Doona Season 2 Release Date: When Can The Sequel Be Expected?

Doona!, a new South Korean series on Netflix, has only been available for a week, but fans are already wondering if a second season has been ordered. The protagonist of Doona! is a college student who eventually goes to live with a retired but well-known K-pop artist. This page contains all the information we currently know about the Doona Season 2 Release Date.

Doona Season 2 Release Date

There currently needs to be more information regarding Netflix’s decision to renew this K-Drama. When Netflix decides whether to renew a series, it usually considers the show’s performance on the platform and takes around one month to make the decision.

If a second season of Doona is indeed planned, then it is possible that the announcement will come by the end of 2023. Additionally, if a second-season script has already been written, production could start in December 2023. Considering everything, there’s a chance that Doona Season 2 will premiere in September or October of 2024. Doona is based on a Webtoon, so Netflix has a tonne of content from which to adapt and might even improve upon the second season.

Doona: What Is The Backstory?

Four years later, Doona is getting ready to release her next album. For the last time, Jun and the others get together at their former residence, which the landlady plans to remodel in anticipation of her son’s wedding. Jun informs the others about his progress in the last rounds of his job interviews and that he might soon be hired for a respectable position.

When he returns to the dorm to get his jacket after bidding the others farewell, he finds Doona there. After going out for drinks together, they separate. Even after their breakup, Donna, still inconsolable, decides to speak with Wanjun about it.

Doona still feels empty about it and begs him to apologise for leaving her in such a way, even though she acknowledges during the argument that she doesn’t need a guy in her life anymore. Like her, Jun felt bad about how he ended things and regretted what he had done.

In the closing scenes, we are transported to Japan, where Doona attends an event and is welcomed by enthusiastic fans who applaud her. We see Jun there, looking pleased with himself as his boss buys something. Even though Doona and Jun get close, they ultimately choose to go their separate ways. When Doona looks up at Wan-Jun, he is blind to her. It appears from the show that he has moved on.

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Doona Season 1: The End!

You might perceive the story as a foggy recollection after watching the series finale. Though the sequence of events is erratic and time-shifted, one thing remains constant: Won-Jun moves out of his former flat to focus on his studies independently of Doona. While waiting for this to happen, Doona becomes more confident and goes back to her K-pop roots—this time alone.

After a few encounters, Doona ends things with Jun in 2023, even though he really wants to stay with him. When their distance grows too great, Wanjun ends their relationship. Wanjun’s friends also grow up and become busy with work and other responsibilities over time. One day, Jinju comes back and meets Wanjun. He learns that she continues to communicate with Doona.

Doona Season 2: Expected Storyline

By the end of Doona Season 1, we believe that Won Jun and Doona are still together. They would still need to work on managing their relationship, though. Wook is still in Doona’s life, despite the fact that she no longer feels the same way about him. We’re not sure how Won Jun would respond to that, especially in light of his jealous past.

Doona’s job and agency continue to play a major role in shaping a significant portion of her life, even though she now has her phone back and a great deal more independence.

If Doona dated a non-famous person, what would they think? We discovered that although Doona had a large fan base, she had a poor reputation in the industry when it came to dating other celebrities. What happens if there’s a long-standing dispute or misunderstanding that requires clarification?

Maybe Doona has to make up stories about herself to get attention, or maybe she has to act like she’s seeing someone else for nefarious reasons. It’s possible that Won Jun dislikes feeling like a helpless spectator at this moment. His main goal had always been to lead a normal life, which is why he ended his relationship with Doona due to her disposition.

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