Is Nana Really Dead In The Parades? Are The Rumours True? Seeking For The Truth!

“The Parades” is a Japanese film that was released to the world on 29th February 2024. The film explores the essence of melancholy but in an artistic way. As deeper you delve into the film’s narration, the more will you know the essence of melancholy with the beauty of expressions the film’s writer has put into it. Transcending into the world of reality and imagination, reflecting the human emotions, and capturing every moment of joy and sorrow the film does its job well.

The film however revolves around a woman who has lost her son, and more sorrowfully herself. She travels as her soul to search for her son, and get free from the world of spirits. Not only her, but like her many are striving for salvation. Salvation by fulfilling their moral desires in the form of spirits. Fasn has given the film several titles, based on their narration and the power of their understanding. But in my feeling, I would give it the title of melancholic affairs. 

As the film has numerous feelings to share with the audience, similarly this article has many things to be shared with the readers. This article is a complete journey of the film and the emotions the characters in the film carry throughout the plot. With this, article we will take you on an amazing journey of the film’s narratives, the characters involved in the film, and many more. So join us as we disclose many untold facts and discover mysteries in the film. 

Is Nana Dead In The Parades?

The Parades is a Japanese film that hit the screens of the audiences last month. With the release of the film, the fans went crazy watching it and talking about the mysteries that took place in the film. One of the situations that made the fans go crazy was the death of Nana. This is the girl who was seen walking down the aisle in the spirit world, but then suddenly her role was switched into real life. How did this happen? Did she die? 

Nana cut her wrist for having been bullied in school lately. She took up a harsh decision and was taken into the world of spirits because she was in a state of comatose. While Nana fought for her life and was settled in the way half of life and death, she traveled to the spirit world, but by the morning she was back in the real world, seeing the heavenly earth. She then proceeded to do the work, she left undone in the spirit world. As a whole, Nana did not die in the film and was alive and completed the undone work of the spirits she met for the time she walked in there. 

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Checking Into Film’s Narrative

The Parades is a cluster of human emotions reflecting well with the eyes and the astonishing work of the cast in the film. The film begins with the protagonist Minako waking up from the long sleep of death from the shore. She was attacked with a natural calamity in her town and was drowning in the sea waves. When her eyes opened, Minako was tumbled down with many questions, the one being the most important of son Ryo. Where is he? Is he dead or alive?

Minako embarks on the journey to find his son, and on her way asks the rescuers and neighbors but gets ignored by all. Reaching her destructed home, in search of her son, a man greets her and takes her to a place full of darkness and peace. Akira, the man reveals the truth to Minako saying she is dead and that it is her soul in the world of spirit, where including him many souls are starving for salvation by completing their moral wishes. For days, Minako went on sobbing as she could find for her son. 

One fine day, Akira came up to her and said Ryo was fighting the battle of life and death in the children’s hospital. Minako with all her friends went on to see Ryo. The reunion of Minako and her son made everyone on the screen and off the screen cry. Ryo couldn’t see his mother but feel her mother and on the other side, the mother stood helpless for her son, sobbing that she didn’t prove to be a good mom. 

Unraveling The Ending

With the number of events, taking place day by day every spirit gains salvation including Minako after she meets her son. Only Michael was left, as he was writing a film about his childhood love and the mistake he made. Since that was still incomplete, he couldn’t be free of the spirit world. With her help, all the spirits including Minako came up and they started directing the film. Now, suddenly Nana the little girl makes the entry, playing the role of Micahel’s girlfriend Maiko’s granddaughter. 

Nana in the spirit world becomes the messenger to 50 years later Maiko and Michael. But this again vanishes, as Nana is brought up in the real world by the treatment. The film however in its ending had a really happy ending, as Nana later became the director and released the film, consisting of all the characters she met in the spirit world, including Ryo’s mother, Michael’s love story, and everything. This is how the film ended up in a melancholic yet happy mood. 

Where Is The Film Streaming?

The film is streaming on Netflix.

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