Matsuinu Season 2: Returning Soon Or Cancelled?

Who says anime is only for adults? We have grown up watching Shin-chan and Doraemon. They are anime as well. In this article, we are going to talk about one such anime that is similar to Shin-chan and Doraemon. The name of the anime is Matsuinu. Matsuinu is a cute anime that you are going to love if you like cutesy stuff. The anime is for kids, and everybody can watch it. The anime is a spin-off version that aired in 2023. After the anime’s release, many otakus asked whether the anime is going to receive a second season or not. If you are one of them, you have come to the right place in search of your answers.

Here, we are going to discuss important information about the anime. We are going to focus on the storyline of the anime, its characters and its crew behind its production. The possibilities of a second season are also going to be discussed in this article. Will we have a second season of Matsuinu? What do you think? If you want to know more, you will have to continue reading this piece of information. Therefore, without any further delay, let us get into the important information right away.

Matsuinu Season 2: Possibilities

Matsuinu is a spin-off series of Osomatsu-san that aired from 2015-2016. Osomatsu-san on the other hand is based on Osomatsu-kun. It is a comical anime that is going to make you laugh every now and then. Matsuinu was released on 7th October 2023. The last episode of Matsuinu aired on 11th November 2023. What are the possibilities of Matsuinu returning for a second season? Will the anime come back for a Season 2? Do you think so?

Well, the creators of the show have not decided anything on this matter. Since Matsuinu is a spin-off series of Osomatsu-san, it has a low chance of returning for a second season. Matsuinu Season 2 may or may not happen. It strictly depends upon the audience. If the audience loves the show, the show will return for a second season. If the audience is against the show, the show will not receive a second season. Matsuinu is a small series. You will be able to finish the series within less than an hour. Therefore, if you want the series to return, you will have to watch it so that the creators can return the show for a second season.

As of now, the creators are not concerned about a second season. If they were prepared for a second season, they would have informed the watchers about it. Since the creators of the anime did not make any official announcement regarding the show, we are sure that they have not decided anything about the show yet. They are probably waiting for the show to reach more audiences outside of Japan. Therefore, they want to wait and watch before they return with a second season. It can be concluded that Matsuinu Season 2 may happen or may not happen, it depends upon the audience.

Matsuinu Storyline

What is the meaning of Matsu-inu? Matsu-inu refers to the dogs present in the anime. There are various kinds of dogs in the anime that you are going to love if you watch it. They are cute round dogs. Therefore, the show Matsu-inu revolves around Matsuinu siblings. These siblings are small, cutesy, round dogs. The show revolves around the lives of these Matsuinu siblings. As mentioned earlier, the show is not quite long enough. Therefore, in a short time, the anime portrays the lives of these Matsuinu siblings. These dogs are naughty, and they carry out various activities that are going to make you laugh.

Suitable for kids, the anime includes these cute dogs. Within 6 episodes of the anime, all the activities of the Matsuinu siblings are captured. These activities are going to make roll with laughter. The Matsuinu dogs are hilarious, and they will make you want to pet them only if they are real. Therefore, if you searching for something light-hearted and short to watch, you can go for the anime Matsuinu.

Matsuinu Characters And Crew

The anime Matsuinu consists of several dogs as mentioned earlier. These dogs include a Shiba-Inu, a Husky, a Golden Retriever, a Boston, a Pomeranian and a Chihuahua. These 6 dogs are the characters of the anime Matsuinu.

Tetsuya Endo is the director of the anime. Hitomi Ogawa is the scriptwriter of Matsuinu. Yuki Nagashima is the character designer. Point Pictures is the producer of the anime.

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Matsuinu Streaming Platform

As of now, the anime is not yet available on Crunchyroll. It did not even air on Aniwatch. Therefore, once the anime gets released on Crunchyroll, you will be able to watch it. The date of release is not yet fixed currently. However, you can watch Mr. Osomatsu on Crunchyroll.

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