Sourav Joshi’s Age And Relationship Status Explored! 

From being a mind-blowing sketch artist to forming his sound YouTube channel, here is everything we have gathered about another popular young celebrity of India named Sourav Joshi. Over the years, this young adult has got a lot of fame out there and we can’t wait to tell you more about him. If we are not wrong, his popularity reached its peak when he started doing daily vlogs. 

As per the information collected by us, he has a total of two YouTube channels. But it is indeed true that his success mainly kicked in for his excellent drawing and sketching skills. He was particularly in the 12th grade when he started showcasing his talent on the platform of YouTube! Just like most of the popular Indian Youtubers, his life was also full of struggles and hardships. Well, on popular demand, continue reading to know everything about Sourav Joshi.

Sourav Joshi’s Age And Relationship Status Explored! 

Sourav Joshi's Age And Relationship Status Explored! 

With more than 15 million followers on his most popular channel, ‘Sourav Joshi Vlogs’, we can say for sure that he happens to be a very social person! If you are among his followers, then you must know by now that he puts no filters in his daily vlogs. Not to forget, recently, this young Youtuber was also honoured with the Vlogger of The Year award. 

But before we head to his raw and entertaining YouTube videos, let us quickly dig deep into his personal life. Starting the discussion with his age, a few months back particularly last year on the 8th of September, Sourav Joshi celebrated his 24th birthday. It was truly heart-warming for all of his subscribers to see him clean the forest on the occasion of his birthday. There is indeed no doubt in the saying that he is an extremely genuine, sweet and hardworking YouTuber. 

Now, we come down to the most asked question out there, who happens to be the girlfriend of Sourav Joshi? Well, not only you but even we are quite curious to find out the answer to this question. Initially many thought that he was in a relationship with Priya Dhapa. We also saw some really interesting pictures of these two on the internet and social media. But let us clear all your doubts, they are not dating one another. Those pictures flashed on the internet were mainly taken down from one of their music videos!

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Sourav Joshi Education And Family History!

Apart from creating some fascinating sketches and excellent music videos, back in school, Sourav Joshi was also seen as a very good student. He was originally born in a small town called Someshwar in Uttarakhand. But later, he along with his whole family shifted to Haryana. Currently, Sourav Joshi lives in Haldwani! From his heartfelt vlogs, one can clearly say, he is very much close to his family members and still lives with them. 

This young content creator completed his schooling from a Government High School in Hisar, Haryana. Later, he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Punjab Group Of College. As per our knowledge, his main support system happens to be his parents, Harinder Joshi and Hema Joshi. He also has two other brothers named Sahil and Piyush!  

Digging Deep Into Sourav Joshi’s Career History! 

Sourav Joshi's Age And Relationship Status Explored! 

Even before stepping into the platform of YouTube, Sourav used to display his talent on Facebook. It was back in July 2017, when Sourav Joshi uploaded his first-ever sketching video on YouTube. Within a year, he was lucky enough to bag the YouTube Silver Play Button for his sketching and drawing channel, Sourav Joshi Arts. But we must say that back in 2020 when he took over himself the challenge of doing 365 vlogs in 365 days, that’s when he started gaining even more popularity out there. 

As per our estimates, his subscribers are mainly teenagers and young adults. Since the year 2020, he has been consistent with his regular vlogs. His followers undoubtedly admire his work, whether it’s on YouTube or his music videos, the level of dedication he has is truly commendable. That’s all for now, to get more such juicy updates about young celebrities and content creators, stay connected with us, just right here.

Sourav Joshi’s Age And Relationship Status Explored! – FAQs

1. Is the famous YouTuber, Sourav Joshi married?

No, the famous YouTuber, Sourav Joshi is not married. 

2. What happens to be the current age of Sourav Joshi?

As per our estimates, Sourav Joshi is 24 years old. 

3. Is Sourav Joshi a famous YouTuber?

Yes, Sourav Joshi is a famous YouTuber. 

4. Has Sourav Joshi won the Silver Play Button?

Yes, Sourav Joshi has won the Silver Play Button. 

5. Is Sourav Joshi a famous sketch artist?

Yes, Sourav Joshi is a famous sketch artist. 

6. Is Sourav Joshi truly dating Priya Dhapa?

To clear your doubts, in reality, Sourav Joshi is not dating Priya Dhapa.

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