which isn’t much talked about yet but we see two things common in this movie with project Artemis, and those are apple studios and scarlet Johannsson, two big bangers for the year 2022 which are already in making and have been confirmed will be out on apple tv and so apple users are quite lucky in that case, another thing which has to be noted is that this movie has been under work, a little later than project Artemis, so it is expected to be out after the release of project Artemis. Another notable thing about this movie is that is being directed by the famous director, Sebastian lelio, and has been written by Sebastian himself along with Rebecca Angelo. This movie is another one to keep a watch of, and there is a greater chance that this will be out in 2023 and not in 2022. There has been a lot of chaos between the two movies, shooting dates as both are under making at the same time, and no other cast for this movie has been announced yet.

5. Little Shop Of Horrors Remake

Yes, you are reading it absolutely right and we are talking about the same little shop of horrors movie which came out in 1986, and there are very few people, reading this article who0 haven’t watched the film, however, nothing has been fully confirmed about the movie yet, but as we know from our sources, warner brothers will be producing this remake movie, and again in this movie, we will be seeing Chris Evans along with Scarlett Johannsson, we are also going to get Taron Egerton. However, something that we know is that the movie is currently on hold since 2021 when it was confirmed by billy porter, and we haven’t heard anything about the production process. Whatever happens, if the storyline is kept the same, this is going to be one superhit film because little shop of horrors is something nobody can spoil in any way, but just make it better.

6. Tower Of Terror

There have been many talks regarding this show since 2021 and the tower of terror isn’t the park, but a new series that is being produced by Disney themselves and is set to be starring scarlet Johansson, somethings that have been confirmed is that this show is happening, as Disney had already confirmed that Scarlett Johannsson will be continuing with the studios and they have been working on something huge and this is what they were talking about. This movie is going to be based on the Disney-themed Park sharing the same title. This film has been taking a lot of time now and is being made by Taika Waititi, this movie has been quite hyped up as this is the confirmation that she is going to be a part of Disney for some more time even if she is not having any black widow roles any time soon. This show is not coming anytime soon, it is expected to go into production by the end of 2022, and thus considering all the time it may need, we will receive it by 2023 end.

7. Reflective Light

Scarlett Johansson Upcoming Movies

This is another movie there have been many rumours about, but nothing is confirmed yet, however as we have heard there is a great chance that this movie will be starring Scarlett Johannsson and will go into production in 2023 and there is a great chance that it will drop by 2023, but nothing has been confirmed yet and to know more we will have to wait a little longer. The director and the producing hose are still not yet confirmed as rumours have been going on for quite a long time now.

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