Bebaakee Season 2: Release Date, Cast, And Latest Updates!

Bebaakee Season 2
Bebaakee Season 2

Zee5 and ALT Balaji have always provided various content in almost all genres. Even though their huge competition among the OTT platform but still they both have managed their popularity. Zee5 is one of the most popular OTT platforms across the world. Zee5 is available for streaming in over 190 countries. It always tries to deliver unique concept-based series. Bebaakee is an Indian web series created by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Muzammil Desai. Written by Jaya Misra, Anuja Gondhalekar, Bradley Fernandes. Bebaakee season one was loved by the audience and received a positive response.

The series received high ratings and responses. After the first season ended people are in search of the details about Bebaakee season 2 release date and expected cast. So you have landed in the right place as here you will learn about recent updates about the Bebaakee season 2.

Bebaakee Season 2 Release Date

Bebaakee Season 2

Bebaakee’s first season 8 episodes were released on ZEE5 and ALTBalaji on 30 August 2020. while the 9th and 10th episodes were released on 2 September 2020. The next 5 episodes were released on 12 October 2020 while the remaining 16 episodes of the first season were released on 11 December 2020. Till now it has only one season with 31 episodes. With the running timing of 22 minutes.
Bebaakee was praised by the critics and got positive reviews, even its IMDB rating is also good, it is 8.1 out of 10. After looking at the rating we can expect the series in early 2022.

Bebaakee season one has earned a lot of popularity and got successful. Now fans are anxiously waiting for season 2. So we wanted to inform you that nothing is published from the sides of the makers regarding the release date of the second season. It has been almost one year gap since the first season was released. It is difficult to assume anything regarding the release date of Bebaakee season 2 because nothing is specified yet. But we will update this session when we get further information.

The show has not been renewed by the original makers of the show yet. But there are great chances that the show would return sometime in the last quarter of 2022 or in the beginning of 2023. But, we have to wait until the original makers confirm a release date.

BeBebaakee Season 2 Cast

Bebaakee Season 2 release date

There is nothing defined by the makers about the cast of Bebaakee season 2 cast. But season 1 has Kushal Tandon as Sufiyaan Abdullah, Karan Jotwani as Imtiaz Alqaazi, Shiv Jyoti Rajput as Kainaat Alqaazi nee Sahani in the lead role.

Other cast members includes Sameer Malhotra as Adil Abdullah, Ananya Khare as Benazir Abdullah, Mohit Chauhan as Farhad Alqaazi, Suchitra Pillai as Dana Alqaazi,Indraneel Bhattacharya as Indrapreet Sahani, Pubali Sanyal as Tahira Sahani, Saloni Vora as Falak Sahani, Aditi Vats as Harleen Sahani, Krutika Desai Khan as Rashida Abdullah, Juhaina Ahsan as Farah Alqaazi, Pratik Sehejpal as Rahil Abdullah, etc in the supporting roles.

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Bebaakee Season 1 Recap

Before telling the story, let me tell you the famous dialogue of this series. Which is “Duniyaa kahe yeh ishq ka pagal pan, per mere liye yeh bebaakee hai”. The story revolves around the life of three different people Sufiyaan, Imtiaz, and Kainaat. Sufiyaan and Imtiaz are very best friends and they both share a great bond. Also, their family relations were good and both of their fathers were best friends. Sufiyaan did not believe in love and he doesn’t trust girls easily. As he has seen his father betrayed her mother and from that incident, he does not believe in love. Imtiaz is a rich, charming, and intelligent man. When Kainaat enters the life of Sufiyaan and Imtiaz their life and relationships were changed drastically. As a love triangle was started in the story. Both Sufiyaan and Imtiaz fall in love with Kainaat.

Now the question arises in your mind that whom did Kainaat love? Sufiyaan was madly in love with her. And he can go to any extent to get her. When Sufiyaan and Imtiaz got to that they both love the same girl then the real war of love began. And finally when Imtiaz and Kainaat got married still Sufiyaan is not ready to accept the truth. And he is trying to get her back. Kainaat believes Imtiaz is a very nice person and she loves her. Imtiaz was going for a business meeting and he met with an accident and he was admitted in hospital but the doctor was unable to save him and Imtiaz was dead. Police investigated and told Kainaat that it’s was a well-planned accident. Kainaat suspects that maybe Sufiyaan is responsible for Imtiaz’s death.

Bebaakee Season 2 Story

Bebaakee season 2 can follow the story of season 1. As we have seen that the last season ended where Imtiaz is dead and Kainaat feels that Sufiyaan is responsible for Imtiaz’s death. Now, what Kainaat will do to find out the truth? Did Sufiyaan kill his best friend Imtiaz?

Bebaakee Season 2 Trailer

As we informed you that there is no official announcement regarding the release of the second season. So there’s no trailer or teaser is released yet. But you can watch the first season trailer of Bebaakee on YouTube.

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