I Raised Cinderella Preciously Chapter 106: ‘Nostalgia and Hope’ Release Date, Recap & Review Of The Series So Far!

I Raised Cinderella Preciously is a unique love story manga series that shows the love affair between the different royal families. Sometimes it travels back in time to show the love story between their parents, and sometimes it shifts back to the youth generation showing off their love to the world and to each other. Every chapter of the series has some new love story as shown in the manga. What is the story this time?

The series I Raised Cinderella Preciously has already released its 05 chapters on the web for the fans to read and get entertained. Now they demand for the next chapter to release soon. Also, they wanna know what is going to happen in the next chapter along with its release date. So we are here to tell you everything about the series. Be it the series’ new chapter release date, the recap to an earlier chapter, or some quick spoilers to its new coming chapter. We are here to let you know everything about the series.

I Raised Cinderella Preciously Chapter 106 ‘Nostalgia and Hope’ Release Date 

With the release of chapter 105 last week of the manga I Raised Cinderella Preciously, people loved its plot and have demanded the new chapter to be released soon, as they can’t wait for a week-long to know more about the story further. But as scheduled, the series chapter 106 will be released on their official website on Wednesday, 22nd November 2023. 

But again the question is where you will read this new chapter. And what will be the plot here in the chapter 106? So to know what is gonna happen next in chapter 106 and of course the website to read your favorite manga you must read the article till the end, and it is sure to provide you with every detail that you, must know about this manga. 

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Recap Of Last Chapters

With every new chapter, something new is waiting for its fans. What now? New love stories between the royal families of course await the fans’ attention. Unlike the other mangas, it doesn’t continue with just one love story and the life of this couple. But there it is every time something new, so the fans get really excited with every new release of the series, to know what’s new is coming up next on their screens.

In the last chapter, the series starts with a new love story of Iris and Giuseppe. While Iris danced in ballet with other suitors for her marriage, Giuseppe was very much jealous and thus didn’t ever want to visit such functions where he had to see Irish dance hands in hand with other males. This time as he is forced by his mother, he is bound to visit Iris’ place but wishes not to see her again dancing with others. 

Later we see Mildred and MArchioness coming downstair to meet Giuseppe. And his eyes are as though greeting everyone in the castle, on the other side they are searching for the lady Iris. Marchioness thus asked Guiuseppe to come with her and see the amazing art upstairs, while he listened to her with half mind, at the same time seeking his heroine and praying to god, to only see her sing in the concert alone. 

Spoiler To New Chapter

In the last chapter on one side, Guiseppe’s eyes were searching for his lady Iris. On the other side, Gyuiseppe’s friend Casey was left alone where he exchanged greetings with the other ladies in the castle, and in the meantime, he met with Lily, who got some bruises on her skin. But he was told by Mildred that Lily is healing her wounds, and thus he should not make her of the past.

Casey thus got very nervous talking to Lily and greeted her with all politeness and humbleness. At the same time, he made sure not to make Lily feel low and rethink her past, the accident, and her bruises. Thus, this will be the new love story fans will be seeing in the next chapter. Not only will they see Giuseppes and Iris’s love story but also Caesy and Lily’s love story. 

Where You Can Read The Series

The series I Raised Cinderella Preciously is available in Kakaopage in its raw form, while the English translation is available on Tapas.  

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