Anupama’s Real Husband: Is She Married In Real Life?

Everyone who watches Indian shows know about Anupamaa and it’s actors personal lives. Today we will be talking about one of them. In this article, we will tell you about Anupamaa’s real husband.

Anupamaa happens to be one of the longest-running Indian television shows of all time. Hence, the show has secured a special place in the minds of the Indian audience. That’s why, besides talking about Anupamaa’s real husband, we will tell you more about the show, its actors and their personal lives.

Anupama’s Real Husband: Let’s Take A Look

Anupamaa, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, and Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah are some of the oldest shows. They might not be running since the inception of Television serials, but, all of them have become pillars of the industry. As a result, people have always put their faith in the directors. There might have been some sloppy episodes or unattractive subplots, but they always listen to the fans. If you have watched this show, you know how pathetic it looks from our viewpoint at times. Anupamaa struggles with her personal life even after she is married. 

It’s not just once, but a couple of times, we see her breaking down. Nothing seems to work even after she puts all her effort into impressing her family members. That’s why even after all this time, they understood that a new page must be there. And hence, the big 5-year leap in Anupamaa came. For a long period, people have always wondered about the personal life of these actors. You can always find some news or the other coming out about them. Fans are crazy about the leading actors of this serial and hence, they want to know everything about their lives.

Many of you can still wonder about Anupamaa and her marital status. So, who is Anupama’s real husband? Is she married or is she still single? The leading female actor of Anupamaa is married. Anupama’s real husband is Ashwin Kumar Verma – together, they share a really lovely bond. The husband and wife are caring towards one another; as per reports, Rupali Ganguly and Ashwin are living happily. Even after years have passed since they married, people still wonder about her status. Hence, you will always find people wanting to know about Anupama’s real husband.

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Early Stages Of Rupali Ganguly: The Rise Of Anupamaa Actor

Now that you know everything about Anupama’s real husband, let me tell you about the actress now. You might be shocked to find out that Rupali Ganguly, the actor who plays Anupamaa is actually from Kolkata. The 46-year-old actor is now a household name in the Indian television industry. Since she is the daughter of Anil Ganguly, Rupali first made her debut in Saaheb (1985). After that, she has made a lot of appearances in different television series and cinemas. Finally, in Sanjivani, Rupali achieved her best point after becoming Doctor Simran Chopra.

Rupali was one of the most pivotal participants in the first season of Bigg Boss. She has portrayed a mixture of different characters like Sujata from Ek Packet Umeed or Pinky Khanna from Parrvarish. Today, we know Rupali Ganguly mainly for her roles in popular characters like Manisha Singh Sarabhai or mostly, Anupamaa. Even after taking a break from the industry for seven long years, Rupali returned as Anupamaa. Till now, she has won multiple telly awards and the prestigious Indian Television Academy award. 

How Did Rupali Meet Ashwin? Their Love Story

No matter how Anupamaa seems on screen, Rupali Ganguli, the real-life Anupamaa, does not suffer like that. Way before Ashwin Kumar Verma and Rupali Ganguly tied the knot, they were friends. The duo knew each other for a decade before becoming official partners. As time passed, the two started becoming best of friends – as a result, their families also came closer. Ashwin used to work as the VP for a foreign company – he had significant work as an ad filmmaker, too. According to Rupali, Ashwin’s sister and his brother-in-law were the ones to suggest her.

Since both of them shared a very close bond, it was not impossible at all. Shortly after this, the duo quickly discovered that they were actually in deep love. Before 5 years of their marriage, they started to feel for each other. But there was some difficulty since Rupali Ganguly settled in Mumbai. But Ashwin did not hesitate to come closer to her – the businessman moved to India from abroad to settle with Rupali. They married each other in 2013 – and since then, they have been living together quite happily. Rupali and Ashwin have a lovely son named Rudransh, too.

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