Trillion Game Season 2 Release Date – Is The Popular Japanese Drama Renewed?

Directed by Yoshiaki Murao, another entertaining Netflix series has recently come up on our radar. Brimming with fun elements and eye-catching twists and turns, Trillion Game Season 1 has undoubtedly got numerous fans out there. Written by Daisuke Habara, all ten episodes of this enthralling Japanese drama are now streaming exclusively on Netflix and we can’t wait to tell you more about it. The first instalment of the show has concluded recently and fans are highly curious to learn all about Season 2. 

Starring popular faces like Hayato Sano, Riko Fukumoto, Mio Imada, Ren Meguro and others, this blockbuster drama surely deserves all your attention. With a blend of corporate drama and romance, Trillion Game Season 1 has truly exceeded everyone’s expectations. The show has been wrapped up quite well, there are not many loopholes left in the series. Thus, many say that “Trillion Game” won’t make a comeback with Season 2. But some are also of the opinion that we will get to see the continuation of the tale. Thus, to clear all your doubts, here are the latest updates on Trillion Game Season 2. 

Trillion Game Season 2 Release Date – Is The Popular Japanese Drama Renewed?

Trillion Game Season 2 Release Date - Is The Popular Japanese Drama Renewed?

TBS is back with another mind-blowing drama series! Speaking of the original manga, as of now we have only 7 volumes in the line and day by day, the story is becoming even more gripping and intriguing. That’s not all, but after the grand success of the Netflix series, TBS is now planning to launch an anime version of the same. This clearly explains how popular the show is among the young crowd out there. With no plan on board whatsoever, the duo thinks of establishing a company worth a trillion dollars! And guess what, sometimes even impossible things come true! 

Well, the first season of the show summed up the story really well. As per our observations, the show doesn’t have major cliffhangers left to be covered. Thus, the renewal of the show does look quite doubtful. But since the Japanese drama has become quite popular out there, we might get to see the continuation of this story. But again, Netflix has not yet addressed any of the rumours out there. The official release date for Trillion Game Season 2 is yet not here. Thus, the future of Trillion Game Season 2 is still quite uncertain. Well, keeping everything in mind, if the show is renewed shortly, then Trillion Game Season 2 might premiere around the end of 2024 or 2025. 

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Trillion Game Season 1 Summary! 

Trillion Game Season 2 Release Date - Is The Popular Japanese Drama Renewed?

This entertaining drama starts with Tennoji Haru! He is quite popular as a communicator and no matter what the situation is, he can always turn things around. Haru is someone who has always been loved by all, his positive vibes always keep up the energy in the room. Most people assume him to be an even-tempered individual, but guess what even he has some realistic goals to pursue! He can possibly do anything to be successful in life, after all, he has to build a name for himself. 

But when the nation’s largest tech giant, “Dragon Bank” offered him a sound position, he couldn’t care any less and ultimately brushed it off. He wants to establish himself but not with the help of any known corporate group. Thus, the story introduces us to Taira Manabu, Haru’s all-time best friend! They thought of starting a business together with the sole objective of earning 1 trillion dollars. But here is the main catch, they still don’t have a strong plan of action! 

With no investment and barely any knowledge of start-up, it will be quite interesting to see how this duo manage to build a company of their own. Again, we cannot overlook that Taira is a remarkable engineer, but he is not that excellent when it comes to interacting with others. This was also one of the main reasons why he couldn’t get a job at the Dragon Bank. But now that he has a new dream to chase, he is all set and ready to support Haru and shape up the roadmap of their latest business idea.

Trillion Game Season 2 Spoilers Alert And More! 

As we mentioned above, there are not many noticeable loopholes left in the story, thus Trillion Game Season 2 needs to dig further into the original manga tale. Fans already know that the original story is vast and thus, there can always be some room for the continuation of this entertaining drama. Thus, if the show ever makes a comeback, then we will learn more about Haru’s past life. Again, the show can always be centred around some new twists and turns! Hopefully, in Season 2, the series will not delve deep into flashbacks but in present time moments and elements. 

Trillion Game Season 2 Release Date – Is The Popular Japanese Drama Renewed? – FAQs

1. Who is Haru’s best friend? 

Taira Manabu is Haru’s best friend. 

2. How many total episodes are present in Trillion Game Season 1? 

Trillion Game Season 1 holds a total of 10 episodes.  

3. Is Trillion Game coming back with Season 2? 

As of now, Trillion Game has not been renewed for a second instalment. 

4. Do we have a concrete release date for Trillion Game Season 2? 

As per our estimates, Trillion Game Season 2 might premiere around the end of 2024 or 2025. 

5. Can you watch Trillion Game Season 1 in English? 

Yes, Trillion Game Season 1 can be viewed in English. 

6. Where can you find all the episodes of Trillion Game? 

Trillion Game Season 1 is exclusively streaming on Netflix. 

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