Why Anupama And Anuj Broke Up? The Popular Television Couple

Relationships often end in a hasty manner, or often, for the better. This happens in the relationships we see on screen, too. Recently, this has happened in Anupamaa too. In today’s article, we will focus on why Anupama and Anuj broke up.

The story has been going around for a pretty while now. We all have seen how Anupamaa is suffering due to constant tussles in her relationships within her household. That’s why, apart from talking about why Anupama and Anuj broke up, we will try to update you with everything that you need to know about the show.

Why Anupama And Anuj Broke Up? Everything That You Need To Know

The beauty of Indian television shows lies in the fact that how people start to become involved with the characters they see on their screens. That’s why when some character dies, fans cannot accept this sudden change in the storyline. Even if it is necessary, fans do not seem to let go of the character or sometimes, a relationship that they see on screen. The entire credit for this goes to the screenwriter, director and of course, the actors. Due to their immense dedication, they seem to elevate their work to such a level that people can relate to these characters on a personal level as well.

In Anupamaa, the same thing happened regarding a relationship in the popular television series. Anupama and Anuj are getting separated and people do not seem to take it this easy. There are a lot of factors which can make this happen. If you look at the storyline from a proper point of view, you must know if this was necessary or not. Although this has been coming for a time now, fans are pretty disappointed. Those who have watched Anupamaa for years could anticipate this ending back in 2023. Still, a section of the fans do not seem to accept this pivotal change in the storyline of Anupamaa. 

That’s why, a lot of you might still want to know about this sudden alteration. So, why Anupama and Anuj broke up? Was this separation necessary to happen in the story? If you want to know why Anupama and Anuj broke up, let me tell you. Due to Anuj’s tactics, Anupama thought she would never be perfect for him. That’s what made her decide between leaving the relationship with Anuj. If you have seen the story well, you will know that this is exactly why Anupama and Anuj broke up. Anuj had troubles to deal with, too – we are still unclear if Anupama and Anuj will ever reconcile again or not.

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Anupamaa: From Being A Hopeful Girl To A Tormented Housewife 

Now that you know everything about why Anupama and Anuj broke up, we will proceed to the next part of our article. If you have already seen the Bengali television series Srimoyee, you will know the story of Anupamaa. The serial talks about the daily hardships of a housewife in an Indian household. The story circulates Anupama, who is currently married. She had a lot of dreams and her ambitions did not seem to have any ending. Anupama was always the hopeful student of her class who aimed higher.

But, due to a lot of issues, Anupama had to abandon her goals and settle for this lifestyle. She parted ways with the life she originally deserved – Anupama had to choose this life. Even after everything she does for the house, her husband does not understand her. Her in-laws are not tolerant of one small mistake. Moreover, she constantly has to tolerate insults despite being the perfect housewife and mother. As days pass, she grows apart from Vanraj, the terrible masculine husband. But even after settling with Anuj, will Anupama be able to find happiness in her life?

The Five-Year Leap In Anupamaa: Everything That Is Going On Now

Since we have all seen how much Anupama is suffering, the makers decided to take it to the next level. The constant sad tears, traumatic experiences and insults were getting too much to handle. At one time, it felt as if Anupama was made just to withstand all of this. That’s when the maker could realise that this might be going to be a threat to the television show in the long run. We could see Anupama going through everything over and over again. 

Since it was getting monotonous for the viewers, the showrunners decided to cut forward in time. The five-year leap in Anupamaa was very necessary – we could not stand Anupama getting stuck in that toxic circle of abuses and sentimental traumas. After five years, we see Anupama in a much-broken stage, but now, she has herself. Vanraj is back to being the toxic person around – right now, Anupama is suffering badly from separation trauma, depression and a lot of other things going on with her mind. It is unclear how long Anupama will take to rise from these again.

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