When To Expect Los Espookys Season 2 Release Date?

Los Espookys is an American comedy horror drama streaming series. This series was created by Julio Torres, Ana Febriga, and Fred Armisen. The origin-country of this series is the United States. Producers of this series are Fred Armisen and Andrew Singer. Production companies for this series are Mas Mejor, Fabula, and Broadway Video. This series is about some friends who wanted to turn their horror love into a well-productive business and they worked for it. There are six episodes in season 1 of Los Espookys.

Los Espookys Season 2 Release Date

Los Espookys Season 2

Season 1 of this series was released in June 2019. The first season was released on 14 June,2019 on HBO. Second episode was released on June 21, 2019, followed by episode 3 on 28 June 2019. Episode 4 was released on July 5 and fourth on July 12, 2019. On July 19 the last episode of season 1 was aired on screens. Season 2 is not there yet for this series. But the renewal of the series had announced that most probably, it will be released in 2022. The release date and month haven’t been fixed by them. This series was loved by the audience and fans demanded for season 2 to come very soon. The rating for the series is 8.7 out of 10.

Los Espookys Season 1 Story Recap

Renaldo strikes an idea to turn his love for horror into a peculiar business. So he enlists his best friends to help him with it. Younger sister of Tati chose five people to frighten Los Espookys who were trying to earn a millionaire fortune by staying in a haunted house for a night. Renaldo approached a tourist attraction and then he met with a seaside town mayor. An ambassador of the US fakes her own abduction in visa exchange to work with a legendary director, asking Los Espookys for help.

They helped her and this helped Tico to write the next horror story. As their business grew they started to handle big issues, Tico gave them ideas for his horror story but except Bianca, everyone opposed the idea of a story written by Tico. Los Espookys group started to help people with their work. They help a doctor to make his patients with insomnia fall asleep. They were growing their business by helping each other.

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Los Espookys Season 2 Story

Season 2 will be more adventurous as their business was growing well in season 1. It will be more horror because everyone loves the horror scenes and stories. Their struggle may increase as they were taking risky decisions to make their film more interesting. This is the basic idea according to season 1.

Los Espookys Season 2 Cast

There were many stars who gave their super performance to make the series worth watching and to be loved by everyone. Bernardo Velasco played the role of Renaldo, a horror lover who was the only one to give the idea of making Los Espookys and assembled his friends to practicalize his idea. He was optimistic but poor financially. Julio Torres worked as Andres, best friend of Renaldo from his childhood, he was trying to put up with his unapproachable parents and the unpredictable future they chose for him. He has a very mysterious and horrible life.

Cassandra ciangherotti played the role of Ursula in the series, a friend of Renaldo. She is down-to-earth and a resourceful person in their complete squad. She had to struggle with her job due to misbehaving by her boss. Ana Fabrega worked as Tati, Ursula’s sister. And a test dummy of her group. She can easily put her in any risky situation, that’s why Los Espookys needs her. Fred Armisen played the role of Tico, uncle of Renaldo and a dedicated and loyal employee of the parking company. He was happy with Renaldo but upset with his daughter’s rude behavior.

Los Espookys Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for season 1, episode 1 was released on 17 May 2019. The trailer was as blockbuster as the series and made everyone want to watch and love the series. The trailer for season 2 hasn’t come because production for season 2 hasn’t started yet. But the announcement to renew the series for season 2 has been made by the makers, we hope to see it in 2022. The show is available on Hulu.

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