Ghost Doctor Episode 6 Release Date, Story, Cast, And Other Updates!

 The ghost doctor which is an ongoing south Korean drama series belonging to the fantasy medical genre has already created a great fan base with only 2 episodes premiering. The drama series directed by Boo Seong-Cheol has a 7.8 IMDb is a great achievement by the series and the hype on social media is proof of that. The show is all about two doctors, one being a medical genius and how his soul accidentally transfers into the body of another doctor, with both of them having completely different personalities, the show is full of chaotic and dramatic events which are loved by the fans.

With the 6th episode in hand, the main question arises among the fans regarding the release date of episode 6, and here we have got great news for the viewers, the release dates of all the episodes are announced and episode 6 is set to premiere on 18th of January. Till then we will have to wait a little longer for the other episodes to premiere in between.

Ghost Doctor Episode 6 Release Date

Ghost Doctor Episode 6 Release Date

 With the show set to have a total of 16 episodes, we have only received 2 episodes till now, the show started premiering its first episode on the 3rd of January, really a great start to the new year, after getting the third episode on the 10th of January, we will receive the 4th episode on 11th of January and the 5th episode on 17th of January, after that we will finally at the release of the 6th episode that is on 18th of January, the dates for all the remaining episodes are already scheduled and we will receive them in an orderly manner. The show releases two of its episode each week, on Monday and Tuesday from 22:30. each episode nearly has a runtime of about 60 minutes and comes on the tvN network at the scheduled time of the week.

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 Ghost Doctor Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of ghost doctor was a great hit, the episode starts with Cha Young Ming rushing back to the hospital as the chairman’s condition deteriorates in the ICU, but soon Young Ming’s own life is in danger while he meets an accident and is taken into the emergency ward. He is being operated on by Seung tak but the funny addition to it is that Young Ming’s own soul has transferred into Seung Tak and he is saving himself, the surgery is successful while Seung tak gains a lot of appreciation from the staff, we also see Ming’s soul conversation with another coma ghost who warns him not to get into other bodies or he will be stuck in them, with all these we see Seung coming back to the ICU room all shocked while he sees Ming’s soul sitting right next to his body and watching over it, obviously it’s so creepy for our dumb rich protagonist, we also see a murder plot going on in the background within all this chaos and lastly while Seung tak gets a call back from the ICU, without having any option Young Ming’s soul again jumps back into Seung Tak’s body. The second episode can be considered to be a great deal of chaos and funny vents and now we are waiting for the next episodes to let us know more of it.

Ghost Doctor Episode 6 Story

Ghost Doctor Episode 6 Release Date

As we have a long way to go before the release of the 6th episode, we don’t have much content about it yet. With the given storyline in hand, we can expect it to be another chaotic episode but a subtler one while Young Ming and Seung tak make peace with each other, maybe we won’t get to see Young Ming back in life form but his soul will be still in action and till then we will also receive many more updates about the murder plot. Altogether episode 6 is going to be a blast of humous and chaotic events for the audience.

Ghost Doctor Trailer

The series started premiering on the third of January and has already been a great hit with only two episodes in hand, the upcoming episodes will premiere tomorrow. If you still haven’t started watching the series by now, you can catch some of its glimpse from its trailer, available on YouTube.

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