Where Is Ray Trapani Now? Knowing More About The Crypto Scammer!

10 years back, it was then the craze of CryptoCurrency investments, among youths, and middle-aged men. Following their dream of having a huge real estate business, and having big villas, the group of these three friends, decided to own a cryptocurrency company and run their investment business, all around the globe. Anyway, the plans didn’t work as they were plotted. Else it went on how destiny wanted it to go. Rather than becoming a millionaire, they became scammers. But who are these three? Where are they from? What was the company?

To all your answers, those three friends were the famous Ray Trapani, Robert Farkas, and Sam Sharma. The three decided to own a business named, “Centra Tech”, which instead of making them a millionaire, made them a group of scammers. And in the year 2017, on 29 September an unlucky day, when all three of them were caught and sentenced to jail. However, the co-founder and CEO of the company Ray Trapani escaped legally from entering jail. How?

So to know more about this known Ray Trapai, and also to know how he is been known, and searched so much in Google these days. Follow up with today’s article, as this is all set to drive you crazy with the life of this crazy young man. And all the answers to your queries, are here in the next panel. Without wasting a moment, let’s just move on to the next panel.

Where Is Ray Trapani Now?

After surfing on web so much, and trying to know more about this young man Ray Trapani. People are going crazy to know more about him. And why because his unpaid, biography is streaming on Netflix and being recommended by every other audience on social media, leading him to become the most searched person on Google these days. 

However, as he is a scammer, people feel Ray Trapani is in jail right now. But for more clarity, we must say, that Trapani isn’t in jail now, neither did he ever enter the jail, for he escaped from the decision by paying some repent fees to the government. And for now, Ray Trapani is residing in his hometown (not revealed) with his wife and child, working on some books and podcasts revealing his life.  

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Is Netflix’s Bitconned Based On Trapani?

Netflix on the eve of the new year came up with an unpaid biography of a cryptocurrency scammer, accompanied by his three friends, titled “Bitconned”. This is a tale of Ray Trapani who was caught in a scam of running this fraud company. He was sentenced to jail but he decided to pay off the fee of dollar 2.9 million to the Government. However, he was then released and not sentenced to jail. On the other side, his two friends were sentenced fro eight and one year of jail, respectively. 

NEtflix’s new release is thus based on the true real-life story of this millionaire, Ray Trapani. From his personal life of meeting his wife, Kim, and getting pregnant with their child, they decided to get married. Following his court hearings, Kim delivered their baby, for which Ray wasn’t there. Therefore, the series aims at revealing everything from professional to Ray’s personal life in his past and even today.

Ray Trapnai’s Early Life

Ray Trapani, the CEO of Centra Tech company, was born in Atlantic Beach, New York, to his single mother. His life was hell and seem miserable to live without a father. However, Ray grew old watching his grandfather do all the mysterious works and was a criminal. This was Ray’s childhood wish to become a criminal and make money through illegal means. And all this credit he gives is to his grandfather, Bill Wagner. 

Following his dreams of making money illegally, Ray Trapnai, along with his friends ended up making a cryptocurrency company and dreamed of big houses and vacations. This turned upside down, and they were all caught in a scan. Which was later dissolved by paying charges and avoiding jail. Now, that he is living happily with his wife and children, Ray is working on writing some books and making podcast channels to clearly talk about his past and present to his fans all around.

Where Is Bitconned Streaming?

The show Bitconned is streaming on Netflix.

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