Why Is Ripley Black And White? Know More About The New Netflix Neo-Noir! 

Taking us back to the classic thriller novel of 1955, the popular grifter of all time, Tom Ripley has again captured our attention. The newly launched Netflix drama, Ripley is definitely on everyone’s radar now. The story remains the same, but this time around complete justice has been done to Patricia Highsmith’s popular book of 1955. In fact, many of the viewers do think that the latest miniseries is 10 times better than the 1999 film. 

Well, we couldn’t agree more, after all, the sound ratings and incredible reviews of the show just couldn’t be ignored by us. Speaking of the captivating storyline of this drama, we do think that the story can be continued ahead. But before we head to the renewal status of Ripley, here is everything you need to know about the black-and-white set-up of this eye-catching drama series. 

Why Is Ripley Black And White? Know More About The New Netflix Neo-Noir! 

Why Is Ripley Black And White? Know More About The New Netflix Neo-Noir! 

Steve Zaillian, the all-time renowned creator of this intriguing drama series, has again slipped under our interest list. Recently, he was captured in an exclusive interview, giving us a few more insights on his latest TV series, Ripley. It seems like it was his idea to play around with the black-and-white filming. There is no doubt in the saying that the 1955 crime novel, The Talented Mr Ripley is one of the greatest thriller books out there and Steve wanted to do complete justice to the whole story.

In the eye-catching interview, he told the media house that if Patricia Highsmith wanted to make a movie from her book, it would have been in black and white. After all, this drama centres around the early period of the 1950s. That’s not all, but the black and white cover of this classic novel also planted too many ideas in his mind. If you have read the original book, then you must have observed that in reality, the story is quite dark and sinister. Well, the creator surely wanted to follow in the steps of Patricia Highsmith and this explains why he made the best use of black-and-white editing. 

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Here Is A Quick Synopsis Of Ripley (TV Series)!

If you still haven’t got a chance to watch this psychological thriller, then what are you waiting for? Just like the original story goes, a con man named Tom Ripley is about to be hired by a wealthy individual in Italy. It seems like Mr. Greenleaf’s beloved son, Dickie has refused to return home! And now, it is Tom’s utmost responsibility to find out the exact location of Dickie in Europe and convince him to come back to Italy. Well, given Ripley’s intelligence, sound resources and connections, it wasn’t pretty hard for him to chase down Dickie Greenleaf. 

But this thrilling story takes a swift turn when Ripley thinks of taking away everything from Dickie, but again, nothing comes without hard work. Greed plays a very important role here and being one among the underprivileged, how could he have ever ignored all the comfort and luxury enjoyed by Dickie. Thus, comes into the picture Ripley’s strong plan of action to take over the massive wealth of the Greenleaf family. Brimming with mystery, suspense and shocking murders, to know further about Ripley (TV Series), binge it all exclusively on Netflix. 

Ripley (TV Series) Season 2 Release Date Updates – Is The Show Renewed By Netflix? 

Why Is Ripley Black And White? Know More About The New Netflix Neo-Noir! 

There is enough scope present in the renewal of Ripley (TV Series). Not to forget, the outstanding ratings of the show definitely can’t be ignored by us. But even then, we cannot forget the fact that Ripley happens to be a limited Netflix series. As per the information gathered by us, there are no current plans made for Ripley (TV Series) Season 2. Not only this, but Netflix has also been silent on the renewal status of the show. 

But let’s not forget the fact that Ripley (TV Series) ended with a major cliffhanger. Inspector Ravini might soon be back to solve the doubtful loopholes of this murder mystery. Hopefully, in the upcoming days, the creators will soon update us on the return of Ripley. That’s all for now, to get more interesting information on other newly launched Netflix thrillers, stay connected with us, just right here.

Why Is Ripley Black And White? Know More About The New Netflix Neo-Noir! – FAQs

1. Is Ripley (TV Series) portrayed in black and white?

Yes, Ripley (TV Series) is portrayed in black and white. 

2. Is Ripley (TV Series) officially renewed for Season 2?

As of now, Ripley (TV Series) has not been officially renewed for Season 2. 

3. Who plays the role of Tom in Ripley (TV Series)? 

The very talented and handsome Andrew Scott played the role of Tom in Ripley (TV Series). 

4. How many total episodes can be there in Ripley (TV Series) Season 2? 

Ripley (TV Series) Season 2 can hold a total of 6 to 8 episodes. 

5. Can you watch all the episodes of Ripley (TV Series) Season 1 online?

All the riveting episodes of Ripley (TV Series) Season 1 can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix.

6. Who happens to be the creator of Ripley (TV Series) Season 1?

The very renowned and talented Steve Zaillian happens to be the creator of Ripley (TV Series) Season 1. 

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