Indian Police Force Season 1 Release Date. Another Film Of Cop’s Universe Coming Soon!

Rohit Shetty, Bollywood’s first famous director, started this entire group or organization of films, TV series, web shows, cartoons, and games which is all time dedicated to police officers of India. He started this trend back in the year 2011, when he came up for the first time, with his very first film Singham of Cop Universe, dedicated to the glorious works of our Indian policemen, be it some high post official or a constable at duty. Everyone has their own risky job to play.

And when it comes to Rohit Shetty’s films, everyone’s heart comes to their mouth and starts beating way faster than normal. Why? Because of his action-thrill movie scenes, the amount of thrill action his film holds is definitely unique. The stunts performed in the film are always different from the previous ones he showed. Certainly, that’s what thrills and excites his fans of every age, be it a teenager, an adult, or a 50-year-old man like him.

Well, adding to his Cop Universe list, he is back again with a police-based project. this isn’t a film, but rather a web series, with no less action than Rohit Shetty’s films. This time, the story is new, the city is new, the plot is new and of course the hero and the heroines are new. The amazing news must have made you super excited to know, all of these upcoming series. So let’s not waste even a moment and move further to learn more about the series, “Indian Police Force”. 

Indian Police Force Season 1 Release Date

Recently, with New Year’s Eve teaser of Rohit Shetty’s new web series from the Cop Universe, was released on January 5th, 2024. A trailer has already made the fans go crazy with its amazing actions, stunts, and blasts. Already covering the stories of cops from different areas of India, beginning from the village of Gia to Mumbai. 

Here comes Rhit Shetty’s new cop web series, Indian Police Force of the officers from Delhi, trying to decode a mission as police officers of India’s Capital. This series is scheduled to release on January 19, 2024. But where? To know where the series will be streaming, continue reading the article till the end. 

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Alikeness Of Cop Universe Films

Cop Universe as said, is a dedicated group for films, series, games, and animated series dedicated to the glorious works and actions of our policemen. Well, this universe adds up to the films greatly directed by Rohit Shetty, Bollywood’s best-known action and comedy film director, and his team, he says. Well, the group started in 2011, when the first cop-dedicated film was released by Riit Shetty. 

Singham in 2011, made its debut in theatres starring Ajay Devgan, who literally shook up the world, with its stunts. Before this people knew Rohit Shetty as the director of comedy films, but with the coming of Singham, Singham Returns, and Simmba in a row, people accepted Rohit Shetty to be the best-known director of action films. Now, this series, which stars, Sidharth Malhotra, Vivek Oberoi, and Shilpa Shetty Kundra in the lead roles, belongs to the cop universe. 

The series will have a total of seven episodes to be telecasted on the OTT platform from January 19, 2024. The series by its trailer told, that this time, the actions and mission will be focused on India’s capital Delhi after his film has traveled from Goa to Mumbai to Delhi. Trailers have shown the amazing, action, thriller, blasts, and missions decoded by three main cops of the Indian Police force. Thus, it will be a boon to the eyes, for sure. 

Cast Of The Series

Well, for a change, this time you won’t see our action heroes Ajay Devgn or Akshay Kumar or Ranveer Singh in Rohit Setty’s film. But this time you might find, Tara Shetty by Shilpa Shetty Kundra, SP Kabir Malik IPS Officer by Sidharth Malhotra, and IG Vikram BAlshi IPS by Vivek Oberoi as lead roles in the series. Joining them you must see, Rituraj Singh, Vibhuti Thakur, Isha Talwar, Sharad Kekar, Lalit Parimooi, DGP Jaideep Babsal IPS by Muehs Rishi, Shweta Tiwari, and Nikitn Dheer joined them in the team. 

Where Will The Series Release?

Indian Police Officer season 1 will stream on Amazon Prime Video on January 19, 2024, for the fans to binge on 

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