Paap Season 3 Release Date – Is The Popular Thriller Returning On Hoichoi?

One of the top-rated Hoichoi drama series has again appeared on our interest list. Starring Puja Banerjee as the main character of the whole story, Paap Season 1 and Season 2 undoubtedly have got a massive amount of fan following out there. The way that women portrayed the role of Parboni was truly commendable. The second instalment of the show premiered two years back, but fans still keep asking us about the renewal of the series. This brings us down to Paap Season 3. Set around the backdrop of the Durga Puja celebration, this series concentrates on a huge Bengali family. Finally, after so many months, all the members of the family have gathered together. 

But amid them all, there is a mysterious guest who hasn’t been invited by any. As everyone is busy with the Puja rituals, a terrifying event happens in the house. Two murders have been disclosed, the police are called to take charge of the dead bodies! With some shocking revelations coming out, the series truly fills all the criteria of a blockbuster thriller drama. Thus, on popular demand, here is all we have gathered about Paap Season 3. 

Paap Season 3 Release Date – Is The Popular Thriller Returning On Hoichoi?

Paap Season 3 Release Date - Is The Popular Thriller Returning On Hoichoi?

If you are still waiting for the renewal announcement? Then this is your sign to stop! There is no doubt in the saying that the blockbuster thriller, Paap had an intriguing plot line. We loved how all the twists and turns incorporated in the drama made the story even more exciting, entertaining and impactful. But unfortunately, the thriller was meant to end with Season 2. 

Yes, you heard it right, with a line-up of 10 eye-catching episodes, the creators have already wrapped up the whole story of “Paap”. That’s not all, the cast has already announced and confirmed the conclusion of the drama series. Sadly, we will never get a chance to see Paap Season 3. There aren’t any loopholes present here, thus the story has little to no scope for renewal.

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“Paap” Summary At A Glance – A Breathtaking Thriller Drama! 

This story begins with Parboni, also known as Paru and Rubina sometimes! The entire series revolves around the past deeds of the Chowdhury family. Who would have thought that their haunting past would again pop up in their lives? As the story moves forward, we will learn in detail about Parboni’s life! We will see how she was brutally tortured in the house. The Chowdhury family is surely not happy to see her face again. 

But now that two dead bodies have been discovered, the police will do everything possible to solve this mystery case. As they dig deep into the history of the Chowdhury family, some shocking truths come into the picture. Parboni holds the potential to go violent, but given the fact that she doesn’t remember anything, she was probably not the main suspect here. Brimming with too much chaos and confusion, Paap Season 1 and Season 2 truly deserve to be on your binge list. 

Paap Season 3 Spoilers – Can This Story Be Extended Further? 

Paap Season 3 Release Date - Is The Popular Thriller Returning On Hoichoi?

We would definitely like to see what lies ahead of Parboni. But as per the information gathered by us, there isn’t much content here, the story is already over. The thriller has been wrapped up beautifully. The truth has been revealed to everyone, the culprit has been punished. The police were ultimately able to resolve the murder mystery. Parboni’s character surely had a different fanbase. The writer of the show deserves all the credit for delivering such a fine thriller script. Well, coming to the spoilers of Season 3, the renewal is not likely to happen, thus the story can’t be extended further. The title of Season 2 clearly hinted at the completion of the show. 

Well, if you consider both seasons, then “Paap- Antim Pawrbo” surely impressed us more than Season 1. Yes, Paap won’t make a comeback with Season 3, but the platform of Hoichoi is filled with numerous gripping and compelling thrillers. Thus, you can always binge on other intriguing shows on this giant OTT platform. That’s all for now, to learn more about other eye-catching drama series, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Paap Season 3 Release Date – Is The Popular Thriller Returning On Hoichoi? – FAQs

1. Is the popular Hoichoi thriller, Paap, coming back with Season 3?

No, the popular Hoichoi thriller, Paap, is not coming back with Season 3. 

2. When will Paap Season 3 roll out? 

Paap was meant to end with Season 2, thus there is no release date available for Season 3. 

3. Can you watch the popular thriller “Paap” in Hindi?

Yes, the popular thriller “Paap” can also be viewed in Hindi language. 

4. How many total episodes are present in Paap Season 1 and Season 2?

Both the captivating seasons of Paap hold a total of 5 episodes. 

5. Can you binge all the episodes of Paap online?

Yes, all the episodes of Paap can be viewed online, exclusively on Hoichoi. 

6. Was Paap meant to conclude with Season 2?

Yes, the blockbuster thriller, Paap was meant to conclude with Season 2. 

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