They Call Me Magic Season 2 Release Date & Other Updates!

Are you a fan of the sports aura of basketball? Then you must have heard of one of the most famous leagues called the NBA or National Basketball Association. You must have the curiosity of knowing what happens behind the lights of the court in the life of the basketball soldiers! Well, that could be a dream come true if you are a fan of Earvin Johnson who is also very popularly called ‘Magic’.Well, now the insides of the life of this famous basketball dynamite are in the grasp of our palm, made in a form of Web series called They call Me Magic. Since it was initially released, it has gained a vast fanbase who are eager to know more and more.  But the fans are now asking for the second part of the untold stories that would answer many questions all around the admirers. Hence, the second season of They Call Me Magic is one of the most anticipated shows for fans all around the globe, especially for those who are interested in athletics. 

They Call Me Magic Season 2 Release date

They Call Me Magic Season 2 Release date

The first season of the series called They Call Me Magic was first released on the 22nd of April, in this very year, and have been one of the most successful running show and is being cherished by people all over the map. Now with the vast popularity of Earvin Johnson himself, on whom the whole show is based, the rate of fans being increased day by day. And those are the fans who think that The Magic of NBA has many more to him which is yet to unfold. Hence, they all are wanting the second season of the show. But no such date has been fixed for the release of the second season. Considering the first to be a very new show, whether the production work of the second one has been started or not is still a huge question. But the fans are crossing their fingers to get the renewed season as soon as the first ends and will be greatly overjoyed if they find the second season being released by the end of the year 2013.

They Call Me Magic Season 1 Release DateApril 22, 2022
They Call Me Magic Season 2 Release DateNot Announced
They Call Me Magic Season 2 Release Date


They Call Me Magic Season 2 Story

The storyline of the series tends to move around the unseen and unknown life of the famous jersey of number 32, playing on the court for the Lakers in the position of Point guard in one of the most prominent leagues of America, The NBAs. This show, although takes us back the curt, into his life and helps us know him more as a person. The series They Call Me Magic is indeed a four-part documentary series on the inside life of the famous Magic of NBA, Earvin Johnson. It makes us know what hardships he had to cross to be the personality he is today. And this inspires us with all of his qualities and helps us to learn from him and grow in our ways. But it seems like, there is more in his life to narrate than which we have got to know yet, hence we all are waiting for more inside of his life along with those who inspired him to get nourished by his life besides getting the light of knowledge and entertainment.  

They Call Me Magic Season 2 Cast

They Call Me Magic Season 2 Release date

The cast list of the first season was indeed an anecdote of the historical personalities of basketball as well as unbeatable names like  Earvin Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pat Riley, Jerry West, Barack Obama, Snoop Dogg, Arsenio Hall, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, and many more. And the second season is expected to be grand and legendary with the presence of all of those and many other personalities as well.

They Call Me Magic Season 2 Trailer

The trailer of the initial season was released on Mar 12, 2022, on the official youtube channel of Apple Tv. But no such declaration has been done by any officials about the release date of the second season of They Call Me Magic. But the fans of the great Basketball Magic are still waiting for some magical sneak peeks of the second season at least a few weeks ahead of the actual release of the show, which is expected within mid-2023. 

Where To Watch They Call Me Magic Season 2?

The first season was available to be streamed over on the platform of Apple Tv and the second season on expected to be streamed on the same digital platform as well.