Know About Doom At Your Service Release Date and Cast Details!

tvN has given many popular South Korean dramas that have been loved by people all around the world. We all know the popularity of these series and dramas. An announcement of a new series by tvN has made the hearts of fans beat faster. Here, are talking about, Doom At Your Service. It is a romantic and fantasy series that will be releasing soon this month. In Korea it has a bit longer title, One Day Doom Entered My House through the Front Door. Here, we have everything you should know about Doom At Your Service release date and other specific details.

Doom At Your Service Release Date

This k-drama, Doom At Your Service is slated to be released on 10th May 2021. It will be premiering on tvN. Consisting of a total of 16 episodes, the show is gaining much attention. Viki Global TV has released six official trailers. All of them have different video clips from the series and depicts how the story is likely to pursue. The first trailer has been released 3 weeks ago and the most recent trailer dropped on YouTube just 2 days ago. Fans are excited after watching these videos and henceforth, can’t wait for the series to release. Their excitement is valid and natural in its own place.

Doom At Your Service Cast: Who’s In It?

The main characters of this TV series are Park Bo-Young in the role of Tak Dong-Kyung and Seo In-Guk as Myul Mang. Park Bo-Young is well known for her roles in Strong Girl Bong-soon and Abyss. She has done prominent acting in the films like A Werewolf Boy and On Your Wedding Day. On the other hand, Seo In-Guk is an actor as well as a singer. He is also a songwriter and has been a part of many TV series such as Squad 38 and The Smile Has Left Your Eyes.
Other supporting roles have been played by Lee Soo-Hyuk, Kang Tae-oh, and Shin Do-Hyun as Cha Joo-ik, Lee Hyun-Kyu, and Na Ji-Na, respectively. Apart from all these, there are several characters in the series that we will be witnessing once Doom At Your Service releases.

Doom At Your Service Plot

The story centers upon a young editor, Tak Dong-Kyung. She works for a company of web novels and has been a part of it for the last six years. After her parents died, she works hard. But, she finds out about her cancerous brain tumor. After this diagnosis, she calls out to the heavens and asks to end all her issues and stop making her life miserable. Listening to her words, Myul Mang, a messenger between heaven and humans, arrives before. He assures of fulfilling all her wishes but this is not as simple as it seems like.

For 100 days, she is allowed to live her life in her dreamy way and at last her soul will be taken away. She signs this contract but gradually Myul Mang started feeling for her. From here, there begin the complications part of the relations between the humans and heaven. How this will be resolved? Will Tak Dong-Kyung’s soul will be taken? Will Myul Mang give up on her? All these questions will have a definite answer in Doom At Your Service.

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