Is Damsel Based On A True Story? Are The Gossips True? Searching The Truth!

Damsel is a recent release of the famous OTT platform. The film with the time of its announcement has made the fans go crazy. Why? Of course because of its plot. And with the release of its first trailer, the fans went spellbound seeing the amazing fiery scenes and the actions of the heroine herself. Generally, if an action film comes out or is announced, people portray a dashing hero, fighting with the mafias and dangerous animals, but when the expectations are broken and reality comes in front of them, they go spellbound.

This is what happened here in this film. While its announcement the protagonist wasn’t disclosed, and when the trailer came out, people were surprised. Surprised watching the famous actress, fighting with the fiery dragon, following the actions and thrilling drama all around in the film. And so the excitement level of the fans increased after they watched the trailer with amazing graphics, acting, plot, and action, and thrilling drama as well. 

Now that the film is already on your screens, some of you have already watched it and wonder if it is a real story. While some of you are still waiting to watch and know if it would be worth it or not. Then for all of you, we have brought up an amazing article today. This will give you not one but multiple reasons, to go fast and watch the film, and secondly, the answers to your questions. Thus, without wasting time, let us step ahead. 

Is Damsel Based On A True Story?

Damsel a crime-action and thrilling movie was released recently a day or two ago on the popular OTT platform, on March 8, 2024. As said, the film before its release excited the audience after they watched the trailer of the film. Watching the trailer and then the film, they felt as if the film was adapted or based on some real events, and rumours were flowing in the wind, that the film is a real story. However, to your knowledge, the film is fictional and just a work of fiction and graphs, nothing more than this. It is not based on any real-life event, but just a mere work of friction.

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Unearthing The Plot

The film revolves entirely around the princess of Bayford, who thinks is marrying a prince and will live a royal life, alike her home, but this changes the moment she is brought to the inlaws home after the marriage. She was not brought up there to marry and rule the kingdom and to take forward their hierarchy, rather she was married and brought to fulfil an ancient debt of the fiery dragon. Yes, the film starts as follows. 

Aurea is a place where the king once in the early times, attacked a dragon and instead of it, his three newborn babies were killed. As the dragon showed mercy to the king and left him alive, in return the dragon asked for three princesses to be sacrificed from every generation of the King’s family of Aurea. This ancient ritual was followed, until Elodie, the princess of Bayford was married to the prince of Aurea. Queen Isabelle from Aurea, sent a marriage proposal of Lord Bayford’s daughter, Elodie, and they accepted it in honour of the Queen.

As Prince Henry of Aurea, and Princess Elodie of Byaford, got married they were called off to attend an ancient ritual of sacrificing the princess to the dragon. This was unknown to Elodie, before marriage, however, her stepmother, Lady Bayford suspected to be something wrong. This was the moment when Elodie was pushed and thrown into the cage of the fiery Dragon. The dragon burnt off the skin from the leg, making her disbalance and unable to run far away. However, she still gathers some courage collects the glow worm, and hides in a chamber, where she finds a map. 

What Happens Next With Elodie?

She finds some map on the chamber’s wall and by the time she sleeps, glow worms heal up her wound, and with the directions she reaches to the top of the mountain again in the front of the dragon. But this time, her father, Lord Bayford had sent an army to rescue Elodie. But nothing changed, and the dragon fired them up. In the meantime, the dragon got distracted, and Elodie ran away from there, to rescue her sister Princess Foorida. 

Princess Florida was rescued by Queen Isabelle, to replace Elodie and sacrifice her to the dragon. But the plans filed. Not only this but she even saved another newlywed bride by making her run off as the dragon set up the entire place on fire. This is how, the daughters and their stepmother, Elodie, Florida, and Lady Bayford, respectively run back home from the clutch of the Aurea family and the dragon as well. 

Where Is The Film Streaming?

The film “Damsel” is streaming on Netflix.

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