The Crew Season 2 Release Date: When Is The Show Returning?

The crew is an American comedy OTT show that is created by Jeff Lowell for Netflix, Show is directed by Andy Fickman and produced by Nancy Chadrow Haas. Netflix ordered the show on 4th September 2019, over the years many members joined the cast of the show and filming started in Gold Coast Studios in Bethpage, New York, meanwhile the show is actually set in Charlotte, North Carolina. The show currently has one season with 10 episodes that range from 20 to 30 minutes in runtime. The Crew has received a 40 % approval rating on Rotten tomatoes which suggests that the show has got mixed to average reviews from both audience and critics.

The Crew Season 2 Release Date

The Crew Season 2

The show went in production stages from 4th September 2019 and it finally hit Netflix on 15th February 2021, all the episodes were released together. For a few months, there were no updates regarding the renewal and return of the show for a new season, but Netflix officially announced on 2nd July 2021, that they have decided to cancel the show just after one season. The various reasons given by Netflix regarding this decision was that the final product did not come out that well as the amount of money and manpower that was invested in putting the story on screen.

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The Crew Season 2 Story

The crew follows the story of a NASCAR crew chief and his team when their professional lives are shaken up after the previous boss of the racing team decides to retire and hand over the responsibility to his Stanford University graduate daughter.

The Crew Season 1 Recap

Show starts with the retirement of a NASCAR racing team owner Bobby retirement. Pulling him his recently Stanford graduated daughter Catharine to take over the charges as the new owner, she is driven by money and profit, which fears the crew chief Kevin that she might fire everyone. Kevin and Catherine are on a hunt for a new sponsor of the racing team as it would bring big money meanwhile Beth sets up a meeting of the entire crew with their new boss.

Jack is struggling regarding the ongoing campaign for finding new sponsors meanwhile a frustrated Kevin is searching for other career options. Catherine has to reconsider her unpopular decision while Kevin listens to the crew’s complaints. The whole crew warns Jessie as she is about to make her track debut whereas Kevin and Beth start their dating lives after a fundraiser event. Catherine and Kevin have a continuous brawl over the future decisions of the team.

The Crew Season 2 Cast

The Crew Season 2

Kevin James plays Kevin Gibson, who works as the crew chief of the Bobby Spencer racing team. Jillian Mueller plays Catherine Spencer, the Daughter of Bobby Spencer who takes over the racing team after his retirement. Freddie Stroma plays Jack Martin, racing driver of the team. Gary Anthony Williams plays Chuck Stubbs, car chief of the racing team. Dan Ahdoot plays Amir Lajani, chief engineer of the racing team.

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