God’s Not Dead 5 Release Date: A New Film Coming Soon?

The most heated but knowledgeable debates are between atheists and believers. But does God really exist somehow somewhere? God’s Not Dead places a very tactful take through their storyline. In this article, we will have a discussion on God’s Not Dead 5 release date.

The first film of this series starts off with two people trying their best to prove each other wrong. They are fighting with their best efforts to prove if God exists or not. Apart from talking about God’s Not Dead 5 release date, we will let you know how this thing intensifies into a four part series franchise.

God’s Not Dead 5 Release Date: Exploring The Chances

If you tell me that never for a second you have wondered if there is a God, you will surely be lying. When we were young, and we were knowing about God, we have always searched for him. After we grew up, some of us have become believers in God, while some of us have become non believers. Now, the atheists always believe that God is not real and he does not exist. Hence, a fight commences between them and the believers. God’s Not Dead just takes this idea to the next level through their intriguing series. The story revolves around a student who starts arguing with his professor.

Since he finds his professor’s ideas outdated in comparison to him, he challenges his teacher. As the show progresses, we see the duo fighting for their ideals through wide range of presentations. Now, if you are someone who loves some controversial stories or shows, you will love this. God’s Not Dead, when it first arrived in 2014, amazed the viewers. We all want a film series that will definitely want and will make its audience glued to the screens. Of course, God’s Not Dead is not a criminal documentary, but the plot feels absolutely refreshing till now.

From 2014, we have had different parts of this series which have shown us different story angles. As a result, a lot of the viewers have started to love this and now, they want to know – what is God’s Not Dead 5 release date? Will it arrive this new year? As of now, we have not got a proper God’s Not Dead 5 release date. There is no official update from the makers of the studio. But wait, there is no need to be disappointed this soon. If you consider the popularity of God’s Not Dead, the film series has every chance to return with a new sequel. But right now, we have nothing about God’s Not Dead 5 release date.

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God’s Not Dead: A Classic Tale Of Contrasts 

Imagine that you were a teacher and some day, a student decided to argue with you over a topic. If it was a course material, you would have generally answered his doubts to put an end to the conversation. But if it was about your own beliefs, it would definitely be troublesome. God’s Not Dead starts with a similar storyline – the plot revolves around Josh Wheaton who happens to be a new joinee. He is a freshman at his university and Josh is going to join his philosophy class. Everything was going well until Professor Radisson wanted his students to do something.

He told everyone to write on a paper – everyone must write that God is dead and he has never existed. This was much troublesome for Josh Wheaton and he could not afford to stay quiet. He is a strong believer in God and he could not believe that his beliefs will be schooled like this. As a result, Josh decided to ask Professor Radisson about this. He made his point and hence refused to comply by Professor’s instructions regarding the assignment he gave. This created a huge tension in the whole classroom and most of the students were tensed.

Professor Radcliffe handled the situation bery well and he wanted to know more about Josh’s beliefs. Since Josh Wheaton was so much strong in his position, Professor decided to give him a chance. He challenged Josh to defend his stand against him in any way he can do. In return, he will be also participating in this argument in front of the whole class. So, the two decided to do so in form of presentations and statements while the rest of the classroom will remain as judges. From this first movie, numerous stories branched out following the duo’s journey.

The Team Of God’s Not Dead And Official Streaming Platform Of The Film Series 

Shane Harper and Kevin Sorbo nails their roles as Josh Wheaton and Professor Radisson. Other notable cast members include Fransesca Battistelli, David A.R. White, Hadeel Sittu, Benjamin A. Onyango, Marco Khan, Paul Kwo, Russell Wolfe, Tommy Blaze, Jeanine Pirro, Michael Tait, Dean Cain, Trisha LaFache and Abigail Duhon. As long as there is no announcement about God’s Not Dead 5 release date, we will wait. In the meantime, if you want to watch God’s Not Dead, please head on to Amazon Prime Video.

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