Is Delicious in Dungeon Based on a Manga?

Netflix’s New Year present to the anime connoisseurs, Delicious in Dungeon is an upcoming fantasy thriller. It is essentially a “gourmet” show directed by Yoshihiro Miyajima. With a splash of adventure, humour and the classic cat-and-mouse chase between the formidable dragon and the hunters, the anime has already promised an exhilarating ride. The “dungeon raiding” trope is a genre in itself. While many animes have previously explored it well enough, Miyajima’s direction seems to have added a layer of intrigue to it. Naturally, a wide audience has their eyes set on this upcoming Netflix staple.

And while they are at it, they are also kindling this question; is Delicious in Dungeon based on a manga? If you are also an anime dilettante, wondering the same, dive in. Here is everything you need to know about this upcoming fantasy tale!

Is Delicious in Dungeon Based on a Manga?

Is Delicious in Dungeon Based on a Manga?

Yes, Delicious in Dungeon is based on the eponymous manga penned by Ryōko Kui. In August 2022, Studio Trigger announced that it would be producing an anime version of Kui’s hilarious manga. The screenplay has been helmed by Kimiko Ueno, who has notably altered the manga scripts to appeal to the anime audience better. Enterbrain, a subsidiary of Kadokawa, has published the manhwa in Japan since 2014. Meanwhile, Yen Press has licensed the English adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon and is the sole distributor in the United States.

The Miyajima directorial is scheduled to be released on January 4, 2024, on Tokyo MX. Netflix will commence simuldubbing and broadcasting the anime worldwide for six months starting from January to June. Delicious in Dungeon is scheduled to run for two consecutive cours and will mostly adapt the first few of the 14 volumes of the manga. The latest iteration has been released in September 2023, reinforcing the enthusiasm within the audience.

With the trailer launched by Studio Trigger, Delicious in Dungeon seems nothing like the puerile animated series we have been fed in the name of gourmet drama. Recently, on December 29, the production house also released a 26-second glimpse of the first episode. The teaser has been sprinkled with a pinch of thrill and a handful of relatable emotions. If the creators maintain the same tone throughout the six months and nearly thirty episodes, Netflix will soon have another trending anime breaking its charts.

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What is Delicious in Dungeon Anime About?

Similar to the abundant dungeon exploration animes out there, even Delicious in Dungeon follows a large group of adventurers, led by Laios. As these raiders continue their odyssey, they stumble across a rather thunderous dragon. With no means to compete against the dragon, Laios who is persuaded by his sister, Falin, instructs the team to escape. The assailants, Laios, Marcille and Chilchuck are transported away from the beast by Falin, who deploys her magical prowess to protect them. However, she is unable to save herself and ends up being devoured by the dragon.

Their huge squad is split into a chunk-sized trio, who instead of grieving Falin’s loss, decide to conjure a plan and save her. With no weapons and food, Laios, Marchille and Chilchuck have no resort but to figure out a method to sustain themselves. They begin climbing the deserted space and reach the first floor of the dungeon. They are then met with a rather interesting surprise; Senshi, a dwarf with a decade of experience surviving in the cell. He has succoured himself by slaughtering monsters and making stew out of them.

Laios, fantasising about doing the same, jumps onto the idea and teams up with Senshi. Marchille and Chilchuck follow suit, agreeing to harvest food and feast on the dungeon monsters. Meanwhile, they also try to accomplish their quest and get Falin unscathed.

Is Delicious in Dungeon Based on a Manga?–FAQs

1. What is Delicious in Dungeon Anima About?

It is an adventure thriller anime centred around the journey of three dungeon raiders, Laios, Marchille and Chilchuck. 

2. Who is the Creator of Delicious in Dungeon Anime?

Delicious in Dungeon has been manifested by Yoshihiro Miyajima with the screenplay being helmed by Kimiko Ueno.

3. Is Delicious in Dungeon Based on a Manga?

Yes, Delicious in Dungeon is based on a manga.

4. Who is the Author of Delicious in Dungeon Manga?

Ryōko Kui is the author of the eponymous manhwa.

5. Is a Trailer Available for Delicious in Dungeon Anime?

Yes, there is a trailer and multiple teasers available for Delicious in Dungeon.

6. Where to Watch Delicious in Dungeon Anime Online?

You can stream the anime online on Netflix, starting from January 4, 2024.

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