The Underclass Season 2 Release Date Update & Renewal Possibilities! 

If you are looking for an intriguing teen Thai drama series, then your search should end here as we have got you covered on this one. A few years back particularly on the 5th of July 2020, an eye-catching drama called The Underclass Season 1 dropped out on Netflix. Brimming with action, mystery and melodrama, this riveting Netflix series revolves mainly around a high school student named Papaeng. 

Well, Papaeng’s journey was filled with too many ups and downs, but this story mainly gears up when a bunch of students from Class F wanted to bring some revolutionary changes to the school. If we are not wrong, the story did end with a few loopholes. Thus, many of the fans are looking forward to the renewal of this show. On popular demand, here is all you need to know about the release date of The Underclass Season 2. 

The Underclass Season 2 Release Date Update & Renewal Possibilities! 

The Underclass Season 2 Release Date Update & Renewal Possibilities! 

The engrossing plot of this Thai show emphasizes the fact that apart from chasing grades, there is so much more to enjoy and experience in your school life. Well, The Underclass Season 1 is indeed an excellent series to binge on. But you must be wondering why the show hasn’t been renewed yet. Was this eye-catching Thai Netflix drama a limited series? Is The Underclass finally returning with Season 2? Well, many of the viewers do think that the show was meant to run only for one season. Not to forget, the first installation of the Thai drama had a total of 13 episodes. 

Yes, a few loopholes are there in the show, but again the ending was indeed heart-warming and surely captured everyone’s attention out there. Speaking of the reviews and ratings, both the numbers and comments look quite impressive. But as of now, Netflix hasn’t shown any interest in the release date of The Underclass Season 2. The Thai drama is yet to be renewed for a second run. In case it gets a green signal in the future, The Underclass Season 2 might roll out around 2025 or 2026. But there is also a possibility that this Netflix series won’t make a comeback with a second instalment. 

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Here Is A Quick Synopsis Of The Underclass Season 1! 

This riveting Netflix drama initially starts with a high school student named Rain. You will see her mainly as Meen’s best friend and Tee’s girlfriend, as the story moves ahead, Rain will be caught red-handed for breaking a stringent school law. The rule book clearly states that no student from Class F will have any access to the Class A student library! But Rain’s curiosity to get a complete knowledge of Biology eventually turns her into a rebel. Thus, she was found borrowing an Advanced Biology textbook from the library. 

As the matter gets disclosed to Deputy Director Wichai, he informs her that she will no longer get a chance to pursue Biology as a career option. Well, this punishment had a drastic impact on Rain and ultimately she couldn’t survive any longer in this toxic environment and ended up committing suicide! This directly explains why Class F students are voicing up against the higher authorities. Thus, we come across “Gang Black Sheep”, the rebel group. 

Meanwhile, we will see how Class A students are using various cheating tactics to maintain their elicit position in high school. This brings us down to our protagonist of the show, Papaeng from Class A! As she is caught cheating in an exam and demoted to Class F, we will see how she starts adjusting to her new environment and ends up being an integral part of “Gang Black Sheep”. Well, to know what lies ahead of her smart and incredibly intelligent protagonist, you surely need to binge all the episodes of The Underclass

What Will Happen Next In The Underclass Season 2?

The Underclass Season 2 Release Date Update & Renewal Possibilities! 

Slowly and steadily, Papaeng starts realizing how toxic her school is and eventually, she also fixes her bitter relationship with her long-lost sister. She could now understand why her sister left home. All her life, Papaeng was told to chase good grades, but no one has ever advised her to explore and enjoy more of her time in high school. With Tee and the whole of Gang Black Sheep along her side, they are all ready to bring a change in the system. With the end of this eye-catching Thai drama, Gang Black Sheep was fully successful in reforming their school. Their uniforms also changed from red to blue! 

The graduation day was indeed worth taking a look at. Interestingly enough, Dtaem also changed for the better but Deputy Director Wichai refused to change his bitter attitude. Well, guess what, if Season 2 ever happens, it will mostly revolve around a bunch of new students! Will there be another reform in the school? Will this time around Wichai change his mindset? Hopefully, in the upcoming days, we will get some more interesting updates on the renewal of this Thai drama. 

The Underclass Season 2 Release Date Update & Renewal Possibilities! – FAQs

1. Is The Underclass renewed for Season 2?

As of now, The Underclass has not been renewed for Season 2. 

2. How many total episodes are present in The Underclass Season 1?

The Underclass Season 1 holds a total of 13 episodes.

3. Was Gang Black Sheep able to change the toxic environment of their high school? 

Yes, Gang Black Sheep was successful in changing the toxic environment of their high school. 

4. Can you watch The Underclass Season 1 online?

All riveting episodes of The Underclass Season 1 can be viewed online, exclusively on Netflix. 

5. Did Dtaem become a better person?

At the end of the show, Dtaem also decides to change himself into a better person. 

6. When will The Underclass Season 2 roll out?

If renewed shortly, then The Underclass Season 2 might roll out around 2025 or 2026.

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