Deliver Us: Is the Danish Show Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into This Crime Drama! 

Presenting to you a perfect blend of mystery, suspense and crime, this dark thriller surely deserves all your attention. ‘Deliver Us’, also known as ‘Fred til lands’, happens to be a mind-blowing Danish drama from 2019. If we are not wrong, the captivating plot of this masterpiece truly impressed us a lot. If you are someone who loves to binge on dark thrillers and crime series, then this one must be on your binge list. 

We do admit that all the twistering turns in the story worked quite well for this drama. The way the writers have tried to add more and more depth to this story is truly commendable. It was quite compelling to see how ordinary individuals turned into sound criminals. Again, when talking about this thriller, how can we not talk about their shockingly bold murder plan? Well, continue to read, to learn further about the intriguing plot of this famous crime drama. 

Deliver Us: Is the Danish Show Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into This Crime Drama! 

Deliver Us: Is the Danish Show Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into This Crime Drama! 

Looking at the set-up and grim tone of the storyline, one might easily think that “Delivery Us” is somehow inspired by a true story! As the thin line between justice and vigilantism fades away, you will see how the locals come up to punish the one who started it all. Well, before going ahead to the riveting storyline, let us quickly clear up all your doubts. As per the data collected by us, Deliver Us has been created by Christian Torpe and Marie Østerbye. The writers were definitely a bit inspired by Stephen King’s work, but this thrilling Danish drama is not exactly based on a true story! 

Yes, you heard it right, Deliver Us is a pure work of art! We must admit that the huge success of this popular thriller was mostly possible because of the exceptional storyline of the show. The creators indeed tried to think out of the box. Initially, the show was planned to be for the Americans, but the ultimate decision to shift the target audience worked quite well for them. After all, when it comes to Denmark, people have a different mindset and they also have a very different approach towards violence. 

The fictional narrative was filled with just the right amount of melodrama. The creators tried to keep it all realistic and dug deep into human psychology.  Again, to make the story look more believable and convincing, the filming of the thriller was mainly done in and around the Norwegian countryside. All in all, we can say for sure that the neo-noir does feel like a true story, but it is surely not based on actual facts and data.  

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Here Is A Quick Synopsis Of Deliver Us! 

Deliver Us: Is the Danish Show Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into This Crime Drama! 

It all begins with the tragic death of Aksel! After spending a whole night outside, this young soul was driving back home and that’s when the accident happened. The truck came unannounced but since no evidence was present, the reckless driver, Mike got a clear path to walk away. In addition to this, how can someone even dare to point a finger at this bully? Moreover, the town was already under the grip of Mike’s bossy and unapologetic attitude! But unlike most of the times, with this brutal tragedy happening, someone was ready to go all against this rowdy. 

This brings us down to Peter, a mediocre doctor who also happens to be the father of the deceased boy! With a deep grief in his heart, Peter finally decides to crash the town festival. It was his chance now to voice up for justice. His strong speech made some people believe that they have the power to punish the culprit! Slowly and steadily, Peter gathers a few individuals who are willingly ready to be part of this madness! Those who were highly affected by Aksel’s tragic death were easily convinced to join Peter’s team. Thus the element of vigilantism pops in. 

Since the murderer was not going to be punished by the court, these people lost all their belief in the system! Thus, they were somehow forced to go all violent and plan something terrifying for Mike! From being the antagonist of this story to running away to save his life, Mike’s whole life will soon turn upside down! To learn further about this compelling thriller, you surely need to watch all the episodes of “Deliver Us”.

Deliver Us: Is the Danish Show Based On A True Story? Digging Deep Into This Crime Drama! – FAQs

1. Who was initially held responsible for Aksel’s death? 

It was Mike who was held responsible for Aksel’s death. 

2. Is the popular Danish drama, “Deliver Us” based on facts?

The popular Danish drama, “Deliver Us” is not based on facts. 

3. Can you watch the famous drama series, “Deliver Us” online?

All the episodes of “Deliver Us” can be viewed online, exclusively on Apple TV+. 

4. How many total episodes are present in the popular Danish drama, “Deliver Us”?

The popular Danish drama, “Deliver Us” holds a total of 8 episodes. 

5. Was Peter trying to kill Mike?

Yes, Peter was trying to kill Mike. 

6. Who was having an affair with Anna?

Martin was having an affair with Anna. 

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