Priya Dhapa’s Age And Relationship Status Update! 

Another young Indian content creator on YouTube who has recently caught our attention happens to be Priya Dhapa. With around 1.16 lakh subscribers on YouTube, everyone is currently curious to know more about this talented YouTuber. Well, a few days back, she was a very important part of an intriguing rumour, and ever since then, she has been in high talk. But hey there, was it a true rumour or a cooked-up story fired through social media? 

There is no doubt in the saying that just like other content creators, Priya Dhapa also had to face a lot of struggles in her life. But now, we can see on her YouTube channel that her subscribers have increased for real.  Her vlogging videos have surely managed to impress the young crowd out there. Thus, on popular demand, here is everything we have gathered about Priya Dhapa. 

Priya Dhapa’s Age And Relationship Status Update! 

Priya Dhapa’s Age And Relationship Status Update! 

If you have watched any of the videos from the channel called Dhapa Sisters Vlogs, then you must know by now that among the three sisters, Priya happens to be the most popular. Hailing from the state of Uttarakhand, she is very humble, sweet and also a very hardworking content creator. Recently, we have also observed a sudden rise in her YouTube journey. It seems like she is walking on the right path and growing constantly. Her monthly vlogs are mostly enjoyed and liked by all of her subscribers. 

She is mostly known for her unfiltered and entertaining vlogs. Speaking of her fanbase, they definitely adore her incredibly warm personality. Well, before we head to her career history, let us quickly begin with the main topic of the day. First and foremost, if you are among her subscribers, then you must have noted that Priya celebrates her birthday every year on the 24th of November! Sources confirmed that Priya Dhapa’s current age is 24.

Coming down to her relationship status, many might think she is dating Sourav Joshi, but as we mentioned earlier, the two are not likely in a relationship. They are surely very good friends and have also met quite a few times. But even then both have confirmed that they are not romantically involved with one another. The rumours mainly geared up when their photo went viral on social media. However many online sources later revealed that the viral photo was mainly captured for one of their music videos. That’s not all, there is also a YouTube video where these two content creators were asked the same question and they have denied the rumours.

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Priya Dhapa Career History!

Priya Dhapa’s Age And Relationship Status Update! 

When talking about new-age Youtubers, then how can we not brush through Priya Dhapa’s career history? Well, we know that she has a personal YouTube channel now. But her fame mainly started a few years back, when we saw her first on the channel called Dhapa Sisters Vlogs. As of April 2024, the same channel now has around 3.34 lakh subscribers. The Dhapa sisters are mostly known for their fun challenges and entertaining videos. Well, these three sisters have got a ton of fan following out there. Recently a few months back, Priya started showcasing her sketching and painting skills through her own YouTube channel.

Not to forget that she is very much a social person and always comes up with unfiltered content. Whether it was her first flight or college farewell, she has been quite consistent with vlogging her regular life. Besides her main channel, you can also find her shorts on another YouTube channel called Priya Dhapa Art. But we must say that she needs to put in more effort to make herself even more popular out there. 

Her second channel mainly consists of a handful of shorts and also has only a total of around 93 subscribers. Given her positive approach towards her work and life, we can say with certainty that this YouTuber indeed has a bright future ahead. Hopefully, shortly, more interesting details about Priya Dhapa will capture our attention. That’s all for today, to get more such eye-catching updates on other new-age YouTubers and content creators, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Priya Dhapa’s Age And Relationship Status Update! – FAQs

1. Is the famous YouTuber, Priya Dhapa married?

No, the famous YouTuber, Priya Dhapa is not married. 

2. What is the current age of Priya Dhapa?

As per our estimates, Priya Dhapa is 24 years old. 

3. Is Priya Dhapa a famous YouTuber?

Yes, Priya Dhapa is a famous YouTuber. 

4. Has Priya Dhapa won the Silver Play Button?

As of now, Priya Dhapa has not won the Silver Play Button. 

5. Is Priya Dhapa a sketch artist?

Yes, Priya Dhapa is a famous sketch artist. 

6. Is Sourav Joshi truly dating Priya Dhapa?

No, Sourav Joshi is not dating Priya Dhapa.

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