What Is White Girl About? Unveiling The Facts About Film!

Some films don’t make their way toward the hit list of fans within the year or two of their release. but years later, someone out of nowhere will come, to watch the movie sharing its dialogues and scenes from the movie, which will go viral, and soon the fans will start liking it out of hell. Such is the case of the film we will be discussing today. With its release in the year 2016, none of them loved it, but as soon as it was adapted by Netflix to release on OTT platforms, the film went viral. 

The film we are telling you about is White Story. Yes, its introduction might seem confusing and unreal, but that is true, the film gained love and support from fans all around the globe, once it was released on OTT platforms. Well, what is the film about? Who directed it? And who all are cast? Don’t worry we will answer all of this for you. And also we will tell you about the film’s storyline. Just one thing you have to do is, to stay connected with us till the end. And we assure you will know everything about the film by the end of this article. C’mmon!

What Is White Girl About?

White Girl is a teen drama film that showcases the love relationship of a couple of young age. Love that can keep you motivated in any way, and also that can force you to see your partner going to any extreme to help you out. The story revolves around a college girl, Leah who recently shifted with her friend in an apartment. she was addicted to drugs and marijuana especially. Out of addiction, she asked a group of boys down the street to sell her drugs. 

Though they refused, she met a boy named Bluyue at a party thrown by her friend in their apartment. Leah and Blue met and came close to each other in the meantime. One night, while Blue gave her the drugs, and told her about himself, they fell in love and ended up going intimate on Leah’s terrace. Later, Leah too joined Blue’s business of exporting drugs and marijuana to the adults in the town. But one day while having breakfast in a cafe, Leah’s world shattered when Blue was arrested for having a kilo of drugs with him.

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What Happened To Leah & Blue?

As Blue was arrested, Leah’s world shattered, and out of love, she decided to help Bluie and take him off the prison. Lloyd who was Blue’s boss, was behind Leah to return his money and on the other side, Leah was in debt of many in the town, as she was trying very hard to take Blue out of the cop’s hold. Later she found a lawyer for them. And to pay his fees she started selling a kilo of the drugs to different clients.

In the meantime, she was full of debt and had no chance of taking his boyfriend out of the bars. On a night when she was full of drugs and fell asleep with no money. Waking up with her love Blue beside her made her extremely happy. They both, while having a walk at night were attacked by Lloyd for not returning the money. And to protect them, Blue murdered Lloyd hitting him on his head. 

The incident or accident, we can say ended the lives of both Leah and Blue, and also the film came to an end. Blue though was saved from the smuggling charges, was then arrested for murdering Lloyd, and his charges doubled. On the other side, his love Leah had no other option than to watch her love leave her and move behind bars for lifetime prison. The film ended by showing Leah in her classroom for one last time to the audience. 

Cast Of White Girl

White Gril didn’t have a long list of cast members, instead, the list includes just 5-6 of them. The ones in main leads you will see in the film are Leah by Morgan Sylor, Blue by Brian Marc, George by Chris Noth, Lloyd by Adria Martinez, Kilo by Anthony Ramos, Katie by India Menuez, Kelly by Justin Bartha, Nene by Ralph Rodriguez, Darnell by Jemel Howard and Alexa by Annabelle Dexter-Jones.

Where You Can Stream It

The film White Girl is streaming on Netflix.

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