Is Anyone But You Based On A Book? Exploring The Reality & Facts!

Will Gluck’s creation is shining all over the web today. His direction “Anyone But You” is a rom-com film, that was released in 2023. the film is a complete drama, showing off the love story of two couples. When some romantic films come on your screens, you must feel a few questions in your head. How did the love story begin? How did it all go on? Did they end up fighting or marrying? Well, everything from scratch is discussed in today’s article. You just have to stay connected with us. And read the article from beginning to end. And soon every doubt will be cleared.

The film co-written by America’s great writers, Will Gluck, and Ilana Wolpert has made a historic trend. Yes, at its release the film coincidently shared the stage with the amazing movie, The Marvel. And to everyone’s shock, this film did break all the records. Yes, it surpassed the record of even this great movie in the Marvel world. And the reasons might be clear to you. The storyline of course. But the cast’s role can’t be even ignored. Apart from the fans different kinds of assumptions. They even assume that the film comes from some real-life story. So is that true? Or is the film based on some book? Let’s find it out!

Is Anyone But You Based On A Book?

After the film’s release, fans were so much excited and loving after watching it. None of them believed it to be some real story. Everyone thought it should be the writer’s imagination. But years, later there is some news flying in the air, about the film’s basis. Some say it to be an old-school real love story. While some assume it to be a fictional one. So to clear this out today, we’re here. The film, Anyone But You is based on the famous writer William Shakespeare’s play. And the play is even one of his great works, “Much Ado About Nothing”. The story revolves around two couples, Claudio and Hero. On the other side, Beatrice and Benedick. But who does the film revolve around? To find it out, read the next segment. 

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Narrative Of The Film

Anyone But You opens up with a jittery Law student of Boston University, Bea. She was hush finding her room keys when she met her love of life. Ben, a corporate employee came up to the coffee shop, for his brunch. This proved to be their first date. Soon the couple fell in love and started spending time together. Until one night, Ben went rude to Bea in front of his friend Pete. Bea was frustrated and thus she left, gathering all her shattered feelings. there was no meeting between Ben and Bea for months. 

Suddenly, there was news about Halle, sister of Ben, and Claudio sister of Pete, getting married. And so now Benn and Bea will be living under a roof, till marriage is all over. They fought over small things and turned into an argument. But their destiny had a different plan for them. Bea and Ben tried to come close, to make each other’s exes jealous. Once, Jonathan and Margaret, Bea and Ben’s exes respectively, were away from them they decided to part ways. On the other side, their common friends tried to keep Ben and Bea close until marriage.

Ending Of The Film Explained

The two personalities never wanted their relationship to happen. Though they loved each other but were always scared to say. Because some events before and now turned out to be ridiculous for their love. Like, the morning when Bea left Ben unattended. Or during the marriage night, Ben left here after being physically involved. This all made a huge difference between the couple. Until one night, Bea saw Ben and Margaret kissing. And she flew off to the Sydney Opera House. Seeing this, Ben left everything and confessed his love to Bea. On the reception night, the couple came up to families and friends about their love. Both Ben and Bea and Claudio and Halle were happily ever after. Other than them it was Jonathan and Margaret who were even settling together.

 Where Is The Film Available?

Anyone But You is available on Prime Video, Apple TV, YouTube, and Zee5 as well. 

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