Shyam Pathak Net Worth. What Is His Profession? Hunting For The Answers!

Can you guess India’s most-watched serial? The serial that is gaining fans every second. The series with no vulgarity, only fun. And foremost, is promoting Indian culture. Hope you have guessed it. If not, come we’ll tell you! The serial we ushered in here, is “Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma”. Every one of us in the nation has heard about it. And for once at least have even watched it. But do you ever anticipate, why is it a sitcom? Why is it the longest-run show? 

Well, there are multiple reasons for the show having the highest TRP. From its plot to the characters. The scenes without vulgarity fit the family. Promoting Indian culture without any shame. And manifold reasons exist. Fans have always mentioned it to be the best show. However, even some believe the condition of the show is worsening now. And still, to your surprise, it is not losing its TRP anyway. So to your fragment, we have bought this unique show. We’ll discuss its plot, characters, fun, enjoyment, and a lot more. Bit with it something special is waiting. Read in the next panel!

Shyam Pathak’s Net Worth

Wondering who is Shyam Pathak? Well, then it’s none other than your favorite, Patrakar Popatlal from TMKOC. Got it now! Concerning the character of Shaym Pathak in the serial. Showcasing him the extreme Scrooge-like human, fans wonder about his real-life character. They say Popatlal aka Shyam Pathak, is the same moneygrubber as in here. And demands to announce his net worth publicly. Then to your demand, it’s here. Shayma Patahk aka Popatlal, is shown as penny pinching person in TMKOC. In real life, he earns Rs 1 Crore, approx in a year. And now you can guess, his condition. Is he a moneygrubber or a spendthrift? Find it out! 

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What Does The Serial Concern?

TMKOC is a comedy sitcom. It is based on the weekly magazine stories written by Tarak Mehta. The show is directed by Ashid Modi, and presented by the popular faces of TV. When the show came up in the year 2008, with the bare minimum, it broke all the records. The show was loved and supported in all corners of India. The show very clearly wraps up the Indian culture in society. Showing families from different states, and different job backgrounds. But still, end up living happily as neighbours cum family. 

The serial, befalls in the Gokuldham Soceity of Mumbai. Society resides mainly, in seven families, coming from different states and occupations. Bhide family from Maharashtra, Gada family from Gujrat, Sodhi family from Punjab, and others. They have always called their society Mini India as a diverse culture is seen here. The major thing that connects every Indian with TMKOC is love. Love that everyone shares among each other The lessons it teaches to our youngsters. They celebrate each festival, play together, laugh together, and at times cry even together. 

As stated, this Mini India has seven families residing in. And so there’s a huge list of cast in the serial. Wanna know who are they? Come then we’ll tell you! 

Who Are Associated With The Serial?

Moving on to your most famous part of the article. Knowing who are your favourite characters in TMKOC. Have they ever appeared in other serials or films? Or are continuing to work in TMKOC? Everything is covered right here. Just go on reading! Beginning with yours and ours favourite too, Jethalal Gada played by the famous Dilip Joshi, his wife Daya Gada by Disha Vakani, their son Tappu/ Tipendra Gada by Nithish Bhaluni, and the senior of the Gada family, Champak Lal Gada by Amit Bhatt.

Moving on to Secretary Atmaram Bhide by Madar Chandwadkar, his wife Madhvi Bhide by Sonalika Joshi, and their daughter Sonu/Sonalka Bhide by Palak Sindhwani. Joins them their best friend, Roshan Singh Sodhi by Balwinder Singh Suri, his wife Roshan Kaur Sodhi by Monaz Mevawalla, and their son Gogi by Samay Shah. Babita Iyyer by Munmun Dutta, and her husband Krishnan Iyer by Tanuj Mahashabde. Dr. Hathi by Nirmal Soni, his wife Komal by Ambika Ranjankar, and the son Goli by Kush Shah. 

To your surprise, few of the cast in the serial right now, are not old. Many of the earlier ones left the show, and are now being played by new ones. However, few fans don’t like this new TMKOC. While some even enjoy it now. What are your views on it?

Where Can You Watch The Show?

TMKOC streams on the Sony Liv app as well. 

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