Is Netflix Series Echoes Based On A True Story? Let’s Take A Look

Ever wondered how fun it would be if you had a twin in your life? You could literally switch places and enjoy a lot of things. However, Echoes shows that there is a creepy downside to it. In this article, we will discuss – Is Netflix series Echoes based on a true story?

The show revolves around a pair of twins who have created a world of lies around them. They swap themselves to get the best out of any situation for themselves. Apart from telling you whether Netflix series Echoes is based on a true story, we will discuss about the plot too.

Is Netflix Series Echoes Based On A True Story? Was This A Real Incident?

In our daily lives, there are a lot of incidents that creep the hell out of us. They might be criminal cases or weird incidents that involve people disappearing out of nowhere. But there are creepier instances that leave people wondering forever. It leaves people dazed and scratching their heads while thinking about it. Netflix has brought us Echoes, a new series that is full of such incidents. The story starts with twin sisters who decides to utilise their powers for the bad. This gets more interesting since they happen to be identical twins to one another.

As more time passes, the twins start to create a series of mystery on their path. How their journey ends or where they end up together, is definitely worth watching. Now, when the studio first announced about this series, people were genuinely interested. And when the trailer came out, it was clearly evident that the makers did everything to match our expectations. The series sets a high tone of intrigue from the very first episode. But the main tone of Echoes revolve around the chaos the twins start with their activities. Critics have praised the makers of Echoes for this.

Despite of somethings that the fans hated, most of them have loved Echoes. The plot somewhere feels out of the place due to it’s near impossible directions, but it is thrilling. But is Netflix series Echoes based on a true story? If you think Netflix series Echoes is based on a true story, it’s not. It is fiction, but loosely based on reality. There are criminal cases of twins causing havoc and chaos. Over the years, authorities have arrested numerous twins and charged them with theft or murder. Executive producer Vanessa Gazy has wrote the plot by slightly basing it on these.

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Echoes: A Classic Twin Paradox Crime Thriller

Since you have scrolled this far, I hope you have understood the premises of this series. If you have not watched Echoes yet, I hope after you are done with this article, you will love to take a look. The storyline starts off with the life of two identical twins Leni and Gina McCleary. Leni owns a big ranch in Mt. Echo – she manages the lands there with the help of her husband Jack. Jack and Leni has an adorable daughter Mattie who runs around their property many a times. On the other hand, Gina has succeeded as a publisher. 

Almost everyone in Los Angeles knows the name of Gina McCleary now. She has a home and has a husband called Charlie. Both of the sisters have more or less established themselves in their different lives. But their lives come to a standstill when one of the sisters went missing. Leni and Gina used to share each other’s lives and every incidents that used to happen. They maintained a digital diary where they posted updates but one day, Leni was offline. Since 1.5 days were gone, Gina did not waste any time any more.

When she visited Leni’s household, we came to know that the two families are at loggerheads. They really don’t like Leni because she maintains a lot of secrets. Geni starts a journey to find out her lost sister through some clues that she left behind. As time passed, a lot of things started to surface that was quite disturbing. But wait, in the end (spoiler ahead) we get to see the biggest plot twist. Actually it was Gina who went missing and Lina was the one who played Gina. The two sisters where switching roles and playing each other’s parts all this time.

The Team Behind Echoes And Official Streaming Platform Of The Series 

Michelle Monaghan has nailed her performance as the identical twin sisters Gina and Leni McCleary. Other notable cast members include Daniel Sunjata, Karen Robinson, Rosanny Zayas, Tyner Rushing, Michael O’Neill, Gable Swanlund, Jonathan Tucker, Adrian Eppley, Alise Willis, and Walker Babington. If you wanted to know Is Netflix series Echoes based on a true story, I think you have got the answer now. In case you want to Echoes, please head on to Netflix.

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