Is Hold Your Breath Based On A True Story?

Hold Your Breath is a psychological horror movie directed by Jared Cohn and starring Katrina Bowden of 30 Rock and Randy Wayne. It was released in 2012. The film was released in the United States on October 5, 2012. Los Angeles, California was the setting for the film.

Is Hold Your Breath Based On A True Story?

Is Hold Your Breath Based On A True Story

It’s a good narrative with some truth in it. However, the rules for staying alive are extremely apparent, and this is where it begins to feel like fiction. “I hope you discover genuine love and get you some that are so electric, you ain’t going to need no blow dryer,” Robin says to Gloria in the 1995 film Waiting to Exhale. Exhalation is about love in this film or all the things that get in the way of it. Filled the lungs with a place to call home on clear mornings, heartfelt words in Gloria’s salon, and an electric love.

Filled the lungs with a place to call home on clear mornings, heartfelt words in Gloria’s salon, and an electric love. A love that breathes life into the atmosphere. Sometimes you can wait for an entire movie and yet have no idea what your lung should be doing. You sometimes burn your man’s car from your front yard to bring the air back to life. He may abandon you for a white woman on occasion. Sometimes you spend your entire existence wondering aloud.

So, the film is entirely fictitious and not based n any kind of real event, on a person’s life or anything. It’s just an idea that came into a writer’s mind but it didn’t work very well, even Hold Your Breath is often considered the worst film ever made.

Many critics also added a comment about the story, “The story is lousy, spooky, and not very well connected, it’s like the writer was drunk”. Apart from all of these, we can say that this movie is not based on any real events but may be inspired by some local legends.

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Hold Your Breath Story

A group of mates on a weekend camping trip are murdered one by one after one of them refuses to believe the urban legend that going through cemeteries allows you to breathe in bad spirits.

The video begins with Van Hausen, a mass murderer with a German accent, being put to death in the electric chair in front of several of his victims’ families. He manages to break free and kill the warden before being placed in the chair by another cop.

 While driving near a cemetery, Jerry becomes agitated and instructs everyone to hold their breath, claiming that if they don’t, evil spirits will possess them. Everyone except Kyle, who is smoking pot and thereby allowing Van Hausen’s ghost to inhabit him. Kyle accidentally spills his drink over Johnny’s lap, causing him to lose control and nearly crash.

Is Hold Your Breath Based On A True Story

Except for Kyle, everyone heads to the ancient prison where Van Hausen was hanged. When a cop arrives, Kyle kills him by causing the officer’s car to explode while he is inside. Everyone else follows Natasha and Johnny to the prison, where a killer in a metal mask appears, only to be exposed by Heath as a hoax. Jerry says she’ll blow Tony if he can tie himself into the electric chair. A lightning storm strikes while Tony is strapped in, and he begins to stress out, so Johnny lets him out. They all escape the prison together and drive to the campsite, whereupon Van Hausen’s spirit transforms into Tony.

The group of friends becomes concerned about their absence and returns to the prison, where they discover Samantha’s body and Tony approaching them with a pitchfork. McBride, the custodian of Goodchild Cemetery, shoots, and murders Tony, informing the others that if they want answers, they must come to his house with him.

Where to Watch Hold Your Breath?

Hold your Breath is currently available to watch online on Amazon Prime Video. You can watch the film online with the premium membership of Prime Videos.

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