Faraway Downs Season 2 Release Date – Is The Epic Historical Drama Coming Back With Season 2? 

We have seen this story before. From the cast to the set-up, everything remains the same, but this time the execution happens to be different. A brand new thriller drama directed by none other than Baz Luhrmann has come under our interest list. More than a decade ago, this man worked on a brilliant project named “Australia”. This film had a heart-touching storyline but was heavily criticised based on the criteria of poor screening and editing. Set around the footings of World War II, we will primarily focus on the grounds of Northern Australia. With the alarming signal of war getting even more severe, a blazing fire is going to swipe away the lives of countless natives.

The story has been reimagined and modified to a huge extent. After an extremely long time, the director has come back to rectify his past mistakes. A brand new thriller drama is exclusively streaming on Hulu. Your wait comes to an end as Faraway Downs is finally here. The six-episode series narrates a similar tale, but this time we saw an extended version of the story. Since the series managed to win a ton of hearts out there, fans are now wondering whether the show will make a comeback with Season 2 or not. Thus, on popular demand, here is everything you need to know about the second instalment of Faraway Downs.

Faraway Downs Season 2 Release Date – Is The Epic Historical Drama Coming Back With Season 2? 

Faraway Downs Season 2 Release Date - Is The Epic Historical Drama Coming Back With Season 2? 

Call it a remake or a fresh adaptation of the original story, this historical tragedy is ten times better than the 2008 movie. An expanded and better version of Baz Luhrmann‘s Australia is now transformed into a thriller drama series. Unlike the movie, the series has got a good amount of ratings out there. Centred around the dramatic footage from the original movie, this time the director has also tried to make the story a bit more clarified and focused. With a heart-wrenching ending to the drama series, many of the fans have become highly curious to know further about the renewal of the show. 

It seems like the audience would like to see the continuation of this blockbuster thriller. But first things first, you need to know that Faraway Downs is a limited series! The epic drama ends with a drastic bombing, Darwin collapses severely. But we also saw the aftermath of this disastrous attack. Thus, the ending of the series was quite different from the ending of the original movie! But looking at the plotline of the drama, one can say that the story has been wrapped up quite well. 

It was indeed a sad ending for all of us but Faraway Downs is surely not coming back with Season 2. We all would like to see the continuation of this broad history tale. But unfortunately, the renewal looks quite doubtful. The director’s main aim was to present the age-old tragedy in a better way. And with a blockbuster remake, he has surely made his ultimate goal come true. 

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Faraway Downs Season 1 Ending Explained – Was Sarah Able To Save Drover And Nullah? 

What an ending we saw! Turning the pages of history, Faraway Downs gives us a thorough glimpse of how the Aboriginal community was dying under the grip of British rule. Centred around Lady Sarah Ashley and her fight to be a saviour for the natives of Australia, the remake version of the movie undoubtedly impressed us a lot. The historical drama gears up with Sarah taking charge of the cattle ground! This farmland was the only property her late husband, Maitland Ashley left for her.

When she arrived at Darwin, she could easily sense the intensity of heat present in the environment. But then Drover popped into this story, the man who did everything possible to take her to Faraway Downs. With time, we will also see how their sweet and sour friendship will soon turn into a meaningful bond. Yes, they didn’t have the opportunity to spend time together, but when he was shot directly with the bullet, Drover knew that this was his very last moment to express his feelings to Sarah. 

It broke our hearts to see that Drover died while saying that  Sarah and Nullah happened to be a very important part of his life. Sadly, she couldn’t save the person she admired and loved. But at least, she was content to know that her love wasn’t one-sided. But this epic separation for a lifetime undoubtedly brought tears to our eyes. While on the other side, we got to see Nullah’s real identity. He came to realise that Fletcher happens to be his biological father, who was also the person who abandoned him. 

Thanks to King George who brought the truth in front of all of us. It was quite shocking to see that Fletcher was so full of himself and envious of Sarah’s success that he was ready to take the life of his small kid. But when he was trying to place an aim at Nullah, Drover came in between and eventually sacrificed his life to save the little kid. Not only Drover, but King George as well noticed the danger flying over Nullah’s head and thus uplifted a pointed iron rod to finish Fletcher forever.

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Faraway Downs Season 1 – Why Did Nullah Leave Sarah? 

Faraway Downs Season 2 Release Date - Is The Epic Historical Drama Coming Back With Season 2? 

Throughout her hustling journey in Australia, Nullah has been her guiding angel and sole support system. He was the boy who made Sarah realise that Fletcher was not a man of his word. Eventually, we also saw how Fletcher was lying about the death of Lord Ashley. Nullah might be a small boy, but he was extremely smart and courageous. This little sunshine also accompanied her to deliver the cattle to Captain Emmett Dutton. 

But after losing the love of her life, she was about to lose the boy whom she adored as her very own. Nullah wanted to be an integral part of the Aboriginal Walkabout and Sarah had no choice but to wish the best for him and ultimately came their separation. The little kid wanted to stand steady with his grandfather and since this was a part of their native culture, Sarah couldn’t stop him from embarking on a new challenge of his life! His journey from adolescence to adulthood was indeed full of hardships, but he also learned a lot through this period. 

Faraway Downs Season 2 Spoilers – Are There Any Loopholes Left To Be Covered? 

As we mentioned above, Faraway Downs is a one-time show, thus the epic historical drama is surely not going to be scheduled for Season 2. There is no scope for continuation whatsoever, thus the future of Season 2 looks quite bleak. Brimming with too many ups and downs, the story ultimately got a good finishing touch. After the disastrous attack comes the aftermath! 

The pressure the marginalised Aboriginal community had to face from the West and the persecution and torture they had to bear, everything has been put up here. The thriller drama tried to hold up the actual truth. The director tried his best to do complete justice to the original story. It broke our hearts to see how toddlers had to leave their homes and parents behind. But over time, even the sufferers started losing their will to handle the pressure. With voices roaring up against the wrong, Kevin Rudd came into power. Fast forwarding to the very beginning of 2008! A new leader popped in front of us, he was the one who thought of mending the situation.

It was under his leadership that even an apology was placed to the Aborigines. But when the political parties understood the criticality of the whole scenario, the damage done couldn’t have been rectified anymore. To conclude, you can say that Faraway Downs is a near masterpiece delivered by Baz Luhrmann. That’s all for now, to learn more about other newly-launched drama shows, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Faraway Downs Season 2 Release Date – Is The Epic Historical Drama Coming Back With Season 2? – FAQs

1. Is the eye-opening historical drama, Faraway Downs renewed? 

Given the fact that Faraway Downs has been premiered as a limited thriller, one can easily say that the series won’t be renewed for Season 2.

2. How many total episodes are present in the blockbuster historical drama, Faraway Downs? 

The thrilling historical drama, Faraway Downs, holds a total of 6 episodes. 

3. Do we have a concrete release date for Faraway Downs Season 2? 

As per our estimates, Faraway Downs Season 2 will not roll out in the coming future, definitely not next year.

4. Who was shot down to save the life of Nullah? 

Unfortunately, Drover had to sacrifice his life to save Nullah from Fletcher’s cruel gunshot.

5. Was Sarah able to safeguard Nullah from the Aboriginal Walkabout? 

Sarah surely wanted to protect Nullah at any cost, but ultimately she accepted the fact that Nullah had to serve his community first.

6. Was Sarah able to deliver the cattle on time? 

It was truly a hustling journey for her, but ultimately Sarah was successful in making her first-ever cattle deal possible. 

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