Is Monkey Man Based On A True Story? Dev Patel’s First Directorial Debut!

Are you up to watch some crazy action thriller? Well, guess what, Monkey Man is finally available to watch on the giant screen. Directed, written and produced by Dev Patel, the enthralling plot of this action thriller has indeed managed to make the audience spellbound. Interestingly enough, the renowned British actor, Dev Patel has not only made his first directorial debut in this project but also starred in the same. 

Speaking specifically about the engrossing plot, we can see how a young man tries to take his revenge on a group of corrupt bureaucrats! Well, this is where the heart of this thriller lies! Since the film is focused heavily on India’s socio-political structure, many wanted to know if it was based on a true story or not. Well, on popular demand, here is all we have gathered about the latest film, Monkey Man.

Is Monkey Man Based On A True Story? Dev Patel’s First Directorial Debut!

Is Monkey Man Based On A True Story? Dev Patel’s First Directorial Debut!

The riveting plotline of the film surely can’t be ignored by anyone out there. Since the film concentrates heavily on the slum areas in India, we can see how the story is trying to bring out the dark side of the socio-political environment prevalent in the country. But even then, we cannot say that the film is shedding light upon the current Indian political scenarios. Not to forget, sources have confirmed that Monkey Man is based on fictional characters and the film is surely not inspired by any true story out there. Coming to the eye-catching title of the movie, well the name surely speaks a lot about the film. 

As anticipated by many before, the newly-launched movie, Monkey Man is deeply rooted in Hindu Mythology. Celebrating one of the most worshipped Hindu gods, the creators have indeed done a good job with the reference of Lord Hanuman. We all know that this Hindu Deity is known widely for his bravery, courage, devotion, and commitment. The same qualities were included in the character design of Kid as well. Sources revealed that to get a better understanding of Hinduism in India, Patel also did heavy research on Lord Hanuman’s iconography. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this project is focused heavily on Indian mythology! Alongside, he also tried to use a few themes from Ramayana, to script down a broader socio-political story! 

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Discussing All About Dev Patel’s Main Idea Behind The Creation Of Monkey Man!

‘Monkey Man’ not only throws light on Indian culture but also brings the controversial subject of the caste system into the picture. While writing down this story, Patel had a clear mindset! He wanted to showcase everything about the vibrant Indian culture in his project. But along with this, he also wanted to portray the dull side of India. We mostly talk about the beautiful Indian culture. But the reality of the commoners living in the country never gets discussed by anyone.

Speaking specifically about the caste system, in an exclusive interview, the director explained how lower-class people suffer in the country. He also did not hesitate to say that those who have the authority to govern often take advantage of the Hindu religion. Especially pinning down the topic of how religion has been monetised and weaponized by political figures, the film has indeed impressed many out there. Well, given his wordings, we can say with certainty that the enthralling narrative of the film is both complex and intriguing.

Monkey Man Film Review – Watch It Or Skip It? 

With a young man trying to make a living by boxing at a night fight club, we will see how one sudden day, Kid is beaten up severely by more popular fighters of the club. Realising the role of money in an individual’s life, Kid finally decides to stand against the wrong done to him. With his childhood trauma boiling up, he finally decides to channel his anger and emotion and use it as a weapon against his enemies! 

As one digs further into the film, we will see how Kid plots a revenge plan against the one who had taken away everything from him! Amidst his pain and hardship, Kid will eventually realise the fact that he is not the only one who has been continuously marginalised in this society. There are many like him and he decides to be their ultimate saviour. Well, the film has been layered well and is surely worth bingeing on the giant screen.

Is Monkey Man Based On A True Story? Dev Patel’s First Directorial Debut! – FAQs

1. Is Monkey Man based on facts?

No, Monkey Man is not based on facts. 

2. Is Monkey Man worth bingeing once?

Monkey Man is surely worth bingeing at least once.

3. Is Monkey Man available on Netflix?

As of now, Monkey Man is not available on Netflix.

4. Can you watch the new film, Monkey Man online?

The new film, Monkey Man is yet not available to binge on any of the OTT platforms out there. 

5. Who happens to be the director of the new film, Monkey Man?

The renowned British actor, Dev Patel happens to be the director of the new film, Monkey Man. 

6. Is Monkey Man a true representation of the current Indian socio-political environment?

Monkey Man is not an exact representation of the current Indian socio-political environment, but it is surely inspired by it. 

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