Such A Cruel Isekai But Suzuki Is A Cutey Chapter 3 Release Date Stands Confirmed By The Makers!

It is the plot and the incredible artwork which has made this manga so famous and loved. These manga series always become successful in winning the hearts of the readers. There are a lot of manga series which are widely being talked about. This manga is one of the best manga series out today. It is titled “Such A Cruel Isekai But Suzuki Is A Cutey” and has already released two chapters. After reading the previous chapters, fans of the series have become anxious. They want to know what will happen next in the story and are eagerly waiting for Such A Cruel Isekai But Suzuki Is A Cutey Chapter 3 Release Date. In this article, we will discuss the release date, cast details, expected storyline, some spoilers, and much more.

Such A Cruel Isekai But Suzuki Is A Cutey Chapter 3 Release Date

It has now been confirmed that the third chapter of this new fan-favourite manga is going to be released very soon. This is from the writers and publishers so fans can rest assured that the release will be on this day. So the release date for the third chapter of the manga series is set to be 14 October 2023.

As always the timings for the release will be different for different regions. So fans are advised to know the correct timing for their region. And the chapter will be released in a raw format. Hence, the fans who read the series in English have to wait for the translation to be done. This will take some time so fans who are English readers have to wait for some time. Now let’s wait for the release to know what happens next.

Where To Read This Series From?

This series is available on ComicWalker with all the two chapters. All the chapters will be released on this platform only. For fans who want to read the series in English, they have to wait for some time. There is no official website which does the English translation till now. People who read the series in Korean can continue with the same platform. ComicWalker has always given readers the best manga series to read. This series has got a very good rating and positive reviews so far. It has been acclaimed by critics and the readers both.

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What Are The Expectations And Spoilers For This Chapter?

As of now, there are no spoilers for the chapter but we could have some expectations. There are no official spoilers as of now. Officials have not said anything about the plotline of this chapter. However, there can be some expectations on the basis of the previous chapter. In the previous two chapters, we saw that Suzuki has added three members to his Harem. So this story could continue and we could see some new members being added to this group. This story is going quite well till now and it is getting more interesting with each passing chapter. So there are no cliffhangers from the previous chapters which would make up the story of the next chapter.

What Happened In The Previous Chapter Of The Series?

In this chapter, we can see that Nefia has gone to meet Suzuki. Nefia seems to be very happy and excited to meet Suzuki. But when she entered the room, she was amazed as no one was there. Now, she shouted at the skeleton as she didn’t find Suzuki there. Also, she found Kiru and Meru there which was again a shocking thing for her. So she sought answers from the skeleton. But the Skeleton replied to her that they were dealing with the survivors at that moment.

Nefia now also wants to know about the humans that were there. Not only this but the skeleton informs Nefia that he has sent all of the survivors into the torture chamber. He was standing there to get praised for his work. But it was the opposite and he got a punch in the head from Nefia. She wants him to help her find where Suzuki is. Nefia wants to save Suzuki from the torture room as she knows what happens there in that room.

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