Snowrunner Season 12 Release Date: When Is The New Season Arriving?

Are you looking for a great way to spend your Christmas holidays? If you are a fan of the exotic terrains full of adventure, Snowrunner is the perfect match for you and your Xbox or PS4. And today, we will be talking about Snowrunner Season 12 release date.

The game engine is pretty simple – you will have to drive heavy duty advanced vehicles in the harshest weathers and the worst terrains. In this article, you will find every news about Snowrunner Season 12 release date and the game’s upcoming updates. In case you are a pro gamer, be sure to check our following article out.

Snowrunner Season 12 Release Date: Everything We Know Till Now

Everybody loves an adventurous time, right? Even if we are sitting in our homes comfortably, we want to spend a good time playing a game that gives us this feeling. Snowrunner might not be a game that belongs to the FPS shooting category, but man – it’s worth spending your time and money. This game will take us into an extreme tour across dangerous parts of the world. The map is open to snow covered terrains and dangerous locations which possess a threat. That’s why Snowrunner gives you a great feeling while playing the game.

It was initially an open source sandbox project which later on shot to fame after developers completed it. At first, the studio decided to release the game by calling it Mudrunner. Twitter users in 2018 added to this flame after numerous leaks were up on the social platform. 2 years later when the game came out, the studio decided to rename it to Snowrunner. Over the years, we have got eleven seasons from the creators end. Only in Season 10, the open beta had a few glitches. You could get stuck while turning your truck since the logs created a problem in the physics engine.

Season 11 came out with updated graphics and this time, the developers decided to add a few tweaks to the game itself. The Snowrunner Community and subreddit are very happy with this. Now, they want to know – what is Snowrunner Season 12 release date? Till now, we have no idea about an official Snowrunner Season 12 release date. We think that the game will come out after 2024. Although you might notice some Discord servers claiming it to release on this Christmas, I don’t think that will be possible. But one thing for sure, Snowrunner Season 12 will be one hell of a season.

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Snowrunner: Adventures From The Frozen World

This is for the gamers who want to spend a good time during their Christmas Holidays. How about stepping out to some unknown highlands in the harshest of weathers? No need to step out from your comfortable sofas or beds because Snowrunner is here for you. Although the game came out in 2020 after a bit of hiccups, the studios have never failed to keep their promises. The game starts with a screen where you will have options to select your vehicle first. Since there are modes like scout, heavy offroad, heavy duty and highway, you must make your choice wisely. Snowrunner lets you choose simple highway truck models like Ford CLT 9000 or the GMC Brigadiers. On the other hand, for extreme missions, the game gives you access to advanced vehicles like Chevrolet Kodiak C70, Azov Antarctic or the Caterpillar 770G. 

Snowrunner is an off road simulation engine – you can consider it as a free world game except for some strict regions. At least 95% of the map remains accessible to you and the map itself is pretty huge. If you love to roam around in the icy blue snowy offroads and cliffs, Kola Peninsula is waiting for you. Just in case you hate to drive in the muddy terrains, please avoid buying a DLC for two maps of Yukon. You will have a genuinely good time in the two maps of Kola Peninsula – the blue skies along with snow all around is a visual treat. According my own experience, Amur might annoy you the most with the toughest missions. The Zikz 605R is however the titan that will help you out from recovering from knee deep ice. In case you are waiting for Snowrunner Season 12 release date, in the meantime check these maps out.

Everything That Might Come In Snowrunner Season 12: Cars And Maps

Unless you prefer less muddy terrains, Snowrunner Season 12 brings bad news for you. If you are hearing them right, all speculations suggest that North Carolina will be here soon. After the new year starts and the sunrays shine bright, ice will start melting. So please gear up for some fun in less snow and knee deep mud. Muddy lands does not sound fun at all when your Highliner is stuck in a pool of mud. But one thing for sure – if they decide to give us North Carolina, you might be able to explore mysterious old mine shafts and abandoned places. On the other hand, some exciting vehicles will be there to grace the physics of the game much more. We can get the AZ 3176, the most agile low turning radius truck, and Kenworth W990, the strongest bulldozer on wheels.

The Developers Behind This Game, Supported Platforms And Much More

The game runs on the same physics engine like Mudrunner. Developer Pavel Zagrebelnyy created the sandbox simulation engine that runs perfectly in terms of physics. The expert developer’s team of Saber Interactive have been behind Snowrunner so far. The game came out from Focus Home Interactive Publishers. Although they first made the game for Windows, later on, Snowrunner rolled out on other platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. 

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