Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date – The Continuation Of The Complicated Love Triangle

Directed by Kamila Tarabura and Katarzyna Warzecha, another eye-catching teen drama has recently premiered on Netflix and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. Overflowing with drama, romance, fantasy, jealousy and chaos, this contemplative series has undoubtedly impressed us all. Absolute Beginners Season 1 is now streaming online and fans have already become highly curious to learn more about the renewal announcement. Yes, you have heard it right, the Polish drama might soon be back with Season 2. 

The series not only throws light into complicated relationship drama but also highlights the true meaning of new-age friendship. With the conclusion of Absolute Beginners Season 1, the audience now wants to know about the whereabouts of Season 2. Looking at the complex ending of the show, fans do wish to see a few more episodes of the series. Thus, on popular demand, here is all you need to know about Absolute Beginners Season 2. 

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date – The Continuation Of The Complicated Love Triangle

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date - The Continuation Of The Complicated Love Triangle

The gripping storyline of the show is filled with numerous twists and turns. And with such a dramatic cliffhanger, the popular Polish teen drama is surely going to be scheduled for another instalment. Netflix still hasn’t released an official statement on Absolute Beginners Season 2. But as per the information gathered by us, the show is definitely not going to end so soon. 

There are still too many loopholes present in the story. Yes, Lena is finally pursuing her dream career. Thanks to Niko and Igor who helped her out in making that short film successful. On the other hand, after drifting apart from Lena, Igor finally accepted his attraction towards Niko. Last but not least, Niko also understood that he is not interested in filmmaking, but instead wants to be a part of the medical college. 

The ending of the Polish drama has raised a lot of questions out there! But before we go to the spoilers, let’s talk about the release date of Season 2. As per our estimates, the second instalment of Absolute Beginners might roll out by the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. Hopefully, Netflix will soon show the green flag to Absolute Beginners Season 2 and then we will surely have a concrete release date for this one! 

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Get A Short Overview Of Absolute Beginners Season 1! 

This story begins with Lena, a teenager on the autism spectrum who aspires to be an integral part of the film industry. As she plans to make a short film to bag a seat at her dream college, this story introduces us to Niko, Lena’s long-time best friend. They have been together since childhood and since Lena plans to be a film-maker, Niko decides to follow her trail. As the story heads forward, we will see how the duo lands up at the Polish seaside and this is where the teen romantic drama gears up. 

A new character pops in between their friendship, Igor has absolutely different goals to chase but he will soon find himself sandwiched between Lena and Niko. In the course of making the short film come true, Lena comes up with an excellent plot. But while filming it, she will be tested with two important choices! On one hand, she has a new man to love, while on the other side, she might lose her ultimate best friend. Meanwhile, Niko will also be in a troubled position. 

Not only Lena, but Niko as well develops a soft corner for Igor, which makes this story even more intriguing and captivating. With these three characters trying to balance out their lives, we will also learn a lot about their parents! Not only our core characters, but even their parents have to deal with adulthood decisions wisely! To learn more about this power-packed story, you need to binge all the episodes of Absolute Beginners Season 1! 

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Spoilers Alert – Is Lena’s Path Again Going To Collide With Igor? 

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date - The Continuation Of The Complicated Love Triangle

Lena and Igor would have been a strong pair, but due to a chaotic misunderstanding, Igor decided to walk off from Lena. After losing the person she loved, she decided to go back to her mother. Thanks to Niko who kept her motivated to finish the final draft. As we already mentioned above, Niko planned to switch his career. He applied to a medical college and luckily, he also got the place he was looking for. Now, Niko wants to be a dentist and surprisingly, he also started a special bond with Igor. 

Meanwhile, Igor finally decides to walk the clean path and also deletes those compromising photos. Now, he is content to have an official relationship with Niko. But we still need to know what happens next! Will Lena find someone new? What will be her life at the film school? Will Niko and Igor’s relationship work out? Will Igor come back to Lena? Is a new character soon going to pop up in this crazy teen drama? Well, the audience clearly has a lot of questions in mind! And hopefully, all these questions will be answered in Absolute Beginners Season 2. 

Absolute Beginners Season 2 Release Date – The Continuation Of The Complicated Love Triangle – FAQs

1. Is Absolute Beginners going to make a comeback with Season 2?

As per our guesses, Absolute Beginners will soon make a comeback with Season 2

2. How many total episodes are there in the popular Polish drama, Absolute Beginners?

The popular Polish drama, Absolute Beginners Season 1 has a total of 6 episodes. 

3. Can you watch Absolute Beginners Season 1 online? 

Yes, you can stream all the episodes of Absolute Beginners Season 1, exclusively on Netflix. 

4. Is Niko and Igor finally in a relationship? 

Yes, Niko and Igor are finally in a relationship. 

5. How many episodes can be there in Absolute Beginners Season 2?

As per our estimates, Absolute Beginners Season 2 might hold a total of 6 to 8 episodes. 

6. Do we have a release date for Absolute Beginners Season 2? 

As per our knowledge, Absolute Beginners Season 2 might roll out around the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025. 

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