Netflix’s Glitch Season 4 Release Date Confirmed or Cancelled?

Glitch Season 4 Release Date: Another paranormal drama! Something, kind of horror, and supernatural. Glitch is an Australian television series originally telecast on ABC. This series has three seasons with eighteen episodes in total. The very first season of Glitch was released on 9 July 2015 and lasted on 13 August 2015 on ABC. Then it was covered by Netflix on 15 October 2016 to premiere globally.

This is the story basically revolves around seven people, who revived from the dead with good health but they had no memories. The show was picturized in a fictional place called Yoorana, in Victoria. Glitch has a huge fan base and popularity, also it is a commercial as well as critical success. Glitch rated 7.3 stars out of 10 on IMDb. So, today we are here to answer all the fans’ questions regarding the release of Glitch Season 4.

Glitch Season 4 Release Date

The first season of Glitch was aired on 9 July 2015 on ABC and, on Netflix, it was released on 15 October 2016. Moreover, the second season was released on ABC and Netflix on 14 September 2017, lasted on 19 October 2017. Glitch Season 3 was premiered after almost two years gap of season 2 and telecasted on 25 August 2019 to 29 September 2019 by Netflix and ABC.

This show has been running since 2015, so we can recognize its increasing popularity and success. Now, the fans of Glitch anxiously waiting for the fourth season of this amazing paranormal series. But there is bad news came for them, that maybe disappoint the fans. Actually, according to some sources, the makers announced that season 3 was the last and final season. And the Glitch season 4 has been canceled until Netflix renewed the series for Season 4. It is a little disappointing for the fans but hopes for the best, and if we get some new updates, we will inform you about everything latest.

Glitch Season 4 Plotline

The story and plot of the series are set in Yoorana, located in Victoria. As we told you above that it is the story revolves around seven people who had been revived from death and gained perfect health but lost their whole memory, even their personalities. To discover this case, a local policeman of Yoorana, James Hayes was called to the graveyard at the midnight. All seven people also wanted to found that who were they, what was their identity, and what had happened to them.

Then, James was finally able to cover up the case that was hidden from other policemen, and even from his family. And in this Dr. Elishia McKellar helped him. Later, in the series, James and Elishia came to know that all seven people are connected in some manner. But there was a person who knew everything about them as the reason behind their deaths, also, why and how they have been revived.


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Glitch Season 4 Cast and Crew

The glitch season 4 cast has not been decided yet as there is no release date. Even the premiere of the show has not been confirmed yet, whether the show will come or not. But we will give you the information regarding the previous cast of the show

In the show, Patrick Brammall was seen as Sgt. James Hayes, Genevieve O’Reilly as Dr. Elishia McKellar, Emma Booth as Kate Willis, Sean Keenan as Charlie Thompson. Hannah Monson as Kirsten Darrow, Aaron McGrath as Beau Cooper, Rodger Corser as John Doe/ William Blackburn. John Leary as Chris Rennox, Jessica Faulkner as Belle Donohue, Harry Tseng as Tam Chi Wai, and Dustin Clare as Mark Clayton-Stone.

This paranormal drama is created by Louise Fox and Tony Ayres, written along with Kris Mrksa, Giula Sandler, Pete McTighe, and Adam Hill. Directed by Emma Freeman and Tony Krawitz, if you liked the music of the show then the credit must go to the composer Cornel Wilczek. The show was finished in the production of Ewan Burnett, Louise Fox, Julie Eckersley, and Emma Freeman.

Glitch Season 4 Cast
Glitch Season 4 Cast

Glitch Season 4 Trailer

As of now there is nothing officially confirmed regarding the release. Though there are fewer chances if the makers change their mind we will update this section soon. You can watch previous seasons on Netflix. Below is the season 3 trailer attached.

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