15 Best Apps for travelers in 2020 that you must have before jumping out of your house

If you like traveling and tour then these apps for you. If these apps in your android mobile phone or PC then you can visit national or international travel and enjoy your tour. Every nation has a unique culture, language, and different atmosphere so if you have not enough knowledge then you may befall into a problem but don’t worry here we will discuss some useful apps and your travel journey will simple. Especially Indian culture is so different in the north some, in the south just opposite, and Bundelkhand or Malva culture is unique. Paradise of earth Kashmir culture and temperature are always excited. Their cool air so amazing. So let’s start your travel with 15 Best Apps for travelers

Uber- taxi booking app

Best Travel Apps In India
Best Apps for travelers

Uber provides the best taxi booking facilities. Anytime, anywhere, anybody can book a taxi and enjoy their travel. It’s is a cashless taxi you can pay online and book taxis. Uber provides us short and long-term travel. If you want only a short journey then you can travel and if you want a long journey then you can book Uber. Uber provides AC and no AC facilities.

OLA cab:

Best Travel Apps In India

You can easily use a cab and in a few minutes, you get a cab taxi. Firstly install OLA cab and registered yourself. Then you can book a cab and this cab pick up you from your address. You can choose mini, prime, and share taxi system with different prices and after travel and you can pay Paytm or cash.

Trip Advisor:

Best Travel Apps In India

If you want to international travel then you can install the Tripadvisor app. For flight booking, train booking, and hotel booking, and cultural advice this app always supports. Best tourism places and restaurants and you can compare their prices with this app. And you can see people review for those places.

Bag point:

Most people do not remember and forget their mostly things and their traveling journey difficult. Like tissue paper, pen, copy, mobile charger, earphone, etc. Bag point reminds you, you choose your travel type and according to your travel this application reminds your things. So, this is a helpful application for people who forget.

Split wise:

In the travel mostly time we confuse about our bill management. Our friends pay our bill much time and sometimes we pay our their bills but in the end, we confuse about our bills. Split wise manage our bills and in the last, we calculate our work bills, travel bills, hotel bills, and many small bills.

Culture trip app:

Best Apps for travelers

In the whole world, this application is useful because according to your location this app works. Create your profile and you can bookmark your interest and stories then this intelligent app filter results based on your location and show results according to your interest. And you can see what you want. So you can use the culture trip application on android.

Lounge Buddy:

In the airport, if you want to feel comfortable after traveling then you can book a lounge before your flight travel without a subscription charge. And enjoying food, drink with luxury facilities. Simply select the airport the day you are traveling and choose a lounge after you have passed and at the time of entrance show this pass their staff and enjoy the feel of comforts.

Duolingo – language app:

Other languages are the most problem at the time of international tour and travel. If we do not understand their local language then this is a big problem. So don’t worry you can download Duolingo and translate your language to their local language like Hindi to English, French, Japanese, Spanis, German, etc. This application makes your language experience better and you can visit any country without any doubt of language.

Google translate:

If you are on the tour and anywhere you can not understand any language then you can use Google Translate and simply click a pick from your mobile camera and this application translates your language in a few seconds. And this application’s best quality is that only open camera and face language, automatically translate the language.

Maven – Car rental app:

Some places are on the road like the city mall, market, luxury restaurants, etc then we can visit comfortably in our car. But this is not possible the abroad that we can visit in our car. But Maven helps us and gives us a car for rent for a few hours and we can enjoy travel in comfort.


One of the best traveling app for flights. Hopper analysis billion hotels rent daily. This is very helpful for cheap flights, hotels. Firstly install this application and save your data like wishes place, country, and prices when their rent is low then he shows you notifications. And you can go on your tour after 2-3 days.


Airbnb is a household name. When you travel with friend or family then a hotel room we feel uncomfortable thus Airbnb provide us a flat type hotel where we can cook in our rent kitchen and feel a house type. So it is the best option for those people who do not prefer hotels.

Google maps

Best Apps for travelers

One of the best guides for address founding in the world. You can search the general store, road, college, universities, friend home address, any food restaurants, etc. You can choose pedal, bicycle, bike, and bus for traveling, and google map show short road and traveling time. This application is very popular in the world.


We must choose the right place and right road otherwise we loss our time and money. In the US road trip help your better travel experience. This app suggests you near hotels, restaurants, hidden gems, etc.


For cheap flight booking, this app helps you. United Airlines sued them for it. Any emergency and passenger canceled their flight then this application show this seat in a few days and this is a cheap ticket. You can save your cash and enjoy it at the time of travel.

All of the above apps help you with travel and tour so enjoy your travel journey best of luck.

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