Lost Women Of Highway 20 Season 4 Release Date: Are The Dates Disclosed Yet?

Rachanda Pickle, 13, goes missing at the start of the expansive real crime story Lost Women of Highway 20. Following a trail of missing and dead women that stretches back decades along a haunting stretch of Oregon’s US Highway 20, police find a killer who has been hidden in plain sight when Rachanda vanished in 1990. A compelling documentary that addresses important concerns about how women are treated in our society both today and in the past, Lost Women of Highway 20 has narration by Spencer. Here in this article, we have covered the detailed information on the same. Lost Women Of Highway 20 Season 2 Release Date has been disclosed below along with other relevant information.

Lost Women Of Highway 20 Season 4 Release Date

It is a well-known, popular television series throughout the world. As stated previously, it is crime based documentary which creates a huge span of popularity among spectators. Lost Women Of Highway 20 Season 4 Release Date has yet not been confirmed by the makers. At present the makers are invested in the release of the previous season. So, we can expect the next season to release latest by 2025. However, there is no official confirmation of the same.


When Rachanda Pickle vanished from her Sweet Home, Oregon, home in 1990, she was thirteen years old. Ackroyd’s stepdaughter was named Pickle. Officers gathered at the highway facility in a hurry. The disappearance of Ackroyd’s stepdaughter quickly made its way to Jefferson County. This is neighbouring and where Kaye Turner was murdered over ten years prior.

Since John Arthur Ackroyd was the last person to see his stepdaughter. Well, the law enforcement officials began questioning him as the inquiry went on and developed suspicions that he may be a person of interest. It’s interesting to note that the sophisticated methods employed by the police to look into Pickle’s disappearance were crucial in cracking the Kaye Turner case. The methods showed that the primary suspects in Turner’s murder case were Ackroyd and one of his accomplices.

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Further Story!

Investigators developed a case against John Arthur Ackroyd and Roger Dale Beck, one of his collaborators, over the course of the following 23 months. Turner had been raped, stabbed, and assaulted, according to forensics. On June 12, 1992, Ackroyd and Beck were taken into custody by the authorities, who accused them of raping and killing Turner.

Over a year later, on September 8, 1993, Ackroyd’s trial began in the Jefferson County Circuit Court. The five charges of murder were found guilty of him by a jury on October 5, 1993. After starting on October 28, 1993, Beck’s trial came to a guilty conclusion on November 22.

Ackroyd, who was also under suspicion for other killings in the state, was given a life sentence on December 6, 1993. In April 2013, he was charged with Pickle’s murder. However, the trial was never held since John Arthur Ackroyd passed away in jail in 2016.

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