Monarch Season 2 Release Date: Will The Drama Continue?

Country music that will caress your ears and betrayals that will shake your core. Secrets that will keep you hooked and guns that will tantalize you. A drama that will sprinkle salt in your daily life and fights that will make you an action lover

Monarch, as its name suggests, is a series revolving around a royal musical family and the high-profile secrets they try to hide. This wouldn’t be the first show to portray the complex life of a monarch. But this is surely one of the rare shows that have added a country musical touch to such an intriguing drama.

Since the audience has adored Monarch season 1, will they get to see season 2 soon? Or was this the last installment in this epic musical drama?

Monarch Season 2 Release Date

Monarch Season 2 Release Date

With so many skeletons buried in the closet, it’s difficult for viewers not to be captivated by a show like this. Though critics have made sure to highlight the questionable actions of the characters, they haven’t held back in praising the series for its unique concept either. With critics turning into fans as the series climbs further, the makers have no reason to pull this series back.

Since season 1 is still ongoing, the exact release date of season 2 has not yet been disclosed. Even if the makers haven’t held up a green light for the series, they are far from waving a red flag either. It is rumored that the makers are planning for season 2. And will keep this country musical ongoing for a few more seasons before they are ready to say goodbye to the Monarch series.

Name Of The ShowMonarch
Season NumberSeason 2
GenreMusic, Drama
Monarch Season 1 Release Date11 September 2022
Monarch Season 2 Release DateNot Announced

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Monarch Season 2 Expected Story

With the country music queen dead and her music agency struggling to keep audiences hooked, season 2 is expected to be more intriguing. Since season 1 is not yet complete, predicting the plot for season 2 becomes quite a tedious task. However, there are numerous tropes that the creators could use to provide all viewers with another mystery delight.

This is a series that revolves around the family drama and secrets of an elite Roman family. The Monarch is a music label that the Queen of Country Music, Dottie Roman, owns and runs. Or she led the company until she wasn’t diagnosed with cancer and committed suicide. She has convinced her son to take over her legacy and asked her daughters to help keep the name of Monarch shining bright.

Season 2 is expected to deal with more secrets and a music label that seems to be more of a menace than an inheritance. Viewers anticipate more drama from the series as well as well-known country music. Season 2 of this series is highly anticipated, and rightly so, given the perfect blend of emotions witnessed by viewers.

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Monarch Season 2 Cast

Monarch Season 2 Release Date

Dottie Cantrell Roman, represented by Susan Sarandon, would not be returning. Since Dottie has committed suicide, it is unlikely that she will be seen on the Monarch again. But if the makers require a few scenes depicting her, she’d come back for a while.

Albie Roman, the King of Country Music, is portrayed by Trace Adkins. Beneath his humble exterior lies a temper that is not to be reckoned with. He helped Dothie become a leading country musician while he kept climbing the glittery stairs himself. Though his popularity has been declining, his status as the King of Country Music still stands tall.

Nicollette Roman, the eldest daughter, and heir apparent to the Roman throne is a determined artist herself. She shares her mother’s undying obsession to keep her family intact and on top. She does a lot of questionable things throughout the series. But her unhealthy obsession with power has made her stand out a bit more than her siblings.

Beth Ditto, as Gigi Taylor-Roman, the youngest Roman, will surely come back. While Nicky is more than obsessed with her family’s name, Gigi is hardly concerned when it comes to the Romans. She stands out like a sore thumb because she decides to marry the same gender despite coming from a conservative, narrow-minded society.

Joshua Sasse, as Luke Roman, the CEO of Monarch Entertainment, is set to return. He is more burdened than his sisters because of his lack of singing skills and the pressure to run a music label that is on the verge of sinking.

Other characters like Ace Grayson, Nicky’s adopted son, and Catt Phoenix, the woman who holds a massive grudge against Nicky, are speculated to return in season 2 of this mystery thriller as well.

Where Can I Watch Monarch Season 2 Online?

Fox has the sole right to air this show. And it doesn’t seem like the television network is about to give up its rights. Whenever season 2 is released, Fox will be the platform. With an intriguing mystery of such epic proportions, season 2 is highly anticipated.

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